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Last updated 22nd November 2019


Media Release 31st October 2019

The Federation of Ratepayers Association of NZ Inc, has been over a year in the making, and incorporated on the 30th October, in time to watch newly elected Mayors, Councillors, Community Board and Local Board members be sworn in up and down the country.

Inaugural President, John Riddell,  says the Federation is not there to take on every conceivable resident or ratepayers concern but rather to be a one stop shop that can work with ratepayers groups throughout the country and individuals to ensure that Councils follow correct process, consult  and listen properly with their communities and restore the public faith public bodies so that future local government elections have a high turnout of voters, democracy and transparency being restored to Local Government.

Resident and Ratepayer groups are primarily formed “to represent the views of the community to the local Council and Government, ensuring adequate resources are spent in the community that will benefit the whole community”. 

The Association hopes that over time it will build a working relationship with Local Government NZ, the Government, the media, all political parties, elected members, residents and ratepayers across the country to ensure Local Government functions well, people understand its role, money is not wasted and our communities take back control of Councils through their elected representatives. 


John Riddell – President Federation of Ratepayers NZ, ph 0274779750, 219B Royal Road, Massey, Auckland 0614

Email – riddell.family@xtra.co.nz

Alan Preston – Secretary – ph 02102377242

Email - ratepayersandresidents@gmail.com

Local Government Elections :12th of October 2019
Click here to see the timeline )

Head over to www.policylocal.nz to view candidates profiles and to The Spinoff for analysis and comment.
And to get the latest (September 2019) statistics for your Council go to www.ratepayersreport.nz and sign in.

We are inviting and collating your suggestions for questions for Candidates - trying to get some good ideas for how we can get them to commit to ensuring transparency, accountability, adherence to due process and general principles of good governance.

Please e-mail your suggestions to: ratepayersandresidents@gmail.com so we can make them available to others through this site
- and you can also post them on the Ratepayers and Residents of New Zealand Group on Facebook for discussion.

Robbie Nicol - White Man Behind a Desk on why young people should vote ( Sept 2016 )

Listen to Simon Wilson ( NZ Herald ) on Radio NZ National 2019-01-31 )
 Local Government New Zealand : Local Government Elections 2019

Latest news .

21st of May 2019 : A Plea for Help !
Mangawhai Ratepayers and Residents' Chairman hit with $175,000 costs for taking the Northland Regional Council to task over the legality of its rating process. Can you or your organisation help ?


5th of December 2018 :  ( for Aucklanders ) Parliament's Governance and Administration Committee is calling for written evidence in support of two petitions lodged separately and independently in September 2018 which are asking that an independent inquiry be carried out into Auckland Council's performance, financial accountability and compliance with the Public Records Act .

 4th of December 2018 :  Court of Appeal dismisses Rogans' ( Mangawhai Ratepayers and Residents' Association) right to appeal and charges
$175,000 court cost against the appellants.
11th of November 2018 : A conference attended by representatives of ratepayer associations from all around NZ/Aotearoa was held in Nelson on the 10th and 11th of November 2018 at which it was agreed to establish a Federation of Ratepayer Associations of New Zealand ('Ratepayers NZ' ).
To see interviews and video of some of the talks given by guest speakers at the Ratepayers NZ conference in Nelson, click here

If you'd like to have your ideas considered, please send them us here at : ratepayersandresidents@gmail.com

 8th of November 2018 : Mangawhai Loses at the Supreme Court.

17th of October 2018 : Open Government Partnership Consultation process ends

14th of October 2018: Northland Ratepayers Convention  was held in Kaikohe 

14 of October 2018: Penny Bright's funeral at Saint Mathews in the City, Auckland City. 
4th of October 2018: Penny Bright died 
1st of October 2018 : Three Waters submissions close

Kia ora !
This Ratepayers and Residents' website, e-mail address and associated facebook page and group were created back in June 2015 as a repository for ratepayers and residents throughout New Zealand to locate their - and others' Ratepayer and Residents' Associations. 
The database is being constantly updated in order that we can all communicate.  

You can find out whether there is a Ratepayer and Residents Association in your area by going to the Regional Council tabs above and scrolling down to your own Local Territorial Authority.
If you know of any Ratepayers and Residents' Associations that aren't listed here or that the information provided needs to be updated or changed , please get in touch with us here at : ratepayersandresidents@gmail.com 
What is the point of public consultation ?
Megan Rose, 22nd of May 2018 @ Hawkes Bay Regional Council

20180419 : Penny Bright explaining her refusal to pay rates to draw attention to Auckland Council's obstinate refusal to comply with the Public Records Act 2005. Click here for more on Penny Bright's campaign.

Alan Preston in Mangawhai, Kaipara District , Northland
Tel : (09) 4315389
Mob : 02102377242
e-mail : ratepayersandresidents@gmail.com
URL : www.ratepayersandresidents.org.nz
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ratepayersandresidents
Facebook Group : Ratepayers and Residents of New Zealand

P.S. Putting this together takes a lot of time and has costs.
Koha ( expressions of support ) and offers of help always welcome .
I live on next to nothing. Wishlist : A still working Windows laptop would be useful.
Bank:  ANZ .  Account 01-0495-0245439-83
Kia ora !