5. Somalia photos 5 and list of Non Directional Beacons 0 - 299 kHz.

                                                                                    23 October 2009. 

Introduction to the Non Directional Radio Beacon List.


Non Directional Beacon List 0 – 299 kHz.

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 0 to 299 kHz. 
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Page 8. List of NDB 600 kHz to 8000 kHz.

Page 2. NDBs heard in Sydney Australia.

NDB list combined with Somalia Photos 5.


The roadside between Galkayo and Gorowe, Somalia 2007 



Non Directional Morse code Radio Beacons NDB


In 2009 there are over 11,000 Morse code radio beacon transmitting stations located around the world.


Non Directional Beacons NDB broadcast on radio frequencies to provide a radio signal with Morse code identification for navigation (Direction Finding DF).


Some NDB also include a voice broadcast of airport runway information and airport weather conditions.


The call sign of every Non Directional Beacon NDB is one, two or three letters and or numbers transmitted in International Morse code.


All aircraft pilots in 2009 have a copy of the International Morse code letters A to Z and numbers 0 to 9.


Below is a list of some of the Non Directional Radio Beacons NDB. 

NDB transmit on radio frequencies between 160 kHz to 8000 kHz (0.160 MHz to 8 MHz). 

Most NDB transmit between 160 kHz to 1760 kHz (0.160 MHz to 1.760 MHz).


The NDB list includes NDB using interesting call signs, NDB in interesting locations and NDB using unusual frequencies.


This Non Directional Beacon NDB list contains beacons in all continents but mainly focus on NDB in certain regions or NDB on certain frequencies or NDB with certain call signs or NDB in interesting locations.

The Somalia Amateur Radio NDB list.


1. This Non Directional Beacon NDB list includes some radio beacons in every continent on radio frequencies between 0 kHz to 8000 kHz (0 MHz to 8 MHz).

2. The most complete NDB list is for the Horn of Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean region.


Horn of Africa Non Directional Beacons.

NDB in Djibouti.

NDB in Ethiopia.

NDB in Kenya.

NDB in Somalia.

NDB in Somaliland.


South Africa Non Directional Beacons.

NDB in South Africa.


Indian Ocean Non Directional Beacons.

NDB in Christmas Island.

NDB in Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

NDB in Madagascar.

NDB in Maldives (NDB in Maldive Islands).

NDB in Mauritius (NDB in Mauritius Island).

NDB in Reunion Island.

NDB in Rodrigues (NDB in Rodrigues Island).

NDB in Seychelles (NDB in Seychelles Islands).

NDB in Tromelin Island.

Asia Non Directional Beacons.

NDB in Bangladesh.

NDB in Bhutan.

NDB in Brunei.

NDB in Burma.

NDB in Cambodia.

NDB in China.

NDB in Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (NDB in North Korea, NDB in DPRK).

NDB in East Timor.

NDB in Hong Kong.

NDB in India.

NDB in Indonesia.

NDB in Japan.

NDB in Korea (See South Korea NDB, North Korea NDB).

NDB in Laos.

NDB in Malaysia.

NDB in Mongolia.

NDB in Nepal.

NDB in Pakistan.

NDB in the Philippines.

NDB in Republic of Korea (NDB in South Korea, NDB in ROK).

NDB in Singapore.

NDB in Sri Lanka.

NDB in Taiwan.

NDB in Thailand.

NDB in Vietnam.


Pacific Ocean Indian Ocean Non Directional Beacons.

NDB in Antarctica.

NDB in Australia.


South Pacific Ocean Non Directional Beacons.

NDB in American Samoa.

NDB in Cook Islands.

NDB in Fiji.

NDB in French Polynesia.

NDB in Kiribati.

NDB in Lord Howe Island.

NDB in Nauru.

NDB in New Caledonia.

NDB in New Zealand.

NDB in Niue.

NDB in Norfolk Island.

NDB in Papua New Guinea.

NDB in Solomon Islands.

NDB in Tahiti.

NDB in Tokelau.

NDB in Tonga.

NDB in Tuvalu.

NDB in Vanuatu.

NDB in Wallis and Futuna Islands (NDB in Wallis et Futuna).

NDB in Western Samoa.

North Pacific Ocean Non Directional Beacons.

NDB in Federated States of Micronesia.

NDB in Guam Island.

NDB in Hawaii.

NDB in Johnston Atoll (NDB in Johnston Island).

NDB in Marshall Islands.

NDB in Midway Islands.

NDB in Northern Mariana Islands (NDB in Rota Island, NDB in Saipan Island).

NDB in Palau (NDB in Republic of Palau).

Europe, Africa, South America, United States, Canada and world Non Directional Beacons.

Some selected beacons from these regions are included.



3. Non Directional Beacon NDB on unusual or interesting frequencies:

World list of NDB radio beacons transmitting between 490 kHz to 1760 KHz.

NDB in Afghanistan.

NDB in Albania.

NDB in Australia.

NDB in Antarctic.

NDB in Armenia.

NDB in Azerbaijan.

NDB in Bahamas.

NDB in Belarus.

NDB in Brazil.

NDB in Bulgaria.

NDB in Canada.

NDB in China.

NDB in Columbia.

NDB in the Czech Republic.

NDB in Egypt.

NDB in Georgia.

NDB in Germany.

NDB in Greece.

NDB in Hungary.

NDB in India.

NDB in Kazakhstan.

NDB in Kuwait.

NDB in Kyrgyzstan.

NDB in Lithuania.

NDB in Malaysia.

NDB in New Zealand.

NDB in Norway.

NDB in Moldova.

NDB in Mongolia.

NDB in Papua New Guinea.

NDB in Poland.

NDB in Romania.

NDB in Russia.

NDB in Saudi Arabia.

NDB in Serbia and Montenegro.

NDB in South Africa.

NDB in Taiwan.

NDB in Tajikistan.

NDB in Ukraine.

NDB in the United Kingdom (NDB in the UK).

NDB in the United States of America (NDB in the U.S., NDB in the USA).

NDB in Uzbekistan.

NDB in Vietnam.



World list of NDB radio beacons transmitting below 200 kHz.

NDB in China.

NDB in Japan.

NDB in Kazakhstan.

NDB in Russia.

NDB in United States of America (NDB in the U.S., NDB in the USA).

NDB in Uzbekistan.


4. Non Directional Beacons NDBs in interesting locations around the world.

NDB in Somalia.

NDB in Somaliland.

NDB in Gaza strip.

NDB in the West Bank.


5. Non Directional Beacons NDBs with interesting or unusual call signs around the world.


Aircraft Radio Beacon list.

List of Aircraft Radio Beacons.

List of Aircraft Radio Navigation Beacons.

Aircraft Radio Navigation Beacons list.

List of Low Frequency Radio Beacons.

Low Frequency Radio Beacon list.

List of Long Wave Radio Beacons.

Long Wave Radio Beacon list.

Medium Wave Beacon list.

List of Medium Wave Beacons.

List of Radio Beacons.

Radio Beacon list.

List of Non Directional Beacons NDBs.

Non Directional Beacons NDB list.

Non Directional Beacon list.

List of Non Directional Beacons.



