23 – 23.4 THF, Tremendously High Frequency radio, Radio Astronomy, Satellites, Laser, and Somalia photos 42.

Tremendously High Frequency THF radio.

10 November 2009.

THF Radio Astronomy. 

Earth and space exploration, 





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23 THF Tremendously High Frequency.

23.1 THF Amateur Radio experimentation.

23.2 THF Satellites, Earth and space exploration.

23.3 THF Radio Astronomy.

23.4 THF Laser communications and emissions.


THF Radio Communications and Emissions.

Tremendously High Frequency.

(Named by some as Terribly High Frequency).


THF 300000 – 3000000 MHz.

THF 300 – 3000 GHz.

THF 300 GHz 3 THz

THF 0.3 THz 3 THz

THF 300000 MHz – 3000 GHz.

THF 300 GHz – 3000 GHz.

THF 300000 MHz – 3000000 MHz.

THF 300000000 – 3000000000 kHz.

THF 300000000 kHz – 3000000000 kHz.

THF 300000000000 Hz – 3000000000000 Hz.


Tremendously High Frequency communications stations and TSW emissions.

THF Satellite radio communications, Military radio communications, Radio Astronomy and other THF radio emissions are here.

Introduction to Tremendously High Frequency THF DX, the hobby of listening to distant Tremendously High Frequency THF Radio Astronomy natural radio emissions between 300000 MHz and 3000000 MHz (300 GHz – 3000 GHz, 0.3 THz 3 THz).

THF contain the Sub Millimetre Wave (Sub Millimeter Wave) band

Tremendously High Frequency (THF) radio signals have Tremendously Short Wave (TSW) lengths.

THF DX Long distance Tremendously High Frequency radio listening.

THF DX Long distance Tremendously High Frequency radio hunting.

THF DXer Long distance Tremendously High Frequency radio listener.

THF DXing is the searching for long distance Tremendously High Frequency radio signals.

THF 300000 MHz – 3000000 MHz (300 GHz – 3000 GHz, 0.3 THz 3 THz).

Decimillimetric waves.

Radio Astronomy on THF.

The hobby of Listening to THF radio signals from outer space.

The hobby of Listening to THF radio signals from space satellites.

The hobby of Listening to THF space radio communication.

The hobby of Listening to THF radio emissions from the Universe.

Radio Frequency spectrum classification.



The electromagnetic spectrum from Microwave to visible light.

The lower Infrared frequencies can be considered as the highest microwave radio frequencies (THF) in the electromagnetic spectrum.





Amateur Radio experimentation.

What is AM (Amplitude Modulation)?

What is SSB (Single Sideband)?

What is FM (Frequency Modulation)?

What is CW (Morse code)?

What is FSK (Frequency Shift Keying)?

What is PAL TV (Analogue TV system)?


What is Amateur Radio?




Emergency Radio communications.



Radio spectrum where an individual can develop and experiment with wireless communications.






THF Satellites.

Satellites on THF.

Earth and space exploration.

THF Earth and space exploration.

The hobby of listening to orbiting space satellites on THF radio.

Earth exploration satellites and outer space research on THF.

275277 GHz.

294 – 306 GHz.

316 – 334 GHz

342 – 349 GHz.

363 – 365 GHz.

371 – 389 GHz.

416 – 434 GHz.

442 – 444 GHz.

496 – 506 GHz.

546 – 568 GHz.

624 – 629 GHz.

634 – 654 GHz.

659 – 661 GHz.

684 – 692 GHz.

730 – 732 GHz.

851 – 853 GHz.

951 – 956 GHz.


See 5.3a – 5.3d (Satellite radio broadcasting).

See 6.7 (Satellite TV broadcasting).

See 18.16 (HF Satellites).

See 19.13 (VHF Satellites).

See 20.15 (UHF Satellites).

See 21.10 (SHF Satellites).

See 22.7 (EHF Satellites).

See 24 – 29.




Radio Astronomy.

THF Radio Astronomy.

Radio Astronomy on THF.

Sub Millimetre Radio Astronomy.

Radio Astronomy on the Sub Millimetre band.

Sub Millimeter Radio Astronomy.

Radio Astronomy on the Sub Millimeter band.

Listening to spectral line measurements from outer space on THF.

275 – 323 GHz.

327 – 371 GHz.

388 – 424 GHz.

426 – 442 GHz.

453 – 510 GHz.

623 – 711 GHz.

795 – 909 GHz.

926 – 945 GHz.


Radio Astronomy in Australia.

Australian Radio Astronomy.

Australia Radio Astronomy.

Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation CSIRO.


