Most of Bristol's parks are managed by Bristol City Council working in collaboration with local interest groups. In the case of Redland Green, collaboration and consultation has traditionally involved the Redland & Cotham Amenities Society - a registered charity with a broad remit relating to preserving and enhancing the character of the Redland and Cotham areas.

In recent years, other users of the park (and particularly those living in the Westbury Park area) have increasingly felt the need for their voices to be heard on matters relating to Redland Green. It was with this intention that the Redland Green Community Group (RGCG) held its initial meeting in June 2008, as a group that would specifically represent Redland Green and its users. Three years later, at an open meeting held at Redland Church Hall in June 2011, the decision was made to place this group on a more formal footing by the the adoption of a constitution and the appointment of a committee. It was also proposed that the group should have a dedicated website.

Redland Green Community Group recognizes Redland Green as a valuable resource that fulfils many different roles: an oasis of calm in a busy city; a pleasant and useful shortcut between Redland and Westbury Park; a safe cycle route to and from Redland Green School; somewhere to walk the dog; a playground for toddlers; a haven for wildlife. We are keen to represent the interests of all users of the park, whether they are pedestrians, cyclists, dog-walkers, schoolchildren, mothers with pushchairs, allotment-holders or combinations and permutations of all of these.

Together, we will work, alongside other local groups, with the various council departments and agencies that have responsibilities for any aspects of Redland Green including paths, lighting, trees, wildlife, signage etc. These currently include, not only the Council's Parks department, but also Highways, Education and Allotments departments, the Neighbourhood Partnership and the local police.

In summary, the aims of the Redland Green Community Group are to bring together local groups and individuals, to ensure that they are kept informed of any important decisions that are to be made about Redland Green, and to make sure that their views are taken into account when any changes or developments are proposed. We want to preserve and maintain Redland Green as an area that can be enjoyed by all its users, with an eye to future generations as well as the present.