The results of trying to receive NDB from Sydney, Australia are on http://sites.google.com/site/somaliaamateurradio/somaliaphotos2


Emails of your corrections to the NDB list, suggested additions to the list of NDB and decommissioned NDB are very welcome.




The NDB list contains the following NDB in Somalia, Somaliland and the Horn of Africa.

The call sign of all Non Directional Beacons is transmitted in the International Morse code.


The list contains the NDB frequency, NDB call sign (in blue), NDB name or location and NDB country.


212 kHz BD Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

215 kHz LA Lake Awasa, Ethiopia.

235 kHz DM Debre Marcos, Ethiopia.

241 kHz AY Dire Dawa, Ethiopia.

252 kHz KT Jimma, Ethiopia.

256 kHz EA Eastleigh, Kenya.

256 kHz MK Mekele, Ethiopia.

263 kHz JM Jimma, Ethiopia.

264 kHz MR Marsabit, Kenya.

267 kHz MO Mombasa, Kenya.

273 kHz NO Nairobi, Kenya.

283 kHz NI Nairobi, Kenya.

288 kHz MY Moyale, Kenya.

300 kHz GM Gambella, Ethiopia.

304 kHz SF Seven Forks, Kenya.

305 kHz AS Asmara, Eritrea.
306 kHz NYK Nanyuki, Kenya.
309 kHz ML Malindi, Kenya.

315 kHz GG Ngong, Kenya.

318 kHz WA Wajir, Kenya.

329.5 kHz TH Athi River, Kenya.

335 kHz COE Coetivy, Seychelles.

338 kHz LW Lodwar, Kenya.

347 kHz KI Kisumu, Kenya.

358 kHz NU Nakuru, Kenya.

364.5 kHz LL Isiolo, Kenya.

368 kHz NK Narok, Kenya.

371 kHz GA Garissa, Kenya.

373 kHz ELI Eldoret, Kenya.

373 kHz SEY Seychelles.

379 kHz AL Embakasi, Kenya.

333 kHz AB Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

345 kHz SB Assab, Eritrea.

388 kHz NY Nyeri, Kenya.

386 kHz DJ Djibouti, Djibouti Republic.

390 kHz LLB Lalibela, Ethiopia.

394 kHz MC Mombasa, Kenya.

398 kHz RA Manyani, Kenya.

400 kHz MA Mandera, Kenya.

6880 kHz 6.880 MHz was monitored by aircraft up until 2008 when Radio Galkayo short wave broadcasts failed. Radio Galkayo short wave broadcasts were used by aircraft as a Non Direction beacon for navigation to Galkayo, Somalia.

7145 kHz 7.145 MHz Radio Hargeisa broadcasts can current be used as a Non Direction beacon for navigation to Hargeisa, Somaliland.




The List of Non Directional Beacons NDB from 0 kHz to 8000 kHz.  

The Australian Strategic Air Traffic Management Group (ASRTA) regards Non Directional Beacons NDB to be Australia’s backup network of navigation aids (navaids).

Non Directional Beacons NDB is a back-up navigation network that is used in case the satellite based Global Positioning System GPS is not available and in other emergencies.

Satellite based Global Positioning System GPS concerns in Australia includes the dependence on a non Australian GPS system and interference from signals in space.

In Australia 60% of NDB are over 30 years old.

Non Directional Beacons NDB that are part of Australia’s backup and training network of navigation aids (navaids) will be maintained while those NDB whose equipment or facilities reach the end of their life and are not part of the backup network will on a case by case basis be decommissioned. 


The call sign of all Non Directional Beacons is transmitted in the International Morse code.


The list contains the NDB frequency, NDB call sign, NDB name or location and NDB country.

NDB Non Directional Radio Beacon frequency,

NDB Non Directional Radio Beacon call sign (in blue),

NDB Non Directional Radio Beacon name or location and

NDB Non Directional Radio Beacon country.

162 kHz

NDB 162 kHz QI Jingning, China.


177 kHz

NDB 177 kHz LJ Qiqihar, China.


187 kHz

NDB 187 kHz AR Artemovsky, Russia.


190 kHz

NDB 190 kHz ND Smyshlyayevka, Russia.


193 kHz  

NDB 193 kHz RC Makhtaly, Kazakhstan.


194 kHz

NDB 194 kHz TUK Nantucket, Massachusetts, USA.

NDB 194 kHz KS Kushiro, Japan.


195 kHz

NDB 195 kHz OL Isahaya, Japan.


196 kHz

NDB 196 kHz OR Beijing, China.


198 kHz

NDB 198 kHz N Termez, Uzbekistan.

NDB 198 kHz YM Zhonghe, China.

NDB 198 kHz DIW Dixon, North Carolina.


200 kHz

NDB 200 kHz CL Kisarazu, Japan.

NDB 200 kHz MH Meulaboh, Indonesia.

NDB 200 kHz MP Sumenep, Indonesia.

NDB 200 kHz SI Lusikisiki (Lusikisi), South Africa.

NDB 200 kHz TH Tuyhoa, Vietnam.

NDB 200 kHz CBB Coonabarabran, N.S.W., Australia.

NDB 200 kHz CKL Clackline, W.A., Australia.

NDB 200 kHz HBA Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia.

NDB 200 kHz MPA Minnipa, S.A., Australia.

NDB 200 kHz PGN Pagerungan, Indonesia.

NDB 200 kHz REN Renmark, S.A., Australia.

NDB 200 kHz TIB Tibooburra, N.S.W., Australia.


201 kHz

NDB 201 kHz GL Galela, Indonesia.

NDB 201 kHz KC Kerinci, Indonesia.

NDB 201 kHz KG Kajiki, Japan.

NDB 201 kHz PB Prachin Buri, Thailand.

NDB 201 kHz PT Pattani, Thailand.

NDB 201 kHz SU Surat, India.

NDB 201 kHz WK Waikabubak, Indonesia.

NDB 201 kHz PEN Astoria, Oregon, USA.


202 kHz 

NDB 202 kHz JB O. R. Tambo International Airport, South Africa.

NDB 202 kHz OD Sanyuan, China.

NDB 202 kHz RA Lungtang, Taiwan.

NDB 202 kHz SG Tanah Grogot, Indonesia.


203 kHz

NDB 203 kHz FA Fukuoka, Japan.

NDB 203 kHz PQ Shantou, China.

NDB 203 kHz HML Hamilton, VIC, Australia.

NDB 203 kHz JVS Jervois, N.T., Australia.

NDB 203 kHz NIS Sibu, Malaysia.

NDB 203 kHz PEC Aeropelican, N.S.W., Australia.

NDB 203 kHz WGT Wangaratta, VIC, Australia.


204 kHz

NDB 204 kHz UJ Gaolan, China.

NDB 204 kHz MDN Mingaladon, Burma.


205 kHz

NDB 205 kHz AU Aurangabad, India.

NDB 205 kHz CE Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

NDB 205 kHz SA Soroako, Indonesia.

NDB 205 kHz VE Vientiane, Laos.


206 kHz

NDB 206 kHz BL Buli, Indonesia.

NDB 206 kHz AMK Andamooka, S.A, Australia.