Australia Telescope National Facility (ATNF).


Radio Astronomy frequencies.

Frequencies for Radio Astronomy.




Radio Astronomy Frequencies in Europe.

What do radio astronomers do on these different radio frequencies? This free Radio Astronomy handbook will answer your question.

Frequencies listed in this download are used in Europe and many are common worldwide.

Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies CRAF.

CRAF Handbook on Radio Astronomy.

Europe Science Foundation.

Download the Europe Radio Astronomy Frequencies 2005 here.



Radio Astronomy in the USA.

USA Radio Astronomy.

Radio Astronomy in the US.

US Radio Astronomy.

Questions and Answers about Radio Astronomy.

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory operates major radio telescope facilities in Green Bank (West Virginia, USA), Socorro (New Mexico, USA) and Tucson (Arizona, USA).


Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA).





Amateur Radio Astronomy forum.


Amateur Radio Astronomy Links.


Preventing manmade interference to radio waves from space




Laser communications and emissions.



Lasar communication.

Lasar communication systems.

Lasar communications.

Lasar communications systems.

Lasar experimentation.

Lasar research.

Laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation).


140 – 7500 GHz.


The frequency of Lasers is 140 GHz – 7500 GHz.

The frequency of Laser is 140000 – 7500000 MHz.

Lasers use a frequency of 140000 MHz – 7500000 MHz.

Laser is generated using frequencies between 0.14 – 7.5 THz.

Laser frequency is 0.14 THz – 7.5 THz.

Lasers use frequencies  from 140 GHz – 7500 GHz.

Laser frequencies range from 140,000 – 7500,000 MHz.


Laser can be generated by using wavelengths between 2.1 mm – 40 µm.

Laser can be generated by using wavelengths between 2.1 mm – 40000 nm.

Lasers use wavelengths from 2.1 mm – 40 µm.

Laser wavelengths range from 2.1 mm – 40 µm.


Laser is Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

Be aware of the extreme danger to the human body on these microwave frequencies.

As you do with the Sun protect the eye and the human body by never looking into or standing in front of a Laser beam or any other microwave antenna.

Some Lasers cannot be seen and damage to the eye can be immediate and permanent.

Laser can be generated by using frequencies between 140 GHz – 7500 GHz. (wavelengths of 2.1 mm – 40 µm).

Tunable Laser.


Laser frequencies.


Laser communications.


Air-to-submarine Laser communications.

Laser underwater communications.


Space Transmissions from Earth into space using visible light lasers.




Lasar in Australia.

Lasars in Australia.

Lasar communications in Australia.

Lasar communications systems in Australia.

Lasar experimentation in Australia.

Lasar research in Australia.

Australia and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 2211.10:2004 details the requirements that are necessary to protect persons from radiation from laser devices, many of which are authorized for operation by the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA), Australian Radio communications (Low Interference Potential Devices LIPD class license 2000) with all amendments effective as of 1 July 2009.

Click to download the Australian Communications and Media Authority ACMA (Low Interference Potential Devices LIPD) pdf - LIPD

Australian Laser communications experiments conducted by amateur radio operator VK2ZLO using wavelengths from 630 nm – 638 nm is discussed on pages 101 – 107, 212 - 217.


In 2008 some youth’s in Sydney, N.S.W., Australia fired laser light at overhead aircraft at night that resulted in a ban on the importation of laser pointers above a power of 1 mW unless exempted.



Lasers operating on the Infrared wavelengths IR lasers are especially dangerous because you can't always see the light emitted. Damage to your eyes can be immediate and permanent.



BUILD A LASER TRANSMITTER AND LASER RECEIVER from a kit. The laser diode is not included. A high intensity light emitting diode can be used. This transmitter will put your voice on laser or light. Cost of kit K073 is $31 (includes both the transmitter and the receiver).


40 mW Green Laser on a  wavelength of 532 nm.


5 mW Laser on a  wavelength of 770 - 799 nm.




Lasar in Canada.

Lasars in Canada.

Lasar communications in Canada.

Lasar communications systems in Canada.

Lasar experimentation in Canada.

Lasar research in Canada.

IR lasers (Infrared lasers) on wavelengths from 705 nm to 1064 nm.




Lasar in the USA.

Lasars in the USA.

Lasar communications in the USA.

Lasar communications systems in the USA.

Lasar experimentation in the USA.

Lasar research in the USA.

Lasar in the US.

Lasars in the US.

Lasar communications in the US.

Lasar communications systems in the US.

Lasar experimentation in the US.

Lasar research in the US.

Amateur radio communications using Laser.


Satellite Laser Communications course.


