6.3 – 6.5 Community TV, Cable TV, Public access cable TV and Somalia photos 22.

                                                                  Community Television broadcasts. 

                                                                                     Cable Television. 

                                                                                         26 October 2009.  

BROADCASTING - Public access cable Television.

Community TV, 

Cable TV.

The All Frequency Database Index is here: http://sites.google.com/site/somaliaamateurradio/somaliaphotos10


You are here:

6.3 Community Television free-to-air.

6.4 Cable Television.

6.5 Public access cable Television.



Community TV free-to-air.

Free to air TV.

Free to air Television.

Introduction to free-to-air Television.

Introduction to free-to-air TV.




Free to air TV in Australia.

Free to air Television in Australia.

There is no TV viewer license fee in Australia.

There is no Television viewer license fee in Australia.

There is no TV viewer licence fee in Australia.

There is no Television viewer licence fee in Australia.

There is no license fee in watch TV in Australia.

There is no licence fee in watch TV in Australia.

There is no license fee in watch Television in Australia.

There is no licence fee in watch Television in Australia.

Sydney Community TV.

Sydney Community Television.

TVS UHF channel 31, Sydney, Australia free community TV. TVS is a not-for-profit company with a Community Television (CTV) licence. TVS is always looking for new programs and depends on volunteers to keep the station running smoothly. TVS is on the air using UHF analog (analogue) Television.



Melbourne Community TV.

Melbourne Community Television.

C31 Melbourne Community Television Consortium (MCTC) UHF channel 31 Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

C31 Melbourne Community Television Consortium (MCTC) UHF channel 31 Geelong, VIC, Australia.



Adelaide community TV.

Adelaide community Television.

C31 UHF channel 31, Adelaide, South Australia free community TV.


Brisbane community TV.

Brisbane community Television.

QCTV UHF channel 31, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia free community TV.


Perth community TV.

Perth community Television.

New vision 31 UHF channel 31, Perth, Western Australia free community TV.






Cable Television.

Introduction to cable TV.

Introduction to cable Television.

Introduction to the earlier Community Area TV (CATV).




Cable TV in Australia.

Cable Television in Australia.

Australia Cable TV.

Australia Cable Television.

Australian Cable TV.

Australian Cable Television.

Introduction to Cable TV in Australia.

Australian Cable TV frequencies from 231 MHz – 738 MHz.

Bigpond cable TV frequencies.

Foxtel cable TV frequencies.

Foxtel cable TV channels.


Pay TV.

Pay to watch cable TV.

Pay to watch cable Television.

Commercial cable TV in Australia.

Commercial cable Television in Australia.

Australia commercial cable TV.

Australian cable Television.

Select TV




What to do if you cannot receive a TV signal?

What can you do if you cannot receive a TV signal?

What can you do if you cannot get a TV signal?

What can you do if you cannot see a TV signal?

What can you do if there is no TV station in your area?

What to do if you cannot receive a Television signal?

What can you do if you cannot receive a Television signal?

Using cable or other systems where no TV reception exists.

Television off-air, Television by satellite, Television by microwave, Television by landline or Television by cable. Receiving TV off-air, TV via satellite, TV by microwave link, TV by landline or TV by cable.  http://www.abc.net.au/reception/services/selfhelp_rr.htm




Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting ISDB-C.

Cable TV in Japan.

Cable Television in Japan.

Japanese cable TV.

Japanese cable Television.

Japan cable TV.

Japan cable Television.

ISDB-C in Japan.

CS Cable Satellite known as CS Satellite digital TV broadcasting is cable program satellite delivery using the 12.200 GHz to 12.750 GHz wideband CS digital Broadcasting Satellite Service band.

The transmission system used by CS is satellite ISDB-C Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting of cable programs through satellite.

A digital multichannel service using statistical multiplexing technology makes it possible to broadcast more than nine digital channels using the same bandwidth required to broadcast one analog channel.

From May 2002 cable TV operators where able to share in a common transmission infrastructure to provide deliver cable programming direct by satellite to their subscribers through Japan Digital Service JDS.

Japan Digital Service (JDS) expanded cable across Japan in May 2005 and provided a lower cost alternative (compared to satellite) to cable providers for the delivery of High Definition Television HDTV programs to subscribers.




Cable TV in the USA.

Cable Television in the USA.

Cable TV in the US.