NDB 206 kHz ARC Arcadia, VIC, Australia.

NDB 206 kHz BGO Balgo Hill, W.A., Australia.

NDB 206 kHz BIK Bindook, N.S.W., Australia.

NDB 206 kHz BNA Ballina, N.S.W., Australia.

NDB 206 kHz BWI Barrow Island, W.A., Australia.

NDB 206 kHz CNM Coonamble, N.S.W., Australia.

NDB 206 kHz JLC Julia Creek, QLD, Australia.


207 kHz

NDB 207 kHz BU Pulua Batu, Indonesia.

NDB 207 kHz MF Muzaffarabad, Pakistan.

NDB 207 kHz ZQ Manokwari, Indonesia.


208 kHz

NDB 208 kHz SB Sibi, Pakistan.

NDB 208 kHz TZ Tezpur, India.


209 kHz

NDB 209 kHz MQ Miyako, Japan.

NDB 209 kHz CMT Clermont, QLD, Australia.

NDB 209 kHz KRY Kingaroy, QLD, Australia.

NDB 209 kHz MYY Miri, Malaysia.

NDB 209 kHz NUL Nullagine, W.A., Australia.

NDB 209 kHz SCO Scone, N.S.W., Australia.

NDB 209 kHz WKB Warracknabeal, VIC, Australia.


210 kHz

NDB 210 kHz CU Cepu, Indonesia. 

NDB 210 kHz LL Lanseria, South Africa.

NDB 210 kHz MT Matsu, Taiwan.

NDB 210 kHz NF Singkawang, Indonesia.

NDB 210 kHz PB Bengkulu, Indonesia.

NDB 210 kHz RG Ruteng, Indonesia.

NDB 210 kHz TT Santan, Indonesia.


211 kHz

NDB 211 kHz OW Itami, Japan.


212 kHz

NDB 212 kHz BD Bahir Dar, Ethiopia.

NDB 212 kHz DJ Danang, Vietnam.

NDB 212 kHz FA Faisalabad, Pakistan.

NDB 212 kHz BNS Bairnsdale, VIC, Australia.

NDB 212 kHz GLI Glen Innes, N.S.W., Australia.

NDB 212 kHz IFL Innisfail, QLD, Australia.

NDB 212 kHz MOE Momote, Papua New Guinea.

NDB 212 kHz PAG Port Augusta, S.A., Australia.

NDB 212 kHz POD Portland, VIC, Australia.

NDB 212 kHz SHT Shepparton, VIC, Australia. 

212.5 kHz
NDB 212.5 kHz KZ Kleinsee, South Africa.
NDB 212.5 kHz TZ Tzaneen, South Africa.  

213 kHz

NDB 213 kHz HN Hua Hin, Thailand.

NDB 213 kHz QP Ertang, China.


214 kHz

NDB 214 kHz NV Invercargill, New Zealand.

NDB 214 kHz XA Oshima, Japan.


215 kHz

NDB 215 kHz AL Halim Perdanakusuma, Indonesia.

NDB 215 kHz DT Daet, Philippines.

NDB 215 kHz LA Lake Awasa, Ethiopia.

NDB 215 kHz LR Gubeikou, China.

NDB 215 kHz MG Melangguane, Indonesia. 

NDB 215 kHz MR Maseru (Morija), South Africa.

NDB 215 kHz NI Kendari, Indonesia.

NDB 215 kHz SK Pinang Sore, Indonesia.

NDB 215 kHz GBE Gobe, Papua New Guinea.

NDB 215 kHz HAY Hay, N.S.W., Australia.

NDB 215 kHz KSC Kingscote, S.A., Australia.

NDB 215 kHz MRY Moruya, N.S.W., Australia.

NDB 215 kHz NRM Narromine, N.S.W., Australia. 

NDB 215 kHz PLB Pilanesberg, South Africa.

NDB 215 kHz RMD Richmond, QLD, Australia.

NDB 215 kHz YSXE Ilopango, El Salvador.


216 kHz

NDB 216 kHz SW Sittwe, Burma.


217 kHz

NDB 217 kHz BK Buntok, Indonesia.

NDB 217 kHz JT Jorhat, India. 

NDB 217 kHz MU Maseru (Mejametalana), South Africa.

NDB 217 kHz ZS Changzhou, China.


218 kHz

NDB 218 kHz BY Bareilly, India.

NDB 218 kHz XW Vinh, Vietnam.

NDB 218 kHz BRL Borroloola N.T., Australia.

NDB 218 kHz CMU Cunnamulla, QLD., Australia.

NDB 218 kHz LHR Kunaye, Papua New Guinea.

NDB 218 kHz MIS Misima, Papua New Guinea.

NDB 218 kHz MRB Moranbah, QLD., Australia.

NDB 218 kHz PLE Plenty, VIC, Australia.

NDB 218 kHz RLB Redland Bay, QLD., Australia.

NDB 218 kHz WBR Warburton Range, W.A., Australia.


219 kHz

NDB 219 kHz SK Shinoda, Japan.


220 kHz

NDB 220 kHz BU Bunyu, Indonesia.

NDB 220 kHz CO Co, Taiwan.

NDB 220 kHz IR Kisar, Indonesia.

NDB 220 kHz PS Pakse, Laos.

NDB 220 kHz SEL Seletar, Singapore.

NDB 220 kHz SNG Srinagar, India.


221 kHz

NDB 221 kHz AK Astra Kesetra, Indonesia.

NDB 221 kHz GO Daigo, Indonesia.

NDB 221 kHz KQ Akan, Japan.

NDB 221 kHz KU Kununurra, W.A., Australia.

NDB 221 kHz WG Wagga Wagga, N.S.W., Australia.

NDB 221 kHz SCR Southern Cross, W.A., Australia.

NDB 221 kHz TAM Taroom, QLD, Australia.

NDB 221 kHz TBB Tumby Bay, S.A., Australia.


222 kHz

NDB 222 kHz BN Varanasi, India.

NDB 222 kHz FR Forest, New Zealand.

NDB 222 kHz LS Lhok Sukon, Indonesia.

NDB 222 kHz ZW Wamena, Indonesia.


223 kHz

NDB 223 kHz JP Jaipur, India.

NDB 223 kHz PO Bima, Indonesia.

NDB 223 kHz YH Yelahanka, India.


224 kHz

NDB 224 kHz GUA Girua, Papua New Guinea.

NDB 224 kHz WMD West Maitland, NSW, Australia.


225 kHz

NDB 225 kHz CB Pondok Cabe, Indonesia.

NDB 225 kHz KL Kalay, Burma.

NDB 225 kHz LR Kunming, China.

NDB 225 kHz MS Ilan, Taiwan.


226 kHz

NDB 226 kHz DP Dangjiazhuang, China.

NDB 226 kHz FJ Chaoyang, China.

NDB 226 kHz FY Ferry, New Zealand.

NDB 226 kHz KK Kerikeri, New Zealand.


227 kHz

NDB 227 kHz BK Ningbo, China.

NDB 227 kHz LO Long Apung, Indonesia.

NDB 227 kHz DYS Dysart, QLD, Australia.

NDB 227 kHz LRT Lake Albert, S.A., Australia.

