Current "Green" Petitions to Bristol City Council

Here are some petitions that are currently collecting signatures which you may care to sign. These all have a "green" emphasis. For more information about each petition, please follow the petition's link.

A Citywide Ban on Single Use Disposable Plastics (closes 30 April 2018)

Single use, disposable plastics such as polystyrene takeaway containers and plastic cups are a cause of litter, a waste of resources, and a problem for future generations. They waste fossil fuels and create unsightly streets, and their persistence causes untold harm for wildlife on land and at sea.

While accepting that there are a few cases where single-use plastics are essential, such as in medical treatment, for most uses there are alternatives. But to achieve this, many people have to play their part, including users, traders, and those organising events and providing services in the city.

The Council needs to play a leading role as champion, active supporter, regulator, and service provider in ending the prevalence of single use, disposable plastics. We the undersigned therefore call on the Mayor of Bristol to support and enforce a ban on single use plastic packaging and containers, including through events licensing, as a provider of services, as a partner working with other organisations, and through media and education.

Protect Bristol's Street Trees (closed 31 October 2017 with 726 signatures)

1. Bristol City Council has cut the budget for the maintenance of street trees, which means almost no tree maintenance and an end to pollarding.

2. The effect of this will be that many trees may become overgrown and dangerous, damaging pavements and causing injury and buildings subsidence with subsequent costly claims on the council

3. Trees may then have to be expensively felled on a large scale, with a massive loss to the city environment and the well-being of all its citizens for generations.

We call on Bristol City Council to find a sustainable alternative to this disastrous outcome.

There are many other petitions to the Council currently collecting signatures: here is the link to the Council's online Petition page if you wish to browse them: