Planting trees and flowers

The group's earliest actions were to plant croci in different locations around the Green.

Planting daffodils on this bank in November 2008 ...

... produced a welcome drift of flowers in March 2009.

In 2011, fritillaries were also planted in the ditch and under some of the trees, and more daffodils and croci around bringing welcome colour to many different parts of the Green the following spring.

A new hedgerow was established along the St. Oswalds Road border of Redland Green in 2011

and was well-established two years later.

Tree planting, February 2012

In February of 2012, intrepid members of the Redland Green Community Group brave the freezing February conditions to plant 105 trees on Redland Green. The trees were provided by The Woodland Trust as part of the Queens Jubilee celebrations and included a sapling grown from one of the Royal estates (identified by a ribbon for those who want to seek it out). Species planted included oak, hawthorn, hazel, blackthorn, birch and rowan, and supplemented previous plantings in the wildlife hedge along the back of St Oswald's Road, and the woods at the western edge of the Green.

Winter 2013 found us......

.....planting more bulbs

In April 2016, we dug and planted up a new wildflower meadow.

In November 2017, we planted snakeshead fritillary bulbs and cowslip plugs in a bare part of the green, in which few other plants grow. Fritillaries and cowslips often, in the wild, grow in water meadows. In winter, this soil is often water-logged, so they should tolerate the damp conditions here well.