6.7 Satellite TV and Somalia photos 24.

                                                                         Satellite Television broadcasts.  

                                                                                       26 October 2009. 

BROADCASTING - Satellite TV.  


The All Frequency Database Index is here:: http://sites.google.com/site/somaliaamateurradio/somaliaphotos10


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6.7 Satellite Television.



Satellite TV.

Satellite Television.

The hobby of listening to satellite Television.

The hobby of listening to satellite TV.

The hobby of watching satellite Television.

The hobby of watching satellite TV.



Satellite Television in Africa.

Satellite TV in Africa.

Satellite Radio in Africa.

Free TV in Africa.

Free Radio in Africa.



Satellite Television in Algeria.

Satellite TV in Algeria.

Satellite Radio in Algeria.

Free TV in Algeria.

Free Radio in Algeria.



Satellite Television in Angola.

Satellite TV in Angola.

Satellite Radio in Angola.

Free TV in Angola.

Free Radio in Angola.



Satellite Television in Benin.

Satellite TV in Benin.

Satellite Radio in Benin.

Free TV in Benin.

Free Radio in Benin.



Satellite Television in Botswana.

Satellite TV in Botswana.

Satellite Radio in Botswana.

Free TV in Botswana.

Free Radio in Botswana.


Burkina Faso.

Satellite Television in Burkina Faso.

Satellite TV in Burkina Faso.

Satellite Radio in Burkina Faso.

Free TV in Burkina Faso.

Free Radio in Burkina Faso.



Satellite Television in Cameroon.

Satellite TV in Cameroon.

Satellite Radio in Cameroon.

Free TV in Cameroon.

Free Radio in Cameroon.



Satellite Television in Chad.

Satellite TV in Chad.

Satellite Radio in Chad.

Free TV in Chad.

Free Radio in Chad.



Satellite Television in Congo-Brazzaville.

Satellite TV in Congo-Brazzaville.

Satellite Radio in Congo-Brazzaville.

Free TV in Congo-Brazzaville.

Free Radio in Congo-Brazzaville.

Satellite TV in République du Congo.

Satellite TV in Republic of the Congo.



Satellite Television in Congo-Kinshasa.

Satellite TV in Congo-Kinshasa.

Satellite Radio in Congo-Kinshasa.

Free TV in Congo-Kinshasa.

Free Radio in Congo-Kinshasa.

Satellite TV in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.



Satellite Television in Djibouti.

Satellite TV in Djibouti.

Satellite Radio in Djibouti.

Free TV in Djibouti.

Free Radio in Djibouti.



Satellite Television in Egypt.

Satellite TV in Egypt.

Satellite Radio in Egypt.

Free TV in Egypt.

Free Radio in Egypt.



Satellite Television in Eritrea.

Satellite TV in Eritrea.

Satellite Radio in Eritrea.

Free TV in Eritrea.

Free Radio in Eritrea.



Satellite Television in Ethiopia.

Satellite TV in Ethiopia.

Satellite Radio in Ethiopia.

Free TV in Ethiopia.

Free Radio in Ethiopia.



Satellite Television in Gabon.

Satellite TV in Gabon.

Satellite Radio in Gabon.

Free TV in Gabon.

Free Radio in Gabon.



Satellite Television in Gambia.

Satellite TV in Gambia.

Satellite Radio in Gambia.

Free TV in Gambia.

Free Radio in Gambia.



Satellite Television in Ghana.

Satellite TV in Ghana.

Satellite Radio in Ghana.

Free TV in Ghana.

Free Radio in Ghana.



Satellite Television in Guinea.

Satellite TV in Guinea.

Satellite Radio in Guinea.

Free TV in Guinea.

Free Radio in Guinea.


Ivory Coast.

Satellite Television in Ivory Coast.

Satellite TV in Ivory Coast.

Satellite Radio in Ivory Coast.

Free TV in Ivory Coast.

Free Radio in Ivory Coast.



Satellite Television in Kenya.

Satellite TV in Kenya.

Satellite Radio in Kenya.

Free TV in Kenya.

Free Radio in Kenya.



Satellite Television in Libya.

Satellite TV in Libya.

Satellite Radio in Libya.

Free TV in Libya.

Free Radio in Libya.



Satellite Television in Madagascar.

Satellite TV in Madagascar.

Satellite Radio in Madagascar.

Free TV in Madagascar.

Free Radio in Madagascar.



Satellite Television in Malawi.

Satellite TV in Malawi.

Satellite Radio in Malawi.

Free TV in Malawi.

Free Radio in Malawi.



Satellite Television in Mali.

Satellite TV in Mali.

Satellite Radio in Mali.

Free TV in Mali.

Free Radio in Mali.



Satellite Television in Mauritania.

Satellite TV in Mauritania.

Satellite Radio in Mauritania.

Free TV in Mauritania.

Free Radio in Mauritania.



Satellite Television in Mauritius.

Satellite TV in Mauritius.

Satellite Radio in Mauritius.

Free TV in Mauritius.

Free Radio in Mauritius.



Satellite Television in Morocco.

Satellite TV in Morocco.

Satellite Radio in Morocco.

Free TV in Morocco.

Free Radio in Morocco.



Satellite Television in Mozambique.

Satellite TV in Mozambique.

Satellite Radio in Mozambique.

Free TV in Mozambique.

Free Radio in Mozambique.



Satellite Television in Namibia.

Satellite TV in Namibia.

Satellite Radio in Namibia.

Free TV in Namibia.

Free Radio in Namibia.



Satellite Television in Niger.

Satellite TV in Niger.

Satellite Radio in Niger.

Free TV in Niger.

Free Radio in Niger.



Satellite Television in Nigeria.

Satellite TV in Nigeria.

Satellite Radio in Nigeria.

Free TV in Nigeria.

Free Radio in Nigeria.



Satellite Television in Reunion.

Satellite TV in Reunion.

Satellite Radio in Reunion.

Free TV in Reunion.

Free Radio in Reunion.



Satellite Television in Senegal.

Satellite TV in Senegal.

Satellite Radio in Senegal.

Free TV in Senegal.

Free Radio in Senegal.



Satellite Television in Somalia.

Satellite TV in Somalia.

Satellite Radio in Somalia.

Free TV in Somalia.

Free Radio in Somalia.



Eastern TV Network ETN TV, Bossaso, Somalia using Arabsat 2B and Badr 4.



Somali TV Network STN, Minneapolis, USA.

Horn Cable TV HCTV Somalia using the Thiacom 5 satellite.



Universal TV, Suqa Bakaraha, Mogadishu, Somalia http://tvuniversal.tv/NS using the Hot Bird 8 and Thiacom 5 satellites.




South Africa.

Satellite Television in South Africa.

Satellite TV in South Africa.

Satellite Radio in South Africa.

Free TV in South Africa.

Free Radio in South Africa.



Satellite Television in Sudan.

Satellite TV in Sudan.

Satellite Radio in Sudan.

Free TV in Sudan.

Free Radio in Sudan.



Satellite Television in Tanzania.

Satellite TV in Tanzania.

Satellite Radio in Africa.

Free TV in Tanzania.

Free Radio in Tanzania.



Satellite Television in Togo.

Satellite TV in Togo.

Satellite Radio in Togo.

Free TV in Togo.

Free Radio in Togo.



Satellite Television in Tunisia.

Satellite TV in Tunisia.

Satellite Radio in Tunisia.

Free TV in Tunisia.

Free Radio in Tunisia.



Satellite Television in Uganda.

Satellite TV in Uganda.

Satellite Radio in Uganda.

Free TV in Uganda.

Free Radio in Uganda.


Western Sahara.

Satellite Television in Western Sahara.

Satellite TV in Western Sahara.

Satellite Radio in Western Sahara.

Free TV in Western Sahara.

Free Radio in Western Sahara.



Satellite Television in Zambia.

Satellite TV in Zambia.

Satellite Radio in Zambia.

Free TV in Zambia.

Free Radio in Zambia.







Satellite Television in Australia.

Satellite TV in Australia.

Australia Satellite Television.

Australian Satellite Television.

Australia Satellite TV.

Australian Satellite TV.


About 16 TV broadcasting satellites can be received in Australia.

Try within these frequency bands for the TV and radio broadcasts of the following Television satellites.

3645 – 4173 MHz, 12278 – 12700 MHz Telstar 10 satellite TV.

3.645 – 4.173 GHz, 12.278 – 12.700 GHz Telstar 10 satellite TV.


3421 – 4170 MHz, 12255 – 12720 MHz Thaicom 5 satellite TV.