Cable Television in the US.

USA Cable TV.

USA Cable Television.

US Cable TV.

US Cable Television.

USA CATV (Cable Television).


The hobby of listening to radio frequency leakage from cable television.

Cable TV channels and frequencies.


Introduction to CATV.

Introduction to Cable Television.

Introduction to Cable TV.


USA CATV frequencies.

USA Cable TV frequencies.

CATV frequencies in the US.

Cable TV frequencies in the US.







Public Access Cable TV.


Public, Educational and Government access TV.

Public, Educational and Government access cable TV.

Public, Educational and Government access cable Television.

PEG Television.

Public Access Cable Television.

PEG (Public, Educational, Governmental) access TV.

PEG access TV.

PEG Access.

PEG cable access.

PEG cable TV access.

Studios, equipment, and staff assist in the production of shows initiated by the general public.




Public access television in Canada.

Public access TV in Canada




Public access television in the USA.

Public access TV in the USA. 

Public access television in the US.

Public access TV in the US. 

PEG TV in the USA. 

PEG Television in the USA. 

PEG TV in the US. 

PEG Television in the US. 

Public access television is one of three types of PEG (Public Educational Governmental media services) access within a municipality.

How to put your video on public access cable television.

How to put your video on public access cable TV.


Public Access Television Stations and Media Centers.




What is Public Access TV?

History of Public Access TV.

Getting started in Public Access TV.

The Future of Public Access TV 



TeleCommUnity- Local Government Telecommunications Alliance follows telecommunications and broadband legislation concerning local Government.

The Center for Digital Democracy
ensures that the public interest is a fundamental part of the new digital communications landscape.

NATOA- The National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors is a national communications trade organization.

National League of Cities NLC following
technology and communications.

Free Press promotes universal access to communications.

Move On (democracy in action) focuses on education and advocacy on important national issues. 

Common Cause (holding power accountable).

Prometheus Radio- freeing the airwaves from corporate control.

Reclaim the Media is
expanding the communications rights of ordinary people.

CCTV Vermont channel 17 Center for Media & Democracy works to protect free speech, public access and open networks. Providing the training, tools and channels for activists and public agencies to make democratic social change happen, opens the door to local government and engages citizens in democratic action.

Benton Foundation works to ensure that media and telecommunications serve the public interest and enhance our democracy.

Grassroots Cable is collaboration
between media activists from different cities around the US, working together to build coordinated campaigns to hold cable companies accountable to the public. 

Media Access Project (MAP) a non-profit law firm and advocacy organization. MAP attorneys work on behalf of the public to promote freedom of expression, independent media, and low-cost, universal access to communications services.


Media Reform Center is concerned with the issue of Media Monopoly and Corporate Media Ownership.
Mapping Access is a directory of cable access television freely accessible that empowers individuals and organizations to improve and maintain the information themselves.

Association For Community Networking (AFCN) is an association for community networking that provides resources, shared learning, and experienced guidance to help communities and organizations use information and communications technologies effectively.

Illinois Community Technology is a coalition promoting digital literacy, access and equity.

Cambridge Community TV (CCTV) in Maine, USA is a public access television organization designed to provide our city with a platform for expressing its local issues and perspectives.  CCTV offers membership, training, equipment and access to our cable channels and website for distribution of our local programs.


Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) is responsible for administering the Public Access cable television services in Manhattan. The purpose is to ensure the ability of Manhattan residents to exercise their First Amendment rights through the medium of cable television and to create opportunities for mutual communication, education, artistic expression and other noncommercial uses of video facilities on an open, uncensored and equitable basis. In providing services, MNN seeks to involve the diverse racial, ethnic and geographic communities of Manhattan in the electronic communication of their varied interests, needs, concerns and identities.

Portland Community Media works to promote peoples broad participation in civic and cultural life by encouraging effective use and understanding of community media.

Community Television Network (CTN)
mission is to support, strengthen and enrich the community in Portland, Maine and to assist its citizens and institutions in realizing their greatest potential through public access to electronic communications media.

Tampa Educational Cable Consortium (TEC) serves Tampa Bay with daily helpings of intellectually stimulating educational television programs free of commercial interruptions.

Media Working Group (MWG) is a media production, education, research and development organization.

Puerto Rico Sun- communications media blog.