NDB 227 kHz LVG Mt Livingstone, VIC, Australia.

NDB 227 kHz OOM Moomba, S.A., Australia.

NDB 227 kHz NRB Narembeen, W.A., Australia.

NDB 227 kHz TTR Tumlingtar, Nepal. 

227.5 kHz 

NDB 227.5 kHz KS Kroonstad, South Africa. 

NDB 227.5 kHz UA Mthatha, South Africa.


228 kHz

NDB 228 kHz CG Chandigarh, India.

NDB 228 kHz LR Larap, Philippines.

NDB 228 kHz MA Chennai, India.

NDB 228 kHz MI Omiya, Japan.

NDB 228 kHz PH Zhuliao, China.

NDB 228 kHz RJ Rajshahi, Bangladesh.


230 kHz

NDB 230 kHz K Noibai, Vietnam.

NDB 230 kHz KI Kanti, Burma.

NDB 230 kHz AP Taupo, New Zealand.

NDB 230 kHz KT Khorat, Thailand.

NDB 230 kHz OR Bali, Indonesia.

NDB 230 kHz RP Raipur, India.

NDB 230 kHz TP Tapak Tuan, Indonesia.

NDB 230 kHz UL Hulutaotun, China. 

NDB 230 kHz WR Wonderboom, South Africa.

NDB 230 kHz ZM Biak, Indonesia.

NDB 230 kHz KMP Kempsey, N.S.W., Australia.

NDB 230 kHz LST Leinster, W.A., Australia.

NDB 230 kHz MEA Meadow, VIC, Australia.

NDB 230 kHz NIE Nile, TAS, Australia. 

NDB 230 kHz VHD Vryburg, South Africa. 


232 kHz

NDB 232 kHz KM Kalimaru, Indonesia.

NDB 232 kHz KM Komatsu, Japan.

NDB 232 kHz SB Luogang, China.

NDB 232 kHz TD Tandag, Philippines.

NDB 232 kHz BED Bedok, Singapore.

NDB 232 kHz FIN Finschhafen, Papua New Guinea. 

232.5 kHz 

NDB 232.5 kHz PA Port Alfred, South Africa.


233 kHz

NDB 233 kHz AG Aek Godang, Indonesia.

NDB 233 kHz KD Hyderabad, Pakistan.

NDB 233 kHz NH Nanga Pinoh, Indonesia. 

NDB 233 kHz SZ Skukuza, South Africa.

NDB 233 kHz AYE Ayers Rock, N.T., Australia.

NDB 233 kHz KAT Katoomba, NSW, Australia.  

NDB 233 kHz MWM Mt William, VIC, Australia.

NDB 233 kHz NGU Ngukurr, N.T., Australia.

NDB 233 kHz NWN Newman, W.A., Australia.

NDB 233 kHz PIY Pingelly, W.A., Australia.


234 kHz

NDB 234 kHz D Danang, Vietnam.

NDB 234 kHz TY Titahi Bay New Zealand Wellington.

NDB 234 kHz RKM Chaurijhari, Nepal.


235 kHz

NDB 235 kHz CC Cilacap, Indonesia.

NDB 235 kHz CP Cilacap, Indonesia.

NDB 235 kHz DM Debre Marcos, Ethiopia.

NDB 235 kHz MU Tampa Padang, Indonesia.

NDB 235 kHz OC Xingtang, China.

NDB 235 kHz WS Tainan, Taiwan.

NDB 235 kHz XVL Vungtau, Vietnam.


236 kHz

NDB 236 kHz AY Albury, N.S.W, Australia.

NDB 236 kHz KK Kankesanturai, Sri Lanka.

NDB 236 kHz RE Namrole, Indonesia.

NDB 236 kHz UD Udon, Thailand.

NDB 236 kHz BKT Burketown, QLD, Australia.

NDB 236 kHz LDA Lamidada, Nepal.

NDB 236 kHz PSV Port Stanvac, S.A., Australia.


237 kHz

NDB 237 kHz W Villa Reynolds, Argentina.

NDB 237 kHz AT Agartala, India. 

NDB 237 kHz GL George, South Africa.

NDB 237 kHz KN Kangra, India.

NDB 237 kHz TU Turbat, Pakistan.


237.5 kHz

NDB 237.5 kHz A Ministro Pistarini, Argentina.


238 kHz

NDB 238 kHz JA Kanoya, Japan.

NDB 238 kHz KT Kaitaia, New Zealand.

NDB 238 kHz LB Labuhan Bajo, Indonesia.

NDB 238 kHz MJ Miyakejima, Japan.

NDB 238 kHz PN Pangkalan Bun, Indonesia.

NDB 238 kHz PP Pasir Pangarayan, Indonesia.


239 kHz

NDB 239 kHz OH Tokachi, Japan.

NDB 239 kHz BLT Ballarat, VIC, Australia.

NDB 239 kHz LIS Lismore, N.S.W., Australia.

NDB 239 kHz WOL Wollongong, N.S.W., Australia.


240 kHz

NDB 240 kHz BA Blora, Indonesia.

NDB 240 kHz BR Bidar, India.

NDB 240 kHz KB Kota Bharu, Malaysia.

NDB 240 kHz LU Lubuk Linggau, Indonesia.

NDB 240 kHz ME Mangole, Indonesia.

NDB 240 kHz MI Mianwali, Pakistan. 

NDB 240 kHz OM Matsapha, South Africa.

NDB 240 kHz QU Beijing, China.

NDB 240 kHz WB Xinzhuang, China.

NDB 240 kHz ABA Albany, W.A., Australia.


241 kHz

NDB 241 kHz AY Dire Dawa, Ethiopia.

NDB 241 kHz HY Huayuan, China.

NDB 241 kHz OH Tongjingchang, China.

NDB 241 kHz SL Salem, India.

NDB 241 kHz SAI Sri Sathya Sai, India.


242 kHz

NDB 242 kHz A Reconquista, Argentina.

NDB 242 kHz B Escuela De Aviacion Militar, Argentina.

NDB 242 kHz HN Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

NDB 242 kHz KH Katihar, India.

NDB 242 kHz KX Nanhu, China.

NDB 242 kHz LS Launceston, TAS., Australia.

NDB 242 kHz MW Muara Tewe, Indonesia.

NDB 242 kHz PN Pagadian, Philippines.

NDB 242 kHz PP Paraparaumu New Zealand.

NDB 242 kHz ZR Nabire, Indonesia.

NDB 242 kHz JLA Jumla, Nepal. 

NDB 242 kHz BMR Brymaroo, QLD., Australia. 

NDB 242 kHz KOW Kowanyama, QLD, Australia.

NDB 242 kHz LOG Logotala Hill, American Samoa.

NDB 242 kHz PKS Parkes, N.S.W, Australia.

NDB 242 kHz TBD Tailem Bend, S.A., Australia.


243 kHz

NDB 243 kHz BV Bhavnagar, India.

NDB 243 kHz QX Guangzhou, China.


244 kHz

NDB 244 kHz BZ Yunhe, China.

NDB 244 kHz GI Nias, Indonesia.

NDB 244 kHz KA Cape Monze, Pakistan.

