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Welcome to our website. We are a group of local residents in Redland, Bristol who love Redland Green and who do lots of things to improve the Green as an urban wildlife refuge and to make it a lovely place for people to be.

We always welcome new members and volunteers: get in touch with us here for an enquiry, or here to become a member.


Two schoolgirls doing their Duke of Edinburgh award, RGCG and Metford Road allotments have collaborated to enhance the ecological value of the field maple hedge which runs in Redland Green along the boundary with the allotments. Read more......

RGCG conducted a deep cleanse of the Green on Thursday 29 April from 10am - 3pm, with the support of Bristol Council Parks Department.

Theft of hibernaculum

A hibernaculum is a shelter used by a number of different animals (ranging from insects to mammals) to overwinter. RGCG created such a shelter from a pile of logs from a recently felled tree. It was near the end of the path from St Oswald's Road. Unfortunately, the log pile was in place for only a month before it was stolen in April.

We have now replaced the hibernaculum with one we hope will not be stolen. Scroll to the end of this page.

Redland Green Community Spring Fete 2021

This event was cancelled for the second successive year in consequence of the pandemic. Watch this space for a provisional date for the fete in 2022, which will be decided upon later this year.

Research conducted in 2020 investigated Bristolians' views about climate change and understanding of how Bristol City Council is responding to the climate and ecological emergency.

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