MSAD #6 Bonny Eagle Television (BETV channel 7)- BETV is a student run Cable Television Station at Bonny Eagle High School, in Standish, Maine, USA with 7500 homes in the viewing area.

Community TV Network (CTN), Portland, Maine, USA channels 2 and 5 work to assist its citizens and institutions in realizing their greatest potential through public access to electronic communications media.

Rescue Community is an international community of emergency rescue and relief volunteers.

The Center for Balance (Where Wisdom Meets Compassion) is the balance between labor, capital and communications.

Democracy for America (DFA)
connects with progressives across the country or next door.

The Peoples Channel- Channel 8, Chapel Hill, N.C., USA helps citizens become active participants in the media.


Local 1549 AFSCME represents 18,000 Clerical-Administrative employees in almost every city agency in New York City, USA.


Amplifyme (Formerly Project: Think Different) uses media, music, video, and the web as vehicles to enable change. 


Baltimore Grassroots Media- Helping to bring your voice & vision to Baltimore City's mass media

Mexicanos Unidos.

Valley Access Channels (VAC) is a Commercial Free Cable Television, Public Access Production Facility from the Public to the Public exercising Free Speech in Action.

Ohio Community Computing Network (OCCN),
Columbus, Ohio, USA creating a society in which everyone has equal opportunity to gain access to computer and network technology for life-long learning and personal and community empowerment.

Media Alliance works for action and resources for a more accountable and diverse media system.

Paper Tiger TV (PTTV)
works to expose and challenge the corporate control of media because of the bias and misrepresentation of issues in mainstream media. It is critical to include diverse perspectives in the process of making media. PTTV strives to increase awareness of how media can be used to affect social change. A public that can strategically and creatively use the media is necessary for a more equitable and healthy democracy.

Color Of Change strengthens Black America’s political voice by making sure all Americans are served and protected regardless of race or class.

Boston Neighborhood Producer's Group (BNPG)
public access television is keeping access television alive as a viable and affordable alternative to commercial television.

Lowell Telecommunications (LTC) is the Lowell, Maine, USA community television station, media and technology center. LTC serves the interests and needs of the diverse and vibrant community by providing equipment and training for residents to create and share media in a no-cost, free speech environment.

Women's Voices (raised for social justice) works t
o identify and discuss critical issues.

Community Change Inc (CCI), Boston, MA, USA works to
promote racial justice and equity by challenging systemic racism and acting as a catalyst for antiracist action and learning.


Saratoga Community Access KSAR15 is a Public Access TV channel, in Saratoga, CA, USA providing public, educational and government programs for the community of Saratoga, California. It is operated by the Saratoga Community Access Cable TV Foundation, a non-profit organization. 

Arts Engine-
supports, produces, and distributes independent media of consequence and promotes the use of independent media by advocates, educators and the general public.

Braintree Community Television (BCAM) works to
provide non-commercial public educational and governmental cable access and related technology services to the residents, schools, business and other institutions of Braintree, MA, USA.

Princeton Community TV (PCTV)
is a Public Access cable station, created by the Borough and Township of Princeton.  PCTV broadcast locally produced programs, and other quality programming, to the Princeton area over Channel 30 on the Patriot Media Cable system. PCTV is, by definition, Television made by you! Through regular orientation sessions, workshops and classes held at TV30, the citizens of the Princeton area can gain training on the use of the available equipment and systems, enabling you to turn your imaginings into video reality.

MidValley Television (MVTV) is a public, educational and government access television. MVTV broadcasts the public and educational channel on Charter Digital Cable on channel 21. The government access channel, MidValley Public Affairs Cable (M-PACT) is broadcast on Charter Digital Cable channel 22. MidValley Television viewing area is Wapato, Toppenish, Zillah and Granger.

Access Tucson promotes public dialog (dialogue) through cable TV.

Access Montgomery,
Montgomery Community Television was formed in 1984 as a nonprofit organization to serve the new cable franchise with public access services.

Intercommunity Cable Regulatory Commission (ICRC),
Cincinnati, OH, USA ICRC provides local cable programming for 27 communities in the Greater Cincinnati area. The programs range from city council meetings to high school sports to parades and concerts can be seen on channels 4, 8, 15, 17, 18, 24 on the Time Warner system.

Cable Advisory Council South Central Connecticut (
CACSCC), USA advises the Cable Company and the seven Community Access organizations on behalf of approximately 63,000 cable subscribers in the towns of Branford, East Haven, Guilford, North Branford, North Haven, Madison and Wallingford. CACSCC does not represent the ATT customers.