Blue Laser for Submarine Laser Communications (SLC) using a wavelength of 455 nm.


Space-based laser communications.

Lunar Laser Communications between Earth and a satellite orbiting the Moon.


Laser transmitted from the Earth to the Moon and reflected back to Earth.




Radio astronomy looks at radio signals from space.

This photo is made from radio waves, X-rays and visible light.

Photo of the Galaxy Centaurus-A which is located 10 million light years away from Earth. 

The Extremely High Frequency radio signals (EHF 200 – 300 GHz) and Tremendously High Frequency (THF 300 – 2000 GHz) radio signals are shown in orange. 

The radio waves, X-rays and visible light from the Galaxy Centaurus-A that we see today have travelled for 10 million light years to reach the Earth.

In outer space Light travels 300,000 km in 1 second (Light travels 186,000 miles in 1 second).

In outer space Radio waves travel 300,000 km in 1 second (Radio waves travel 186,000 miles in 1 second).

In outer space X-rays travel 300,000 km in 1 second (X-rays travel 186,000 miles in 1 second).

1 Light year is the distance that light travels in 1 year.

In 1 year light travels 9,460,800,000,000 km (In 1 year light travels 5.879,000,000,000 miles).


Centaurus-A is a Galaxy made of millions of stars and has a super massive black hole in the centre.

Radio frequencies from 200 GHz – 2000 GHz are shown in orange (The brighter orange are stronger radio signals). These submillimeter radio waves have a wavelength from 1.5 mm – 0.2mm and were received at the Atacama Pathfinder Experiment (APEX) telescope in Chile, South America.

The image shows Jets and lobes (in Orange) propelled away from a black hole in the centre of the Galaxy.

The Blue colour indicates X-rays seen by the telescope in space known as the Chandra X-ray Observatory.

The X-ray Jet (in blue) in the upper left extends for about 13,000 light years away from the black hole.

The visible light objects were seen by the Wide Field Imager on the Max-Planck European Space Observatory (ESO) 2.2 metre telescope in Chile.

The observations from the Extremely High Frequency and Tremendously High Frequency APEX radio telescope in Chile show that the material in the jets is travelling at about half the speed of light away from the black hole.

(Combined Photo of the 30 January 2009 thanks to NASA/CXC/SAO, the Submillimeter frequency data was from MPIfR/ESO/APEX/A.Weiss et al, the X-ray frequency data was from NASA/CXC/CfA/R.Kraft et al and the optical visible frequency data was from ESO/WFI).  


How to build a radio station in Somalia.

How to build a radio station antenna in Somalia.

The antenna is being rotated from vertical to horizontal on top the tower in Galkayo, North East Somalia.


The antenna for Radio Free Somalia (“Free for all to use” known later as Radio Galkayo) is positioned to be turned over from its vertical position to a horizontal position on top of the tower at Galkayo Police station, Galkayo, North East Somalia in August 1994.

North East Somalia became the Puntland State of Somalia on the 1st August 1998.

(Photo Sam Voron 6O0A, VK2BVS, directing the lifting operations from the ground Abdikarim Nur Mohamud 6O0W).  



This new Somalia Amateur Radio website

1. Somalia.

2. Somalia photos 2 and Morse code between 0 – 1.6 MHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 2 iyo 0 – 1.6 MHz Morse codka caalmiga ah. 

3. Somalia photos 3 and Morse code on 1.6 – 3 MHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 3 iyo 1.6 – 3 MHz Morse codka caalmiga ah. 

4. Somalia photos 4 and Morse code on 3 – 60 MHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 4 iyo 3 – 60 MHz Morse codka caalmiga ah. 

5. Somalia photos 5 and introduction to Non Directional Radio Beacons and NDB list from 0 to 299 kHz. 

6. Somalia photos 6 and Non Directional Radio Beacons list from 300 to 399 kHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 6 iyo NDB 300-399 kHz.

7. Somalia photos 7 and Non Directional Radio Beacons list from 400 to 599 kHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 7 iyo NDB 400-599 kHz. 

8. Somalia photos 8 and Non Directional Radio Beacons list from 600 to 8000 kHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 8 iyo NDB 600-8000 kHz. 

9. Somalia photo 9 and free VLF radio receiver.
Masawir Soomaaliya 9 iyo Radiyo VLF


10. All Frequency Database Index and Somalia photos 10. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 10

– 6.8

1 – 1.4 Long Wave radio stations and Somalia photos 10AA. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 10AA 

2 – 2.5 Medium Wave radio stations and Somalia photos 11. 