3.421 – 4.170 GHz, 12.255 – 12.720 GHz Thaicom 5 satellite TV.


3521 – 4100 MHz Insat 2E satellite TV.

3.521 – 4.100 GHz Insat 2E satellite TV.


3480 – 4134 MHz, 10982 – 12724 MHz Measat 3 satellite TV.

3.480 – 4.134 GHz, 10.982 – 12.724 GHz Measat 3 satellite TV.


11017 – 12736 MHz NSS 6 satellite TV.

11.017 – 12.736 GHz NSS 6 satellite TV.


3638 – 4191 MHz, 12222 – 12473 MHz Asiasat 2 satellite TV.

3.638 – 4.191 GHz, 12.222 – 12.473 GHz Asiasat 2 satellite TV.


3680 – 4180 MHz, 12325 – 12696 MHz Asiasat 3S satellite TV.

3.680 – 4.180 GHz, 12.325 – 12.696 GHz Asiasat 3S satellite TV.


3722 – 4184 MHz, 10990 MHz Palapa C2 satellite TV.

3.722 – 4.184 GHz, 10.990 GHz Palapa C2 satellite TV.


3600 – 4192 MHz Chinasat 6B satellite TV.

3.600 – 4.192 GHz Chinasat 6B satellite TV.


3760 – 4180 MHz, 11727 – 12590 MHz Asiasat 4 satellite TV.

3.760 – 4.180 GHz, 11.727 – 12.590 GHz Asiasat 4 satellite TV.


3960 – 4120 MHz, 12268 – 12733 MHz JCSat 3 satellite TV.

3.960 – 4.120 GHz, 12.268 – 12.733 GHz JCSat 3 satellite TV.


3413 – 3558 MHz, 10968 – 11549 MHz VinaSat 1 satellite TV.

3.413 – 3.558 GHz, 10.968 – 11.549 GHz VinaSat 1 satellite TV.


3756 – 3905 MHz, 12275 – 12702 MHz Apstar 6 satellite TV.

3.756 – 3.905 GHz, 12.275 – 12.702 GHz Apstar 6 satellite TV.


3599 – 4124 MHz, 12302 – 12720 MHz Telstar 18 satellite TV.

3.599 – 4.124 GHz, 12.302 – 12.720 GHz Telstar 18 satellite TV.


11540 MHz Measat 2 satellite TV.

11.540 GHz Measat 2 satellite TV.


3936 MHz, 12263 – 12729 MHz JCSat 2A satellite TV.

3.936 GHz, 12.263 – 12.729 GHz JCSat 2A satellite TV.


12394 – 12734 MHz Optus D2 satellite TV.

12.394 – 12.734 GHz Optus D2 satellite TV.


12331 – 12734 MHz Optus D1 satellite TV.

12.331 – 12.734 GHz Optus D1 satellite TV.


12287 – 12728 MHz Optus C1 satellite TV.

12.287 – 12.728 GHz Optus C1 satellite TV.


3760 – 4140 MHz, 12286 – 12726 MHz Intelsat 8 satellite TV.

3.760 – 4.140 GHz, 12.286 – 12.726 GHz Intelsat 8 satellite TV.


3915 MHz, 12716 – 12734 MHz GE 23 satellite TV.

3.915 GHz, 12.716 – 12.734 GHz GE 23 satellite TV.


3709 – 4175 MHz, 10958 – 12648 MHz Intelsat701 satellite TV.

3.709 – 4.175 GHz, 10.958 – 12.648 GHz Intelsat701 satellite TV.



Satellite TV set top box.

Satellite TV dish antenna.


Frequently Asked Satellite TV Questions


Satellite Community Television SCTV is a community television organization made up of a body of program providers of satellite TV services able to assists community TV organisations. 


Australian satellite Pay TV.

TV and satellite subscription services.





Satellite Television in Europe.

Satellite TV in Europe.

The real index is on the left. The headings on the top look like an index but are ads.


Satellite TV forum.

Satellite news forum.

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Satellite fringe reception forum.

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Sky Digital (BSkyB) and Astra 28.2 East satellite forum.

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New Zealand.

New Zealand Satellite Television.

New Zealand Satellite TV.

Introduction to TV in New Zealand.


What TV satellites can you receive in New Zealand?