NDB 244 kHz MA Masamba, Indonesia.

NDB 244 kHz SM Saumlaki, Indonesia.

NDB 244 kHz VZ Vishakhapatnam, India.


245 kHz

NDB 245 kHz AT Pontianak, Indonesia.

NDB 245 kHz FM Fua'amotu (Fua Amotu) Tonga.

NDB 245 kHz GJ Laoliangcang, China.

NDB 245 kHz JR Johor Bahru, China.  

NDB 245 kHz PN Prosperine, QLD., Australia.

NDB 245 kHz ZB Zhob, Pakistan.

NDB 245 kHz BDG Bendigo, VIC., Australia.

NDB 245 kHz GBA Gibraltar, N.S.W., Australia.

NDB 245 kHz LCI Lancelin, W.A., Australia.

NDB 245 kHz OLW Onslow, W.A., Australia. 

242.5 kHz 

NDB 242.5 kHz JF Jagersfontein, South Africa. 

NDB 242.5 kHz SU Secunda, South Africa.


246 kHz

NDB 246 kHz KM Kamalpur, India.

NDB 246 kHz RY Mount Mary, New Zealand.

NDB 246 kHz WO Wairoa, New Zealand.

NDB 246 kHz SIM Simara, Nepal.


247 kHz

NDB 247 kHz AL Alabat, Philippines.

NDB 247 kHz FZ Tunli, China.

NDB 247 kHz SD Skardu, Pakistan. 

247.5 kHz 

NDB 247.5 kHz WY Wolsley, South Africa.


248 kHz

NDB 248 kHz SD Sendai, Japan.

NDB 248 kHz TR Trang, Thailand.

NDB 248 kHz CCK Church Creek, A.C.T., Australia.

NDB 248 kHz MYB Maryborough, QLD, Australia.

NDB 248 kHz SMI Smithton, TAS., Australia.

NDB 248 kHz WR Woomera, S.A., Australia.


249 kHz

NDB 249 kHz KU Kumamoto, Japan.

NDB 249 kHz MO Muko Muko, Indonesia.

NDB 249 kHz RO Sanjiang, China.

NDB 249 kHz YU Yokosuka, Japan.



NDB 249.5 kHz AG Agra, India.




 New cloths in shops and imported clean second hand cloths under the trees in Galkayo, Somalia 2007.




250 kHz

NDB 250 kHz P General Urquiza, Argentina.

NDB 250 kHz AP Anpu, Taiwan.

NDB 250 kHz DS Heliushui, Japan.

NDB 250 kHz PC Phucat, Vietnam.

NDB 250 kHz FK Palangkaraya, Indonesia.

NDB 250 kHz KC Koumac, New Caledonia.

NDB 250 kHz KP Kyaukpyu, Burma.

NDB 250 kHz LK Bubung, Indonesia.

NDB 250 kHz NO Maumere, Indonesia.

NDB 250 kHz PW Purwakarta, Indonesia.

NDB 250 kHz AKI Anduki, Brunei.


251 kHz

NDB 251 kHz O Hailang, China.

NDB 251 kHz DU Dubbo, N.S.W., Australia.

NDB 251 kHz NM Pyongyang, North Korea.

NDB 251 kHz BOR Bordertown, S.A., Australia.

NDB 251 kHz HKN Hoskins Papua New Guinea.

NDB 251 kHz KPS Kamphaeng Saen, Thailand.


252 kHz

NDB 252 kHz KT Jimma, Ethiopia.

NDB 252 kHz ML Male, Maldives.

NDB 252 kHz LNC Nalinchowk, Nepal. 

252.5 kHz 

NDB 252.5 kHz GWN Greytown, South Africa. 

NDB 252.5 kHz TSH Tshikondeni, South Africa.


253 kHz

NDB 253 kHz GT Niigata, Japan.

NDB 253 kHz OC Ozuki, Japan.

NDB 253 kHz QJ Shenzhen, China.

NDB 253 kHz SP Ramba, Indonesia.

NDB 253 kHz ZP Merauke, Indonesia.

NDB 253 kHz DHI Dhangadhi, Nepal.


254 kHz

NDB 254 kHz AS Ashburton, New Zealand.

NDB 254 kHz MNG Mangalore, VIC., Australia.

NDB 254 kHz OK Oakey, QLD., Australia.

NDB 254 kHz WI Waiuku, New Zealand.


255 kHz

NDB 255 kHz G Rio Gallegos, Argentina.

NDB 255 kHz KL Kayell, Malaysia.

NDB 255 kHz MD Manado, Indonesia. 

NDB 255 kHz ME Maseru, South Africa.

NDB 255 kHz NY Warukin, Indonesia.

NDB 255 kHz SI Sarmi, Indonesia.

NDB 255 kHz SO Solo, Indonesia.

NDB 255 kHz CGM Chiang Mai, Thailand.


256 kHz

NDB 256 kHz EA Eastleigh, Kenya.

NDB 256 kHz JG Xinzheng, China.

NDB 256 kHz KV Xinzheng, China.

NDB 256 kHz MK Mekele, Ethiopia.

NDB 256 kHz TH Touho, New Caledonia.

NDB 256 kHz YQ Yokoshiba, Japan.


257 kHz

NDB 257 kHz B Hongqiao, China.

NDB 257 kHz BN Bannu, Pakistan.

NDB 257 kHz CI Chichijima, Japan.

NDB 257 kHz ML Mangalore, India. 

NDB 257 kHz PZ Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

NDB 257 kHz RK Rockhampton, QLD., Australia.

NDB 257 kHz HWS Howard Springs, N.T., Australia.

NDB 257 kHz JMR Jamnagar, India. 

NDB 257 kHz MJM Manjimup, W.A., Australia. 

NDB 257 kHz RUG Rugby, N.S.W., Australia.

NDB 257 kHz SFL Stonefield, S.A., Australia.

NDB 257 kHz SRN Strahan, TAS., Australia.

NDB 257 kHz VNO Vanimo, PNG. 

257.5 kHz 

NDB 257.5 kHz HZ Hotazel, South Africa. 

NDB 257.5 kHz WB Wonderboom, South Africa.


258 kHz

NDB 258 kHz FF Flic En Flac, Mauritius.

NDB 258 kHz PM Palmerston North, New Zealand.


259 kHz

NDB 259 kHz MIA Mandalay, Burma.


260 kHz

NDB 260 kHz L Esquel, Argentina.

NDB 260 kHz AV Avalon Australia. 

NDB 260 kHz GG George, South Africa.

NDB 260 kHz KD Kadhdhoo, Maldives.

NDB 260 kHz KP Kolhapur, India.

NDB 260 kHz NF Norfolk Island, South Pacific Ocean, Australia.

NDB 260 kHz OI Pangkal Pinang, Indonesia.

NDB 260 kHz PA Pomala, Indonesia.

NDB 260 kHz PH Port Headland, W.A., Australia.

NDB 260 kHz CKN Cooktown, QLD., Australia.

NDB 260 kHz IVL Inverell, N.S.W., Australia.

NDB 260 kHz LAB Labuan, Malaysia.

NDB 260 kHz TOY Tongoy, Chile.

