6.6 Pirate TV stations and Somalia photos 23.

                                                                          Pirate Television broadcasts. 
                                                                                        26 October 2009.  

BROADCASTING - Pirate TV stations. 

The All Frequency Database Index is here: http://sites.google.com/site/somaliaamateurradio/somaliaphotos10


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6.6 Pirate Television stations.



Pirate Television.

Pirate Television stations.

Pirate Television station.

Pirate TV stations.

Pirate TV station.

Pirate TV is a television station that broadcasts without the required broadcasting license.

The hobby of watching pirate TV broadcasts.

The hobby of listening to pirate Television broadcasts.

Introduction to Pirate TV.


What is Pirate Television?

What is Pirate TV?


Introduction to Guerrilla Television.




Pirate TV in Australia.

Australia pirate TV.

Australian pirate TV.

Australian pirate Television.

Australia pirate Television.

Pirate Television in Australia.

Aboriginal Pirate TV. “Inclusion, participation, debate, community based media.”

Australian Pirate TV gains limited TV license.

Aboriginal Pirate TV stations were established in Australia by the Pitjanjarra people in Ernabella (440 km southeast of Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia) and by the Walpiri people in Yuendumu (290 km northwest of Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia) – see page 5 in this pdf download.


Yuendumu Pirate TV, 290 km northwest of Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia.




Pirate TV in Canada.

Canada pirate TV.

Canadian pirate TV.

Canadian pirate Television.

Canada pirate Television.

Pirate Television in Canada.

Banff, Canada OMG IM ON DOT TV is an “alternative to top-down network television.”




Pirate TV in China.

China pirate TV.

China pirate Television.

Pirate Television in China.

Pirate TV shut down in China.

China shuts down Pirate Television station.




Pirate TV in Europe.

European pirate TV.

Europe pirate TV.

Pirate Television in Europe.

European pirate Television.

Europe pirate Television.

Why make your own Private Pirate TV Station?

How to build a short range Television station from readymade electronic parts.

200 Euro Private Pirate TV Station.

$285 Private Pirate TV Station.

Pirate TV Station for 200 Euro.

Pirate TV Station for $285.


Low power VHF TV transmitter.

Low power VHF Television transmitter.


Low power UHF TV transmitter.

Low power UHF Television transmitter.




Pirate TV in Israel.

Israel pirate TV.

Israeli pirate TV.

Israel pirate Television.

Israeli pirate Television.

Pirate Television in Israel.

TV channel 58 UHF Odelia TV on a boat off the coast of Israel.




Pirate TV in Italy.

Italy pirate TV.

Italian pirate TV.

Italian pirate Television.

Italy pirate Television.

Pirate Television in Italy.

Orfeo TV, Bologna, Italy. Telestreet micro pirate TV broadcasting in Italy.




A network of 200 micro pirate TV transmitters in Italy.



New Zealand.

Pirate TV in New Zealand.

New Zealand pirate TV.

New Zealand pirate Television.

Pirate Television in New Zealand.

TV Modulators (sold in all countries) are legal low power transmitters used to convert audio and video to TV frequencies. They become illegal when not connected directly into a TV receiver socket (or VCR TV tuner or computer TV tuner) and modified to generate signals outside your home.

TV modulator transmitter (designed to connect to the TV antenna socket) converts an A/V (Audio and Video signal) to RF (TV frequencies) $3.50


TV modulator transmitter (designed to connect to the TV antenna socket) converts an A/V (Audio and Video signal) to RF (TV frequencies channel 0 or channel 1) $25


TV modulator transmitter (designed to connect to the TV antenna socket) Audio Video RF Modulator complete unit (Audio and Video signals are converted to TV frequencies) $65


SOFTWARE TO TRANSMIT TV USING A COMPUTER. J-QAM is a QAM soundcard modem. This software is free and its designer writes “With computers getting faster one thing that could be possible is a new age of pirate TV stations. Little FM transmitters are very easy to make to cover little towns, using the QAM idea you could create your own TV station. The software author says “If you do this please tell me as I would be most thrilled.”



Pirate TV in Netherlands.

Netherlands pirate TV.

Pirate Television in Netherlands.

Netherlands pirate Television.

Netherlands pirate Television.

Netherlands Pirate TV station

Television channel A1 Vrije Keyser TV, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Vrije Keyser Radio Amsterdam (pirate radio) and pirate TV station.




Pirate TV in Sweden.

Sweden pirate TV.

Swedish pirate TV.