San Mateo County Telecommunications Authority (SAMCAT) manages 18 areas.

City of Geneva Illinois, USA Listen to audio or watch video of past public meetings, watch channel 10 live.

New Hampshire Coalition for Community Media (NHCCM) i
s a statewide, non-profit organization formed for the purpose of supporting and fostering Public, Educational and Government (PEG) access television in the state of New Hampshire. The group is comprised of access center managers, local producers and volunteers of all kinds who have an interest in promoting and preserving 1st Amendment Rights of Free Speech through PEG (Public Educational Governmental media services) Access Television. NHCCM usually meets the fourth Tuesday of each month.

Deprogramming Hour, Brooklyn, USA 

WCCA TV13 "The People's Channel” is a public access TV station and community media center in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. Participate and make your own show, become an intern, join the youth program or get your message on TV.

411 Productions- Local San Antonio TV Producers need a community Media Center where they can film and produce their shows.

Naperville Community Television, Your community TV station.

North Metro TV (NMTV) free classes and training in Digital studio production, non linear editing, news production and DVD authoring. Submit a program for playback.

Norwood Public Access TV (NPA TV) views Government meetings and posts your community announcements.
Public Access Television brings you local coverage of town, government, news and sporting events as well as other locally produced programming.

Puget Sound Access, Kent, WA, USA -
arrange personal introductions to Puget Sound Access or secure tutoring in our tools and facilities.

Fitchburg Access Television (FATV) invites you to submit an announcement or volunteer for an event.

Chicago Access Network Television (CAN TV)-
See what's happening around the city in education, the arts, government, cultural events, social services and community activities.

Saint Paul Neighborhood Network (Building community through TV), Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA.

Freedom Journal TV, Akron, OH, USA. FreedomJournal.TV Partners with FreePress to Preserve Net Neutrality. FreedomJournal.TV partners with Democracy Now.

Pittsfield Community Television (PCTV)
Pittsfield, MA, USA operates Public, Educational and Governmental Access Television (PEG Access) seen only by cable TV viewers on three channels in the Time Warner Cable service area, and serves people who live or work in the City of Pittsfield. “Access Pittsfield,” and is seen on channel 16.  “Pittsfield ETV,” the Education Access Channel, is on channel 17.  The PCTV Governmental Access Channel, “Citylink,” can be found on channel 18. 

QACTV 7 Centreville, MD, USA Your Government, Your channel.


Wisconsin Association of PEG Access Channels (WAPC) says Community PEG channels should be supported with a dedicated monthly fee. Community PEG channels should be carried without interference and treated like all the other channels. Communities should not be required to buy transmitting equipment for every video provider that offers service in a municipality.

LakewoodBuzz.com invites you to be a part of the Buzz in Lakewood, USA.

Nonprofit Newswire-
search engine for news reporters, media editors, freelance journalists, charity funders, researchers and academics that's designed to quickly find the latest press releases issued by nonprofit organizations. 

Penfield Community Television (PCTV), Penfield, USA providing Public, Educational and Government TV.

Waltham Community Access (WCAC),
Waltham, Massachusetts, USA PEG access cable television center.


provides media training, modern production facilities and cable channel access to promote media literacy so that communities may exercise their First Amendment Right to free speech.

PACTV, Plymouth, MA, USA Public Access programming for the towns of Plymouth and Kingston on Comcast channel 13 & Verizon channel 43. PACTV Government and Educational Access Programming for the town of Kingston, MA on Comcast channel 14. PACTV Government Programming for the town of Plymouth, MA on Comcast channel 15 & Verizon channel 47.

Thurston Community Television (TCTV) Thurston, WA, USA provides access channel management, training and production support to local residents, groups, government agencies and educational institutions.

Burnsville/Eagan Community TV (BCTV) s
tudio is at Burnsville High School. BCTV also operates a mobile production studio in cooperation with the City of Eagan.  Community producers and students have access to three portable camera systems with tripods, lighting, and wireless microphones.

CTV15 North Suburban Access Corporation (NSAC), Roseville, MN, USA provides public access community television to ten cities Arden Hills, Falcon Heights, Lauderdale, Little Canada, Mounds View, New Brighton, North Oaks, Roseville, St. Anthony and Shoreview.