NDB 260 kHz YAT Attawapiskat, Ontario, Canada.

NDB 260 kHz YSQ Atlin, British Columbia, Canada.


NDB 262 kHz

NDB 262 kHz H Cordoba, Argentina.

NDB 262 kHz N Resistencia, Argentina.

NDB 262 kHz GH Greenhithe, New Zealand.

NDB 262 kHz OD Woodend, New Zealand. 

262.5 kHz 

NDB 262.5 kHz MS Matsapha, South Africa.


NDB 263 kHz

NDB 263 kHz CB Canberra airport, A.C.T., Australia.

NDB 263 kHz FU Fukue, Japan.

NDB 263 kHz JM Jimma, Ethiopia.

NDB 263 kHz KG Kishanganj, India.

NDB 263 kHz MG Magadi, India.

NDB 263 kHz PL Phitsanulok, Thailand.


NDB 264 kHz

NDB 264 kHz LU Lifou, New Caledonia.

NDB 264 kHz MR Marsabit, Kenya.

NDB 264 kHz ZN Tianzhen, China.

NDB 264 kHz CCY Cloncurry, QLD., Australia.


NDB 265 kHz

NDB 265 kHz P Rio Grande, Argentina.

NDB 265 kHz BB Mumbai, India. 

NDB 265 kHz HA Hoedspruit, South Africa.

NDB 265 kHz TR Ternate, Indonesia.

NDB 265 kHz DBR Dibrugarh, India.


NDB 266 kHz

NDB 266 kHz BUD Bundaberg, QLD, Australia.

NDB 266 kHz HLC Halls Creek, W.A., Australia.

NDB 266 kHz MTG Mt Gambier, S.A., Australia.

NDB 266 kHz TRR Reengus, India.


NDB 267 kHz

NDB 267 kHz HA Hanimaadhoo, Maldives.

NDB 267 kHz KE Kushimoto, Japan. 

NDB 267 kHz KK Kapteinskop, South Africa.

NDB 267 kHz MO Mombasa, Kenya.

NDB 267 kHz MP Mokpo, South Korea.

NDB 267 kHz OZ Ozamis, Philippines.

NDB 267 kHz MMY Maromamy, Madagascar. 

267.5 kHz 

NDB 267.5 kHz UD Ulundi, South Africa.


NDB 268 kHz

NDB 268 kHz AN Aguni, Japan.

NDB 268 kHz CA Cochin Intl, India.

NDB 268 kHz LA Lahore, Pakistan.

NDB 268 kHz SD Saidpur, Bangladesh.

NDB 268 kHz VC Virac, Philippines.

NDB 268 kHz FRT Forrest, W.A., Australia.


269 kHz

NDB 269 kHz CV Charleville, QLD, Australia.

NDB 269 kHz BUK Buka, Papua New Guinea.

NDB 269 kHz YNG Young, N.S.W., Australia.


270 kHz

NDB 270 kHz FA Faleolo, Western Samoa. 

NDB 270 kHz GE Greyton, South Africa.

NDB 270 kHz KE Kone, New Caledonia. 

NDB 270 kHz LA Lanseria, South Africa.

NDB 270 kHz OF Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

NDB 270 kHz OP Palu, Indonesia.

NDB 270 kHz PR Parit Buntar, Malaysia.

NDB 270 kHz TD Thandwe, Burma.

NDB 270 kHz TU Tardanu, Indonesia.

NDB 270 kHz WN Watthana Nakhon, Thailand.

NDB 270 kHz FLO Flores, Santa Cruz Das Flores, Azores (Açores).

NDB 270 kHz PMF Milford Sound, New Zealand


271 kHz

NDB 271 kHz KC Karachi, Pakistan.


272 kHz

NDB 272 kHz U Sanzao, China.

NDB 272 kHz BG Baguio, Philippines.

NDB 272 kHz PH Perth, W.A., Australia. 

NDB 272 kHz PW Phalaborwa, South Africa.

NDB 272 kHz WF Wuji, China.

NDB 272 kHz LHI Lord Howe Island, South Pacific Ocean, Australia.

NDB 272 kHz MIA Mildura, VIC., Australia.

NDB 272 kHz TNK Tennant Creek, N.T., Australia. 

272.5 kHz 

NDB 272.5 kHz SS Sishen, South Africa.


273 kHz

NDB 273 kHz NO Nairobi, Kenya.

NDB 273 kHz PC Parachinar, Pakistan.


274 kHz

NDB 274 kHz BB Bau Bau, Indonesia.

NDB 274 kHz BK Catbi, Vietnam.

NDB 274 kHz DA Hebaohu, China.

NDB 274 kHz DP Delhi, India.

NDB 274 kHz GB Great Barrier, New Zealand.

NDB 274 kHz GO Goa, India.

NDB 274 kHz KA Kaadedhdhoo, Maldives.

NDB 274 kHz WJ Wonju, China.


275 kHz 

NDB 275 kHz CL Carolina, South Africa.

NDB 275 kHz KP Anju, North Korea.

NDB 275 kHz MK Myitkyina, Burma.

NDB 275 kHz RC Yinchuan, China.

NDB 275 kHz UF Longmen, China.

NDB 275 kHz YZ Nanchong, China.

NDB 275 kHz CUA Cudal, N.S.W., Australia.

NDB 275 kHz CWS Cowes, Phillip Island, VIC., Australia.

NDB 275 kHz MHI Masalembo, Indonesia.


276 kHz

NDB 276 kHz BP Batu Pahat, Malaysia.

NDB 276 kHz BS Basco, Philippines.

NDB 276 kHz KM Dahushan, China.

NDB 276 kHz PG Penggung, Indonesia.

NDB 276 kHz KMI Indo Muro Kencana, Indonesia.

NDB 276 kHz TAN Antanetibe, Madagascar.

NDB 276 kHz TVL Townsville, QLD., Australia.


277 kHz

NDB 277 kHz Y Goya, Argentina.

NDB 277 kHz CT Chiang Rai, Thailand.

NDB 277 kHz RO Rotuma, Fiji. 

277.5 kHz 

NDB 277.5 kHz PY Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.


278 kHz

NDB 278 kHz AM Amahai, Indonesia.

NDB 278 kHz CG Coolangatta, N.S.W., Australia.

NDB 278 kHz GH Gorakhpur, India.

NDB 278 kHz PQ Phuquoc, Vietnam.

NDB 278 kHz RB Rabaul, Papua New Guinea.

NDB 278 kHz WS Westport, New Zealand.

NDB 278 kHz TWU Tawau, Malaysia.


279 kHz

NDB 279 kHz CP Chumphon, Thailand.


280 kHz

NDB 280 kHz P Aeroparque Jorge Newbery, Argentina.

NDB 280 kHz T Trelew, Argentina.

NDB 280 kHz AO Arorae, Republic of Kiribati.

NDB 280 kHz AD Rengat, Indonesia.

NDB 280 kHz HW Hualien, Taiwan.

NDB 280 kHz JR Jessore, Bangladesh. 

NDB 280 kHz KD Klerksdorp, South Africa.

NDB 280 kHz LB Lop Buri, Thailand.

