18th of September, 2018.
An inaugural conference to unite all ratepayers groups in New Zealand will be held in Nelson on 10/11 November 2018.

Kia ora !
This Ratepayers and Residents' website, e-mail address and associated facebook page and group were created back in June 2015 as a repository for ratepayers and residents throughout New Zealand to locate their - and others' Ratepayer and Residents' Associations.

We re-requested contact details from all of NZ's 67 Local Territorial Authorities in August 2017 and are currently in the process of updating listings.
You can find out whether there is a Ratepayer and Residents Association in your area by going to the Regional Council tabs above and scrolling down to your own Local Territorial Authority.
If you know of any Ratepayers and Residents' Associations that aren't listed here or that the information provided needs to be updated or changed , please get in touch with us here at : ratepayersandresidents@gmail.com 
What is the point of public consultation ?
Megan Rose, 22nd of May 2018 @ Hawkes Bay Regional Council

20180419 : Penny Bright explaining her refusal to pay rates to draw attention to Auckland Council's obstinate refusal to comply with the Public Records Act 2005. Click here for more on Penny Bright's campaign.

Alan Preston in Mangawhai, Kaipara District , Northland
Tel : (09) 4315389
Mob : 02102377242
e-mail : ratepayersandresidents@gmail.com
URL : www.ratepayersandresidents.org.nz
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ratepayersandresidents
Facebook Group : Ratepayers and Residents of New Zealand

P.S. Putting this together takes a lot of time and has costs.
Koha ( expressions of support ) and offers of help always welcome .
I live on next to nothing. Wishlist : A still working Windows laptop would be useful.
Bank:  ANZ .  Account 01-0495-0245439-83
Kia ora !