Haverhill Community TV (HCTV)
Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA provides Cable Access to individuals, groups, organizations and institutions to communicate with the people of Haverhill.

River Falls Community TV (RFC TV) is a public and government access center serving the River Falls area with the potential to reach over 2,500 customers on the Comcast cable system.

You can produce your own programs for RFC-TV Channel 16. Anyone who completes classes and exercises good judgment in complying with acceptable standards of cablecasting contents may use RFC-TV Channel 16 again and again and again, and it's easy!

Deep Dish TV Network (DDTV) has
News, information and examples of community media around the world. DDTV uses radio, television, theater, murals, comics and the internet as forms of resistance to homogenous commercial culture.

Access Sacramento, Sacramento, CA, USA
gives a voice so that all Sacramento County residents can tell their story using state-of-the-art technology.

Saco River Community TV (SEC TV) Hollis, Maine, USA assists in the 1st Amendment right by providing free media production training (studio production assistance, digital video editing and camera operation) so that residents can create locally oriented media that speaks directly to their concerns and is relevant to their lives.

Berks Community TV (BCTV) is your channel to your community,
always looking for volunteer citizen journalists to report about what's going on where you live.

Media Network of Waterford, Michigan, USA facilitates  Waterford’s community channels Public Access channel WTV10, Educational Access channel 22 and Municipal channel 20.

Media Network offers residents of Waterford, Michigan the opportunity to produce non-commercial community television programming free of charge.  Programs are then aired on Waterford’s Community Channels. By providing free access to television, Media Network hopes to encourage the exchange of ideas and information within our community.

Quincy Access TV (QATV) in
Quincy, Massachusetts, USA.

Cape Cod Community Media Center, South Yarmouth, MA, USA.

Berks Community TV
Biddeford PEG Access, Biddeford, MA, USA.

Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA),
Philadelphia, PA, USA.

Chicago Media Action (CMA) devoted to media issues.

Third World Newsreel (TWN) is an alternative media arts organization that fosters independent film and video by and about people of color and social justice issues.

Medfield Community Access
Community TV-25
Arlington Independent Media (AIM)

Public Access of Indianapolis (PAI) has the goal of reestablishing public access TV on Bright House Networks (Time Warner) and Comcast cable television systems in Indianapolis.

MassAccess (MA)
educates the general public and MassAccess members about public access and community media throughout the world.


History of community access TV.

Bedford Community Access TV
Bedford, MA, USA broadcasts on three channels on both Comcast and Verizon cable systems.
West Allis Community Media Center (WACMC)
West Allis, WI, USA is your opportunity to learn skills in video production and to express yourself to the West Allis community through the Media Center's Cable Channel 14.

Sun Prairie Cable Access (SPCA) on KIDS-4 and KSUN-12

International Center for African Culture and Arts (ICACA) cultural and development organization registered in Ghana, West Africa and an office in the USA. 

WSCS Wisconsin Community TV,
Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA on channel 95 Charter (analog) cable. Charter customers with QAM digital tuners in their TVs, or via a Charter set-top box can view WSCS on channel 990.  

Wrentham Cable Access (WCAC) Manages the PEG (Public, Educational and Government) access channels for the town of Wrentham, USA. WCAC does not produce its own programming. Programs generally come from Wrentham residents who have an interesting hobby, skill or idea that they would like to share with our community. WCAC can assist you in the planning, Set Design, training of background personal like camera operators and technical directors and help you bring your program idea to life. In between programming on channels 8, 22 and 12 WCAC runs a continual loop of bulletins of interest to the residents of our community.

WCAC Bulletin guidelines are:

No commercial notices like items for sale, flea markets (other than civic organizations) are permitted.
2) No personal messages, birthdays or anniversaries are permitted.
3) Only authorized representatives of an organization may request bulletins regarding an organization.
4) All bulletins are subject to editing, no lengthy bulletins will be allowed.
5) No political ads or campaign material.
6) No material that constitutes either libel or slander.
7) No copyrighted material.
8) No obscene or pornographic material.
9) No violation of FCC rules and or State, Local or Federal laws.
Kingston Area Public Access (KAPA), Kingston, New York, USA is a public, education and government access channel serving the City of Kingston, the Towns of Esopus,  Hurley,  Kingston, Marbletown, Rosendale and Ulster, New York State, USA. The KAPA locally produced programming is carried on Time Warner Cable channel 23. 