Pirate Television in Sweden.

Sweden pirate Television.

Swedish pirate Television.

Click Piratradio.

At the bottom Click Pirat TV.

TV channel 4 Antus Television, Pirate TV, Sweden.

Kanal 4 Antus TV, Pirat TV, Sweden.



United Kingdom (UK).

Pirate TV in the UK.

UK pirate TV.

Pirate Television in the UK.

UK pirate Television.

Pirate TV in the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom pirate TV.

Pirate Television in the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom pirate Television.

Caroline Television is a proposed Pirate TV from an aircraft.


Sealand Television is a proposed Pirate TV from a boat.




Pirate TV in the USA.

USA pirate TV.

Pirate Television in the USA.

USA pirate Television.

Pirate TV in the US.

US pirate TV.

Pirate Television in the US.

US pirate Television.

Pirate Television in the USA is TV broadcasting without a license and using more power than is allowed under the legal no license required FCC part 15 regulations.

Pirate Television in the USA is TV broadcasting without a licence and using more power than is allowed under the legal no licence required FCC part 15 regulations.

TV channel 14 and 19 OMG TV Pirate Television, New York City, USA is “The alternative to top-down network television.”

“Analog television has been given the kiss of death but we're reviving it for a few more days.”

“We're broadcasting internet content to your analogue TV.”

“You will be able to submit content.”



Proposition to the FCC to allow unlicensed use of unused analogue TV frequencies that will not be used by Digital TV.

Proposition to the FCC to allow unlicenced use of unused analogue TV frequencies that will not be used by Digital TV.


How to disconnect your Digital TV Converter and go back to Analogue TV.


“Analog TV ends, pirate TV begins!”


Pirate TV forum.


TV channel 11 ECRN Mountain community and TV network are half watt radio and TV stations in Evergreen, Colorado, USA called “The biggest little half watt on the planet”.



Pirate radio can save Analog Television.


Local Area Television Network is “creating your own media content for your niche audience.

Start Your Own Local Area (TV) Network.



Amateur Radio on the streets of Galkayo, North East Somalia.

The Governor of Galkayo talks with ham radio stations around the world on an Amateur Radio transceiver in Galkayo, Somalia in July 1993.


1 Left:?


3. ?

4. ?

5. ?

6. Abdikarim Nur Mohamud, radio project initiator from Melbourne, Australia (graduated in the 1993 ham radio training course and received his Somalia amateur radio callsign 6O0W).

7. The man behind 6O0W: ?

8. Brother of Abdikarim Nur Mohamud: Abdirasaq Nur Mohamud

9. Galkayo Doctor: Name ?

10. Father of Hassan Mohamed Jama: Name ?

11. ?

12. Right: ?

13. Seated at the table: The Governor of Galkayo, Governor Abdirahman Ali Bihi.

(Photo Sam Voron 6O0A, VK2BVS).  



This new Somalia Amateur Radio website

1. Somalia.

2. Somalia photos 2 and Morse code between 0 – 1.6 MHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 2 iyo 0 – 1.6 MHz Morse codka caalmiga ah. 

3. Somalia photos 3 and Morse code on 1.6 – 3 MHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 3 iyo 1.6 – 3 MHz Morse codka caalmiga ah. 

4. Somalia photos 4 and Morse code on 3 – 60 MHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 4 iyo 3 – 60 MHz Morse codka caalmiga ah. 

5. Somalia photos 5 and introduction to Non Directional Radio Beacons and NDB list from 0 to 299 kHz. 

6. Somalia photos 6 and Non Directional Radio Beacons list from 300 to 399 kHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 6 iyo NDB 300-399 kHz.

7. Somalia photos 7 and Non Directional Radio Beacons list from 400 to 599 kHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 7 iyo NDB 400-599 kHz. 

8. Somalia photos 8 and Non Directional Radio Beacons list from 600 to 8000 kHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 8 iyo NDB 600-8000 kHz. 

9. Somalia photo 9 and free VLF radio receiver.
Masawir Soomaaliya 9 iyo Radiyo VLF


10. All Frequency Database Index and Somalia photos 10. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 10

– 6.8

1 – 1.4 Long Wave radio stations and Somalia photos 10AA. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 10AA 

2 – 2.5 Medium Wave radio stations and Somalia photos 11. 

