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22 nd July 2022

Re: Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) Bans NZ’s largest Ratepayers’ Group from its


LGNZ has bitten the hand that feeds it.

The Federation of Ratepayers Association of NZ (FoRA) calls on soon to be elected representatives across local government to commit to defunding LGNZ and to boycott future conferences organised by LGNZ.

It is shocking that LGNZ, an organisation which promotes itself as the advocate for the local

government sector and by extension, for the diverse communities of ratepayers and residents across

NZ; and which is entirely dependent on funding by Ratepayers (via subscription paying council

membership) has banned the Taxpayers Union from this year’s local government conference.

This at a time when major reforms are proposed for the sector, which seriously impact upon not

only residents’ democratic rights, but also the obligations and responsibilities of Ratepayers (as

private property owners from whom payments are demanded to build and operate infrastructure,

community facilities, as well as to resource councils themselves and to deliver the numerous

functions devolved to councils by central Government).

The Taxpayers’ Union is asking the same questions and expressing similar concerns to those

identified by the Federation of Ratepayers Association with respect to the current raft of reforms.

We have serious concerns about the direction being pursued by Government and its collaborators

within LGNZ as to ‘the future’ of councils, of local democracy, of accountability to voters and

ratepayers as citizens of NZ and local communities.

This year’s conference theme was promoted as “your chance to shape the future”. LGNZ advertised

a fee for non-members to register ($1,940) and invited folk to engage in “blue-sky thinking” while

also trying to find “pragmatic solutions.” LGNZ asked “how might we START to build that future?”

FoRA suggests a first step must be to get clear of the middle-men.

We expect our representatives in central Government and in local councils to willingly liaise with us, the people who pay for all this governance, this conferencing and for any reforms.

By revoking the registration of the Taxpayers’ Union, LGNZ has signalled it is unfit to claim any sort of advocate status.

Enquiries to Jane Johnston - Chair of FoRA NZ

( Federation of Ratepayer Associations of New Zealand Inc ) .

( Mob : 021 973 392 : e-mail: ratepayersandresidents@gmail.com )

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Reform of Local Government in New Zealand,

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