Natick Pegasus,  Natick, Ma, USA is the public access corporation providing public access programming, education programming and coverage of government meetings in  Natick.

Athens Community Television (ACT) provides individuals, organizations, institutions and groups in the community with facilities, training and equipment to produce quality TV programs.

Anderson Community Television (ACTV), Anderson, Ohio, USA is a local community access TV station on cable box channels 8, 15, 18 and 24 or on cable ready TV channels 15, 18, 22 and 24.

Muskego Public Access Group (MPAG), Muskego, Wisconsin, USA channels 14 and 25.

Schenectady Access Cable Council (SACC) TV-16 Schenectady, NY, USA.

Queens Public Television (QPTV), Queens, NY, USA is a not-for-profit private corporation serving the residents of Queens. QPTV manages four community television channels specifically for Queens, under the Franchise Agreement between the City of New York and the Cable Operators in the Borough of Queens.

East Bridgewater Community TV (EBCTV), East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA
is a non-profit corporation set up to oversee public and educational access TV programming in East Bridgewater. EBCTV receives a small yearly grant from Comcast Cable Company and must rely on donations from local residents and businesses to fund its operation.

Davis Media Access 
Foxboro Cable Access (FCA), F
oxborough, (Ma, Massachusetts), USA is responsible for three cable TV channels on Comcast cable in Foxborough. Interested residents are encouraged to contact us to learn more about how you can get involved. FCA volunteers produce many different types of programs, including: Church Services, Local Sports, Community Events, Local Music, Local Talk Shows, Foxborough Historical Society, Public Forums, and Government Meetings.

Orange County Neighborhood Alliance 


Davis Media Access (DMA) potential volunteers can attend a general 1 hour orientation held monthly. Channel 17 DJUSD and 95.7 MHz KDRT LPFM.


Save access TV.





How to start a radio station in Somalia.

Somalia students are trained in both radio broadcasting and 2-way amateur radio worldwide communications.


Mobile HF (High Frequency) and portable SW (Short Wave) worldwide amateur radio communications in Somalia in 1993.

The photo shows Governor Abdirahman Ali Bihi, the Governor of Galkayo talking with ham radio stations around the world on a 100 Watt HF SW Amateur radio transceiver and a movable tapped 1.8 MHz to 29 MHz helical vertical antenna on the car using the car's 12 volt battery in Galkayo, North East Somalia (known later as the Puntland State of Somalia).

See the next page for a close-up of the people in this July 1993 photo.

(Photo Sam Voron 6O0A, VK2BVS). 



This new Somalia Amateur Radio website

1. Somalia.

2. Somalia photos 2 and Morse code between 0 – 1.6 MHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 2 iyo 0 – 1.6 MHz Morse codka caalmiga ah. 

3. Somalia photos 3 and Morse code on 1.6 – 3 MHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 3 iyo 1.6 – 3 MHz Morse codka caalmiga ah. 

4. Somalia photos 4 and Morse code on 3 – 60 MHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 4 iyo 3 – 60 MHz Morse codka caalmiga ah. 

5. Somalia photos 5 and introduction to Non Directional Radio Beacons and NDB list from 0 to 299 kHz. 

6. Somalia photos 6 and Non Directional Radio Beacons list from 300 to 399 kHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 6 iyo NDB 300-399 kHz.

7. Somalia photos 7 and Non Directional Radio Beacons list from 400 to 599 kHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 7 iyo NDB 400-599 kHz. 

8. Somalia photos 8 and Non Directional Radio Beacons list from 600 to 8000 kHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 8 iyo NDB 600-8000 kHz. 

9. Somalia photo 9 and free VLF radio receiver.
Masawir Soomaaliya 9 iyo Radiyo VLF


10. All Frequency Database Index and Somalia photos 10. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 10

– 6.8

1 – 1.4 Long Wave radio stations and Somalia photos 10AA. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 10AA 

2 – 2.5 Medium Wave radio stations and Somalia photos 11. 