NDB 280 kHz PP Hpapun, Burma.

NDB 280 kHz VM Shigezhuang, China.

NDB 280 kHz CHB China Bay, Sri Lanka.

NDB 280 kHz IPA Easter Island. 

NDB 280 kHz OBI Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.


281 kHz

NDB 281 kHz BW Bajawa, Indonesia.

NDB 281 kHz CN Camden, N.S.W., Australia.

NDB 281 kHz BRW Brewarrina, N.S.W., Australia.

NDB 281 kHz DPO Devonport, TAS., Australia.

NDB 281 kHz JT Jandakot, W.A., Australia.

NDB 281 kHz JW Yongfu, China.

NDB 281 kHz NV Navua, Fiji.


282 kHz

NDB 282 kHz 5SP Tolagnaro, Madagascar.

NDB 282 kHz N Catamarca, Argentina.

NDB 282 kHz V Sauce Viejo, Argentina.

NDB 282 kHz Z Santa Cruz, Argentina. 

NDB 282 kHz GT Greytown, South Africa.

NDB 282 kHz KS Keshod, India.

NDB 282 kHz PK Pekan, Malaysia.

NDB 282 kHz PK Pleiku, Vietnam.

NDB 282 kHz RO Rotorua, New Zealand.

NDB 282 kHz SZ Liangcheng, China.


282.5 kHz

NDB 282.5 kHz RT Rurutu, French Polynesia.


283 kHz

NDB 283 kHz AY Kumagaya, Japan.

NDB 283 kHz LN Larantuka, Indonesia.

NDB 283 kHz NI Nairobi, Kenya.

NDB 283 kHz PH Phetchabun, Thailand.


284 kHz

NDB 284 kHz HL Houailou, New Caledonia.

NDB 284 kHz KO Kota, India.

NDB 284 kHz GAY Gayndah, QLD., Australia.

NDB 284 kHz MFD Mansfield, VIC., Australia.


284.5 kHz

NDB 284.5 kHz MH Manhini, French Polynesia.


285 kHz

NDB 285 kHz BS Liyuantun, China.

NDB 285 kHz HX Weining, China.

NDB 285 kHz MA Mahajanga, Madagascar.

NDB 285 kHz ND Tanjung Pandan, Indonesia.

NDB 285 kHz NN Gorontalo, Indonesia.

NDB 285 kHz RC Ranchi, India.

NDB 285 kHz RS Rosario, Philippines. 

NDB 285 kHz TOY Thohoyandou, South Africa.


286 kHz

NDB 286 kHz CC Cape Campbell, New Zealand.   

NDB 286 kHz DI Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan.

NDB 286 kHz KK Kong Kong, Malaysia.

NDB 286 kHz PA Wutong, China.


287 kHz

NDB 287 kHz L Beijing, China.

NDB 287 kHz DB Dalbandin, Pakistan.

NDB 287 kHz EG Chittagong, Bangladesh.

NDB 287 kHz KG Kalgoorlie, W.A., Australia.

NDB 287 kHz MH Neilingding, China.

NDB 287 kHz JKP Janakpur, Pakistan.

NDB 287 kHz KWA Kiriwina, Papua New Guinea.

NDB 287 kHz LEC Leigh Creek, S.A., Australia.

NDB 287 kHz NRC Naracoorte, S.A., Australia.

NDB 287 kHz SMR Santa Marta, Columbia, South America.

NDB 287 kHz WLE Williamsdale, N.S.W., Australia. 

287.5 kHz 

NDB 287.5 kHz RDW Rand, South Africa.


288 kHz

NDB 288 kHz KK Kira Kira, Solomon Islands.

NDB 288 kHz MY Moyale, Kenya.


289 kHz

NDB 289 kHz IM Imphal, India.

NDB 289 kHz NG Nhatrang, Vietnam.

NDB 289 kHz NK Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand.


290 kHz

NDB 290 kHz BM Makung, Taiwan.

NDB 290 kHz KT Kawthoung, Burma. 

NDB 290 kHz MM Mafikeng, South Africa.

NDB 290 kHz NA Namlea, Indonesia.

NDB 290 kHz LW Lawang, Indonesia.

NDB 290 kHz PN Manado, Indonesia.

NDB 290 kHz RK Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan.

NDB 290 kHz SM Sainte Marie, Madagascar.

NDB 290 kHz TF Bandar Lampung, Indonesia.

NDB 290 kHz TG Tiong Ohong, Indonesia.

NDB 290 kHz DAU Daru, Papua New Guinea.

NDB 290 kHz MIN Minneriya, Sri Lanka.

NDB 290 kHz SAV Savannakhet, Laos.

NDB 290 kHz SGT Singleton, N.S.W., Australia.


291 kHz

NDB 291 kHz VT Vungtau, Vietnam.


292 kHz

NDB 292 kHz KA Kanpur Chakeri, India.

NDB 292 kHz MV Chennai, India.

NDB 292 kHz NF Nanfeng, China.

NDB 292 kHz PR Puerto Princesa, Philippines.

NDB 292 kHz BWN Bowen, QLD., Australia.

NDB 292 kHz THS Sukhothai, Thailand.


293 kHz

NDB 293 kHz BK Bangkok, Thailand.

NDB 293 kHz CA Calcutta, India.

NDB 293 kHz CDU Ceduna, S.A., Australia.

NDB 293 kHz COM Cooma, N.S.W., Australia.

NDB 293 kHz CUN Cunderdin, W.A., Australia.

294 kHz

NDB 294 kHz AM Gialam, Vietnam.

NDB 294 kHz AN Hiva Oa, French Polynesia.


295 kHz

NDB 295 kHz O O-NDB, Vietnam.

NDB 295 kHz V Villa Reynolds, Argentina.

NDB 295 kHz JH Fuling, China.

NDB 295 kHz KX Kumejima, Japan.

NDB 295 kHz LK Loikaw, Burma.

NDB 295 kHz NR Waingapu, Indonesia.

NDB 295 kHz OQ Padang, Indonesia.

NDB 295 kHz OX Morotai, Indonesia.

NDB 295 kHz PL Plaridel, Philippines.

NDB 295 kHz RT Rawalakot, Pakistan.

NDB 295 kHz ZH Tanah Merah, Indonesia.

NDB 295 kHz BHP Bharatpur, Nepal.

NDB 295 kHz DNO Orcadas Del Sur, Antartica. Orcadas Base, Argentina base Antartica.


296 kHz

NDB 296 kHz KF Gharo, Pakistan.

NDB 296 kHz MT Matei, Fiji.

NDB 296 kHz PU Dongyangjiao, China.

NDB 296 kHz WF Xinglin, China.

NDB 296 kHz FLI Whitemark, Flinders Island, TAS., Australia.

NDB 296 kHz PLO Point Lookout, N.S.W., Australia.


297 kHz

NDB 297 kHz GS Lishui, China. 

NDB 297 kHz MP Mariepskop, South Africa.

NDB 297 kHz KCW Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia. 


298 kHz

NDB 298 kHz AM Malacca, Malaysia.

NDB 298 kHz BN Brunei.

NDB 298 kHz KL Kalibo, Philippines.