2.6 Hobby AM radio stations and Somalia photos 12.
Masawir Soomaaliya 12 

3 – 3.3 Short Wave radio stations and Somalia photos 13.
Masawir Soomaaliya 13

3.4 Clandestine radio stations and Somalia photos 14.
Masawir Soomaaliya 14 

3.5 – 3.7 Pirate radio stations, online Short Wave radio receivers, scanners and Somalia photos 15. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 15 

4 – 4.4 VHF FM radio stations and Somalia photos 16. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 16 

4.5 VHF Hobby FM radio stations and Somalia photos 17. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 17

4.6 – 4.6f VHF Digital radio stations and Somalia photos 18.
Masawir Soomaaliya 18 

5 – 5.3e UHF hobby FM radio stations, UHF satellite radio and Somalia photos 19. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 19 

6 – 6.1c TV stations and Somalia photos 20.
Masawir Soomaaliya 20 

6.2a – 6.2c Hobby TV stations and Somalia photos 21. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 21 

6.3 – 6.5 Community TV, Cable TV, Public access cable TV and Somalia photos 22. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 22 

6.6 Pirate TV stations and Somalia photos 23. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 23

6.7 Satellite TV and Somalia photos 24.
Masawir Soomaaliya 24 

6.8 Amateur TV, ATV and Somalia photos 25. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 25 

– 33.7

7 – 10.1 Frequencies below 9 kilohertz, Experimental radio below 9 kHz and Somalia photos 26. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 26 

11 – 15.10 TLF, ELF, SLF, ULF, VLF Submarine radio below 30 kHz and Somalia photos 27. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 27 

16 – 16.7 LF, Low Frequency radio 30 kHz – 300 kHz, Amateur radio, Experimental Radio and Somalia photos 28. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 28 

17 – 17.9 MF Medium Frequency radio 300 kHz – 3 MHz, Amateur radio, Experimental radio and Somalia photos 29. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 29 

18 – 18.3 HF, High Frequency radio, Aircraft radio, Amateur Radio, Broadband Internet and Somalia photos 30. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 30 

18.4 HF CB radio, Citizen’s Band radio and Somalia photos 31. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 31 

18.5 – 18.6 HF Experimental radio and Somalia photos 32. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 32 

18.7 – 18.21 HF Ship Radio, Jamming stations, Radar, Radio Astronomy, online HF radios and Somalia photos 33. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 33 

19 – 19.3 VHF, Very High Frequency Radio, Aviation Radio, Ham Radio, Experimental Radio and Somalia photos 34. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 34 

19.4 – 19.17 VHF Marine radio, Police radio, Fire, Medical, Space, scanner radio and Somalia photos 35. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 35 

20 – 20.3 UHF, Ultra High Frequency radio, Amateur radio, Moon radio, Experimental Radio and Somalia photos 36. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 36 

20.4 – 20.6w UHF CB radio, Citizen’s Band Radio, GPS Global Positioning System and Somalia photos 37. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 37 

20.7 – 20.20 UHF Police radio, Fire, Medical, Boat radio, Radio Astronomy, radio scanners and Somalia photos 38. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 38 

21 – 21.3 SHF, Super High Frequency radio, Ham radio, Cosmic Radiation from outer space and Somalia photos 39. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 39 

21.4 – 21.10 SHF Internet Wireless Local Area Networks LAN, Radar, Radio Astronomy, Satellites and Somalia photos 40. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 40 

22 – 22.7 EHF, Extremely High Frequency radio, CMBR Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation from outer space and Somalia photos 41. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 41 

23 – 23.4 THF, Tremendously High Frequency radio, Radio Astronomy, Satellites, Laser, and Somalia photos 42. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 42 

24 – 24.1 Infrared, Infrared radiation, Infrared astronomy, Experimental Infrared radiation and Somalia photos 43. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 43 

25. Light, Visible light radiation, Light communications, Optical astronomy and Somalia photos 44. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 44 

26. UV, Ultraviolet, Ultraviolet radiation, Ultraviolet astronomy and Somalia photos 45. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 45 

27. X-rays, X-ray radiation, X-ray astronomy and Somalia photos 46. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 46 

28 Gamma-rays, Gamma-ray radiation, Gamma-ray astronomy and Somalia photos 47 
Masawir Soomaaliya 47 

29 Cosmic rays, Cosmic ray particles from outer space, Cosmic ray astronomy and Somalia photos 48. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 48

30 – 31. Online radio measurement converters, electronics calculations, electrical calculators and Somalia photos 49. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 49 

32 – 33.7 Radio frequency allocation plans, radio codes, Amateur radio clubs and Somalia photos 50. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 50 


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