2.6 Hobby AM radio stations and Somalia photos 12.
Masawir Soomaaliya 12 

3 – 3.3 Short Wave radio stations and Somalia photos 13.
Masawir Soomaaliya 13

3.4 Clandestine radio stations and Somalia photos 14.
Masawir Soomaaliya 14 

3.5 – 3.7 Pirate radio stations, online Short Wave radio receivers, scanners and Somalia photos 15. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 15 

4 – 4.4 VHF FM radio stations and Somalia photos 16. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 16 

4.5 VHF Hobby FM radio stations and Somalia photos 17. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 17

4.6 – 4.6f VHF Digital radio stations and Somalia photos 18.
Masawir Soomaaliya 18 

5 – 5.3e UHF hobby FM radio stations, UHF satellite radio and Somalia photos 19. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 19 

6 – 6.1c TV stations and Somalia photos 20.
Masawir Soomaaliya 20 

6.2a – 6.2c Hobby TV stations and Somalia photos 21. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 21 

6.3 – 6.5 Community TV, Cable TV, Public access cable TV and Somalia photos 22. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 22 

6.6 Pirate TV stations and Somalia photos 23. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 23

6.7 Satellite TV and Somalia photos 24.
Masawir Soomaaliya 24 

6.8 Amateur TV, ATV and Somalia photos 25. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 25 

– 33.7

7 – 10.1 Frequencies below 9 kilohertz, Experimental radio below 9 kHz and Somalia photos 26. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 26 

11 – 15.10 TLF, ELF, SLF, ULF, VLF Submarine radio below 30 kHz and Somalia photos 27. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 27 

16 – 16.7 LF, Low Frequency radio 30 kHz – 300 kHz, Amateur radio, Experimental Radio and Somalia photos 28. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 28 

17 – 17.9 MF Medium Frequency radio 300 kHz – 3 MHz, Amateur radio, Experimental radio and Somalia photos 29. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 29 

18 – 18.3 HF, High Frequency radio, Aircraft radio, Amateur Radio, Broadband Internet and Somalia photos 30. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 30 

18.4 HF CB radio, Citizen’s Band radio and Somalia photos 31. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 31 

18.5 – 18.6 HF Experimental radio and Somalia photos 32. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 32 

18.7 – 18.21 HF Ship Radio, Jamming stations, Radar, Radio Astronomy, online HF radios and Somalia photos 33. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 33 

19 – 19.3 VHF, Very High Frequency Radio, Aviation Radio, Ham Radio, Experimental Radio and Somalia photos 34. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 34 

19.4 – 19.17 VHF Marine radio, Police radio, Fire, Medical, Space, scanner radio and Somalia photos 35. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 35 

20 – 20.3 UHF, Ultra High Frequency radio, Amateur radio, Moon radio, Experimental Radio and Somalia photos 36. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 36 

20.4 – 20.6w UHF CB radio, Citizen’s Band Radio, GPS Global Positioning System and Somalia photos 37. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 37 

20.7 – 20.20 UHF Police radio, Fire, Medical, Boat radio, Radio Astronomy, radio scanners and Somalia photos 38. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 38 

21 – 21.3 SHF, Super High Frequency radio, Ham radio, Cosmic Radiation from outer space and Somalia photos 39. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 39 

21.4 – 21.10 SHF Internet Wireless Local Area Networks LAN, Radar, Radio Astronomy, Satellites and Somalia photos 40. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 40 

22 – 22.7 EHF, Extremely High Frequency radio, CMBR Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation from outer space and Somalia photos 41. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 41 

23 – 23.4 THF, Tremendously High Frequency radio, Radio Astronomy, Satellites, Laser, and Somalia photos 42. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 42 

24 – 24.1 Infrared, Infrared radiation, Infrared astronomy, Experimental Infrared radiation and Somalia photos 43. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 43 

25. Light, Visible light radiation, Light communications, Optical astronomy and Somalia photos 44. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 44 

26. UV, Ultraviolet, Ultraviolet radiation, Ultraviolet astronomy and Somalia photos 45. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 45 

27. X-rays, X-ray radiation, X-ray astronomy and Somalia photos 46. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 46 

28 Gamma-rays, Gamma-ray radiation, Gamma-ray astronomy and Somalia photos 47 
Masawir Soomaaliya 47 

29 Cosmic rays, Cosmic ray particles from outer space, Cosmic ray astronomy and Somalia photos 48. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 48

30 – 31. Online radio measurement converters, electronics calculations, electrical calculators and Somalia photos 49. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 49 

32 – 33.7 Radio frequency allocation plans, radio codes, Amateur radio clubs and Somalia photos 50. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 50 


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