60 - 90 cm dish antenna will receive GE23, Optus D1 (Freeview), Optus C1, Optus D2 (FTA Free-To-Air channels), Intelsat 8 (Ku Band), Arirang (Korean), MacTV (Chinese) and AsiaSat4 (Ku Band).

1.2 - 1.8 m dish antenna will receive NSS 9 (C Band), Intelsat 5 (C Band), Australia and BBC, Intelsat 8 (C Band), JCSAT 2A (C Band), AsiaSat4 (C Band) and Palapa C2 (C Band). 

2.1 – 3 m dish antenna will receive NSS 9 (C Band), Intelsat 701 (C Band), Intelsat 5 (C Band) Australia and BBC, Intelsat 8 (C Band), JCSAT 2A (C Band), Telstar18 (C Band), Apstar 6 (C Band), AsiaSat4 (C Band), ChinaSat6B (C Band), CCTV9 China, Palapa C2 (C Band), AsiaSat 3S (C Band), AsiaSat 2 (C Band), NSS6 (from some parts of New Zealand).


Satellite receivers.




Satellite Finder signal strength meter is designed for 950 MHz – 2050 MHz but also works on the Ku & C Band (the signal strength meter is designed to help you aim the antenna at the satellite) $30.


New Zealand Satellite TV forum.





Somalia Satellite Television.

Somalia Satellite TV.



United Kingdom (UK).

Satellite Television in the United Kingdom.

Satellite TV in the United Kingdom.

Satellite Television in the UK.

Satellite TV in the UK.

Digital Video broadcast satellite receivers.

DVB digital TV satellite receiver.

Satellite TV and satellite Radio receivers.




Satellite Television in the USA.

Satellite TV in the USA.

USA Satellite TV providers.

Satellite Television in the US.

Satellite TV in the US.

US Satellite TV providers.

DirecTV provides 265 channels using an 18-inch satellite dish.

Dish Network.

GlobeCast WorldTV.

VOOM- 35 high definition TV channels with 21 commercial-free HD TV channels.




Galkayo, North East Somalia (known later as the Puntland State of Somalia).


A vehicle known as a “technical” in Galkayo, North East Somalia in July 1993.

(North East Somalia became the Puntland State of Somalia on 1st August 1998).

(Photo Sam Voron 6O0A, VK2BVS).  


This new Somalia Amateur Radio website

1. Somalia.

2. Somalia photos 2 and Morse code between 0 – 1.6 MHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 2 iyo 0 – 1.6 MHz Morse codka caalmiga ah. 

3. Somalia photos 3 and Morse code on 1.6 – 3 MHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 3 iyo 1.6 – 3 MHz Morse codka caalmiga ah. 

4. Somalia photos 4 and Morse code on 3 – 60 MHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 4 iyo 3 – 60 MHz Morse codka caalmiga ah. 

5. Somalia photos 5 and introduction to Non Directional Radio Beacons and NDB list from 0 to 299 kHz. 

6. Somalia photos 6 and Non Directional Radio Beacons list from 300 to 399 kHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 6 iyo NDB 300-399 kHz.

7. Somalia photos 7 and Non Directional Radio Beacons list from 400 to 599 kHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 7 iyo NDB 400-599 kHz. 

8. Somalia photos 8 and Non Directional Radio Beacons list from 600 to 8000 kHz. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 8 iyo NDB 600-8000 kHz. 

9. Somalia photo 9 and free VLF radio receiver.
Masawir Soomaaliya 9 iyo Radiyo VLF


10. All Frequency Database Index and Somalia photos 10. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 10

– 6.8

1 – 1.4 Long Wave radio stations and Somalia photos 10AA. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 10AA 

2 – 2.5 Medium Wave radio stations and Somalia photos 11. 