2.6 Hobby AM radio stations and Somalia photos 12.
Masawir Soomaaliya 12 

3 – 3.3 Short Wave radio stations and Somalia photos 13.
Masawir Soomaaliya 13

3.4 Clandestine radio stations and Somalia photos 14.
Masawir Soomaaliya 14 

3.5 – 3.7 Pirate radio stations, online Short Wave radio receivers, scanners and Somalia photos 15. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 15 

4 – 4.4 VHF FM radio stations and Somalia photos 16. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 16 

4.5 VHF Hobby FM radio stations and Somalia photos 17. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 17

4.6 – 4.6f VHF Digital radio stations and Somalia photos 18.
Masawir Soomaaliya 18 

5 – 5.3e UHF hobby FM radio stations, UHF satellite radio and Somalia photos 19. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 19 

6 – 6.1c TV stations and Somalia photos 20.
Masawir Soomaaliya 20 

6.2a – 6.2c Hobby TV stations and Somalia photos 21. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 21 

6.3 – 6.5 Community TV, Cable TV, Public access cable TV and Somalia photos 22. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 22 

6.6 Pirate TV stations and Somalia photos 23. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 23

6.7 Satellite TV and Somalia photos 24.
Masawir Soomaaliya 24 

6.8 Amateur TV, ATV and Somalia photos 25. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 25 

– 33.7

7 – 10.1 Frequencies below 9 kilohertz, Experimental radio below 9 kHz and Somalia photos 26. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 26 

11 – 15.10 TLF, ELF, SLF, ULF, VLF Submarine radio below 30 kHz and Somalia photos 27. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 27 

16 – 16.7 LF, Low Frequency radio 30 kHz – 300 kHz, Amateur radio, Experimental Radio and Somalia photos 28. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 28 

17 – 17.9 MF Medium Frequency radio 300 kHz – 3 MHz, Amateur radio, Experimental radio and Somalia photos 29. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 29 

18 – 18.3 HF, High Frequency radio, Aircraft radio, Amateur Radio, Broadband Internet and Somalia photos 30. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 30 

18.4 HF CB radio, Citizen’s Band radio and Somalia photos 31. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 31 

18.5 – 18.6 HF Experimental radio and Somalia photos 32. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 32 

18.7 – 18.21 HF Ship Radio, Jamming stations, Radar, Radio Astronomy, online HF radios and Somalia photos 33. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 33 

19 – 19.3 VHF, Very High Frequency Radio, Aviation Radio, Ham Radio, Experimental Radio and Somalia photos 34. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 34 

19.4 – 19.17 VHF Marine radio, Police radio, Fire, Medical, Space, scanner radio and Somalia photos 35. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 35 

20 – 20.3 UHF, Ultra High Frequency radio, Amateur radio, Moon radio, Experimental Radio and Somalia photos 36. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 36 

20.4 – 20.6w UHF CB radio, Citizen’s Band Radio, GPS Global Positioning System and Somalia photos 37. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 37 

20.7 – 20.20 UHF Police radio, Fire, Medical, Boat radio, Radio Astronomy, radio scanners and Somalia photos 38. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 38 

21 – 21.3 SHF, Super High Frequency radio, Ham radio, Cosmic Radiation from outer space and Somalia photos 39. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 39 

21.4 – 21.10 SHF Internet Wireless Local Area Networks LAN, Radar, Radio Astronomy, Satellites and Somalia photos 40. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 40 

22 – 22.7 EHF, Extremely High Frequency radio, CMBR Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation from outer space and Somalia photos 41. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 41 

23 – 23.4 THF, Tremendously High Frequency radio, Radio Astronomy, Satellites, Laser, and Somalia photos 42. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 42 

24 – 24.1 Infrared, Infrared radiation, Infrared astronomy, Experimental Infrared radiation and Somalia photos 43. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 43 

25. Light, Visible light radiation, Light communications, Optical astronomy and Somalia photos 44. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 44 

26. UV, Ultraviolet, Ultraviolet radiation, Ultraviolet astronomy and Somalia photos 45. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 45 

27. X-rays, X-ray radiation, X-ray astronomy and Somalia photos 46. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 46 

28 Gamma-rays, Gamma-ray radiation, Gamma-ray astronomy and Somalia photos 47 
Masawir Soomaaliya 47 

29 Cosmic rays, Cosmic ray particles from outer space, Cosmic ray astronomy and Somalia photos 48. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 48

30 – 31. Online radio measurement converters, electronics calculations, electrical calculators and Somalia photos 49. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 49 

32 – 33.7 Radio frequency allocation plans, radio codes, Amateur radio clubs and Somalia photos 50. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 50 


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