Ratepayers and Residents NZ

The Federation of Ratepayer Associations of New Zealand Incorporated ( 2019)

Most recently updated 26th of May 2021

New : KiwiBank Account : 38-9022-0685427-00
Membership for Associations $20 per annum

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/ratepayersandresidents

Facebook Group : Ratepayers and Residents of New Zealand

Our first Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday the 25th of July 2020 at the Massey-Birdwood Settlers' Hall in west Auckland,

Related information, links and attachments are available on our 2020 AGM page.


This Ratepayers and Residents' website, e-mail address and associated facebook page and group were created back in June 2015 to enable ratepayers and residents throughout New Zealand to locate their - and others' Ratepayer and Residents' Associations in order that we can all communicate and work together.

To find out if there is a Ratepayer and Residents Association in your area go to the Regional Council tabs above and scroll down to your own Local Territorial Authority.

The objectives of the Association are to:-

• Establish, facilitate and enable a nation-wide network of ratepayer and resident


• Support ratepayers and residents associations of New Zealand;

• Prepare and disseminate civics education, and information about the work of local

authorities and of Government as it affects ratepayers (for example, in delegating or

devolving powers and functions to local authorities);

• Undertake research and otherwise prepare information and advice for ratepayers

associations about practices in the work of local authorities;

• Provide an advisory service to ratepayers associations;

• Distribute information about the work and performance of local authorities;

• Provide a one-stop-shop or repository of information and advice for ratepayers


• Provide a communications role on behalf of ratepayers associations in national matters of

relevance to ratepayers;

• Be the national organisation able to pool and share resources and efforts to investigate

matters of public interest with regards the functions, powers and work of local authorities

(i.e. councils, in their various types).


Alan Preston ( Secretary )

Mangwhai, Northland
Mob: 02102377242