NDB 298 kHz KU Kook Islands, Greenland.

NDB 298 kHz MDG Mudgee, N.S.W., Australia.

NDB 298 kHz SP Sarsawa, India.

NDB 298 kHz WN Wellington, New Zealand. 

298.5 kHz 

NDB 298.5 kHz ZUY Marine NDB, Cape Agulhas, South Africa. 


299 kHz

NDB 299 kHz KB Krabi, Thailand.

NDB 299 kHz TV Trivandrum, India.

NDB 299 kHz CWR Cowra, N.S.W., Australia.



Sam Voron VK2BVS, 6O0A, Sydney Australia radio volunteer and the short wave transmitter, SW amplifier and FM transmitter at Radio Galkayo, Galkayo, Somalia November 2007.



See the introduction to Morse code: http://sites.google.com/site/somaliaamateurradio/somaliaphotos2

See the link to download the International Morse code: http://sites.google.com/site/somaliaamateurradio/somaliaphotos3 


This new Somalia Amateur Radio website: 

1. Somalia.

2. Somalia photos 2 and Morse code between 0 – 1.6 MHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 2 iyo 0 – 1.6 MHz Morse codka caalmiga ah. 

3. Somalia photos 3 and Morse code on 1.6 – 3 MHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 3 iyo 1.6 – 3 MHz Morse codka caalmiga ah. 

4. Somalia photos 4 and Morse code on 3 – 60 MHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 4 iyo 3 – 60 MHz Morse codka caalmiga ah. 

5. Somalia photos 5 and introduction to Non Directional Radio Beacons and NDB list from 0 to 299 kHz. 

6. Somalia photos 6 and Non Directional Radio Beacons list from 300 to 399 kHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 6 iyo NDB 300-399 kHz.

7. Somalia photos 7 and Non Directional Radio Beacons list from 400 to 599 kHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 7 iyo NDB 400-599 kHz. 

8. Somalia photos 8 and Non Directional Radio Beacons list from 600 to 8000 kHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 8 iyo NDB 600-8000 kHz. 

9. Somalia photo 9 and free VLF radio receiver.
Masawir Soomaaliya 9 iyo Radiyo VLF


10. All Frequency Database Index and Somalia photos 10. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 10

– 6.8

1 – 1.4 Long Wave radio stations and Somalia photos 10AA. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 10AA 

2 – 2.5 Medium Wave radio stations and Somalia photos 11. 

2.6 Hobby AM radio stations and Somalia photos 12.
Masawir Soomaaliya 12 

3 – 3.3 Short Wave radio stations and Somalia photos 13.
Masawir Soomaaliya 13

3.4 Clandestine radio stations and Somalia photos 14.
Masawir Soomaaliya 14 

3.5 – 3.7 Pirate radio stations, online Short Wave radio receivers, scanners and Somalia photos 15. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 15 

4 – 4.4 VHF FM radio stations and Somalia photos 16. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 16 

4.5 VHF Hobby FM radio stations and Somalia photos 17. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 17

4.6 – 4.6f VHF Digital radio stations and Somalia photos 18.
Masawir Soomaaliya 18 

5 – 5.3e UHF hobby FM radio stations, UHF satellite radio and Somalia photos 19. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 19 

6 – 6.1c TV stations and Somalia photos 20.
Masawir Soomaaliya 20 

6.2a – 6.2c Hobby TV stations and Somalia photos 21. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 21 

6.3 – 6.5 Community TV, Cable TV, Public access cable TV and Somalia photos 22. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 22 

6.6 Pirate TV stations and Somalia photos 23. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 23

6.7 Satellite TV and Somalia photos 24.
Masawir Soomaaliya 24 

6.8 Amateur TV, ATV and Somalia photos 25. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 25 

– 33.7

7 – 10.1 Frequencies below 9 kilohertz, Experimental radio below 9 kHz and Somalia photos 26. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 26 

11 – 15.10 TLF, ELF, SLF, ULF, VLF Submarine radio below 30 kHz and Somalia photos 27. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 27 

16 – 16.7 LF, Low Frequency radio 30 kHz – 300 kHz, Amateur radio, Experimental Radio and Somalia photos 28. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 28 

17 – 17.9 MF Medium Frequency radio 300 kHz – 3 MHz, Amateur radio, Experimental radio and Somalia photos 29. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 29 

18 – 18.3 HF, High Frequency radio, Aircraft radio, Amateur Radio, Broadband Internet and Somalia photos 30. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 30 

18.4 HF CB radio, Citizen’s Band radio and Somalia photos 31. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 31 

18.5 – 18.6 HF Experimental radio and Somalia photos 32. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 32 

18.7 – 18.21 HF Ship Radio, Jamming stations, Radar, Radio Astronomy, online HF radios and Somalia photos 33. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 33 

19 – 19.3 VHF, Very High Frequency Radio, Aviation Radio, Ham Radio, Experimental Radio and Somalia photos 34. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 34 

19.4 – 19.17 VHF Marine radio, Police radio, Fire, Medical, Space, scanner radio and Somalia photos 35. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 35 

20 – 20.3 UHF, Ultra High Frequency radio, Amateur radio, Moon radio, Experimental Radio and Somalia photos 36. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 36 

20.4 – 20.6w UHF CB radio, Citizen’s Band Radio, GPS Global Positioning System and Somalia photos 37. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 37 

20.7 – 20.20 UHF Police radio, Fire, Medical, Boat radio, Radio Astronomy, radio scanners and Somalia photos 38. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 38 

21 – 21.3 SHF, Super High Frequency radio, Ham radio, Cosmic Radiation from outer space and Somalia photos 39. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 39 

21.4 – 21.10 SHF Internet Wireless Local Area Networks LAN, Radar, Radio Astronomy, Satellites and Somalia photos 40. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 40 

22 – 22.7 EHF, Extremely High Frequency radio, CMBR Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation from outer space and Somalia photos 41. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 41 

23 – 23.4 THF, Tremendously High Frequency radio, Radio Astronomy, Satellites, Laser, and Somalia photos 42. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 42 

24 – 24.1 Infrared, Infrared radiation, Infrared astronomy, Experimental Infrared radiation and Somalia photos 43. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 43 

25. Light, Visible light radiation, Light communications, Optical astronomy and Somalia photos 44. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 44 

26. UV, Ultraviolet, Ultraviolet radiation, Ultraviolet astronomy and Somalia photos 45. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 45 

27. X-rays, X-ray radiation, X-ray astronomy and Somalia photos 46. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 46 

28 Gamma-rays, Gamma-ray radiation, Gamma-ray astronomy and Somalia photos 47 
Masawir Soomaaliya 47 

29 Cosmic rays, Cosmic ray particles from outer space, Cosmic ray astronomy and Somalia photos 48. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 48

30 – 31. Online radio measurement converters, electronics calculations, electrical calculators and Somalia photos 49. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 49 

32 – 33.7 Radio frequency allocation plans, radio codes, Amateur radio clubs and Somalia photos 50. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 50 

The Index for the old Somalia Ham Radio website is on: http://sites.google.com/site/somaliaamateurradio

Contact: Sam Voron VK2BVS, 6O0A.