2.6 Hobby AM radio stations and Somalia photos 12.
Masawir Soomaaliya 12 

3 – 3.3 Short Wave radio stations and Somalia photos 13.
Masawir Soomaaliya 13

3.4 Clandestine radio stations and Somalia photos 14.
Masawir Soomaaliya 14 

3.5 – 3.7 Pirate radio stations, online Short Wave radio receivers, scanners and Somalia photos 15. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 15 

4 – 4.4 VHF FM radio stations and Somalia photos 16. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 16 

4.5 VHF Hobby FM radio stations and Somalia photos 17. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 17

4.6 – 4.6f VHF Digital radio stations and Somalia photos 18.
Masawir Soomaaliya 18 

5 – 5.3e UHF hobby FM radio stations, UHF satellite radio and Somalia photos 19. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 19 

6 – 6.1c TV stations and Somalia photos 20.
Masawir Soomaaliya 20 

6.2a – 6.2c Hobby TV stations and Somalia photos 21. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 21 

6.3 – 6.5 Community TV, Cable TV, Public access cable TV and Somalia photos 22. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 22 

6.6 Pirate TV stations and Somalia photos 23. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 23

6.7 Satellite TV and Somalia photos 24.
Masawir Soomaaliya 24 

6.8 Amateur TV, ATV and Somalia photos 25. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 25 

– 33.7

7 – 10.1 Frequencies below 9 kilohertz, Experimental radio below 9 kHz and Somalia photos 26. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 26 

11 – 15.10 TLF, ELF, SLF, ULF, VLF Submarine radio below 30 kHz and Somalia photos 27. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 27 

16 – 16.7 LF, Low Frequency radio 30 kHz – 300 kHz, Amateur radio, Experimental Radio and Somalia photos 28. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 28 

17 – 17.9 MF Medium Frequency radio 300 kHz – 3 MHz, Amateur radio, Experimental radio and Somalia photos 29. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 29 

18 – 18.3 HF, High Frequency radio, Aircraft radio, Amateur Radio, Broadband Internet and Somalia photos 30. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 30 

18.4 HF CB radio, Citizen’s Band radio and Somalia photos 31. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 31 

18.5 – 18.6 HF Experimental radio and Somalia photos 32. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 32 

18.7 – 18.21 HF Ship Radio, Jamming stations, Radar, Radio Astronomy, online HF radios and Somalia photos 33. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 33 

19 – 19.3 VHF, Very High Frequency Radio, Aviation Radio, Ham Radio, Experimental Radio and Somalia photos 34. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 34 

19.4 – 19.17 VHF Marine radio, Police radio, Fire, Medical, Space, scanner radio and Somalia photos 35. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 35 

20 – 20.3 UHF, Ultra High Frequency radio, Amateur radio, Moon radio, Experimental Radio and Somalia photos 36. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 36 

20.4 – 20.6w UHF CB radio, Citizen’s Band Radio, GPS Global Positioning System and Somalia photos 37. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 37 

20.7 – 20.20 UHF Police radio, Fire, Medical, Boat radio, Radio Astronomy, radio scanners and Somalia photos 38. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 38 

21 – 21.3 SHF, Super High Frequency radio, Ham radio, Cosmic Radiation from outer space and Somalia photos 39. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 39 

21.4 – 21.10 SHF Internet Wireless Local Area Networks LAN, Radar, Radio Astronomy, Satellites and Somalia photos 40. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 40 

22 – 22.7 EHF, Extremely High Frequency radio, CMBR Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation from outer space and Somalia photos 41. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 41 

23 – 23.4 THF, Tremendously High Frequency radio, Radio Astronomy, Satellites, Laser, and Somalia photos 42. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 42 

24 – 24.1 Infrared, Infrared radiation, Infrared astronomy, Experimental Infrared radiation and Somalia photos 43. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 43 

25. Light, Visible light radiation, Light communications, Optical astronomy and Somalia photos 44. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 44 

26. UV, Ultraviolet, Ultraviolet radiation, Ultraviolet astronomy and Somalia photos 45. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 45 

27. X-rays, X-ray radiation, X-ray astronomy and Somalia photos 46. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 46 

28 Gamma-rays, Gamma-ray radiation, Gamma-ray astronomy and Somalia photos 47 
Masawir Soomaaliya 47 

29 Cosmic rays, Cosmic ray particles from outer space, Cosmic ray astronomy and Somalia photos 48. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 48

30 – 31. Online radio measurement converters, electronics calculations, electrical calculators and Somalia photos 49. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 49 

32 – 33.7 Radio frequency allocation plans, radio codes, Amateur radio clubs and Somalia photos 50. 
Masawir Soomaaliya 50 


Index for the old Somalia 
Ham Radio website is at the bottom of page 1: http://sites.google.com/site/somaliaamateurradio

Contact: Sam Voron VK2BVS, 6O0A. 

Email somaliahamradio@yahoo.com