About Us

Redland Green Community Group was formally constituted at a public meeting held in June 2011. The aims of the group are to maintain, develop and promote the amenity and heritage of Redland Green for the benefit of the local community and those who use the Green by:

  1. Preserving Redland Green as a place for recreation for its users and all members of the local community and where appropriate developing and improving its physical environment
  2. Protecting and extending the nature conservation and wildlife value of the Green and its immediate surroundings.
  3. Supporting community events and activities on the Green which are consistent with RGCG’s aims and objectives and that may appeal to the wide variety of Green users.
  4. Providing a genuine community forum for the discussion of various issues concerning the Green and resolution of any conflicts.
  5. Ensuring that the views of the community are acted upon by Bristol City Council, the police and other relevant agencies.
  6. Enhancing our knowledge of the Green’s history and particular its wildlife and its human uses over time and in the future, creating written information and photographs for sharing with the wider public.
  7. Improving the existing Children's Play facilities.

These aims, and the means whereby we intend to achieve them, were formally adopted as part of our constitution. The minutes of the meeting at which they were adopted are also available for download.

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