Sir William Pomeroy, East India Co. Alderman of City of London

1 William POMEROY, son of Henry Pomeroy, Gent, of St Germans, Cornwall

Landrake & St Germans heritage of William Pomeroy, EIC Director


William Pomeroy was elected an Alderman of City of London, Lyme Street Ward:

Knighted February 18, 1744.

Birth: 10 Mar 1674, St Erney, Cornwall

Death: circa 1747 St Johns Hackney Middlesex

William age 17, apprenticed to John Lamb, Merchant Taylor of London.

Granted Admission to City of London, 1691:

William Pomeroy Oct 1691 John Lamb, Merchant Taylor of London

His certificate states that William was the

son of Henry Pomeroy, Gent, of St Jormans (St Germans) in Cornwall.

On board of directors of East India Company: 1736-1744. Leadenhall Street.

1736: Elected Aldermen,City of London: Lime St Ward:[Sworn Feb. 10] (fn. 7) Elected by 62 votes to 61 for William Pomeroy (Merchant Taylor), reduced on scrutiny to 56 and 47

Knighted 1744. Died Dec 19 1746.

Wife: Mary Soames.* Daughter of Bartholomew Soame,: D 1756, St Johns, Hackney Middlesex (Will on file. Names her children Henry, Barthlamew and Mary.)


1. Henry Merchant Of London (ca1700-1783)

2. Bartholomew (Merchant)

3. Mary


1.1a Henry POMEROY Merchant Of London


Birth: ca 1700, Middlesex, dau bp Westminster

Death: 19 Jun 1783, Abingdon Street, St James, Westminster

Spouse: Mary

Children: Mary (1733-)

Other spouses: Jane Widow WHEELER? Mrs

1.1a.1 Mary POMEROY


Bap. 27 Aug 1733, St James, Westminster, Middlesex

Spouse: Kender MASON

Bap. 29 Jan 1722, St Mary Whitchapel, Stepney

Father: William MASON (ca1700-)

Mother: Katherine

Marriage: 22 Feb 1762, All Hallows Staining, London

Children: Kender (1765-)

Henry William (1763-)

1.1a.1.1 Kender MASON


Bap. 12 Feb 1765, St Olave Hart St London

1.1a.1.2 Henry William MASON


Bap. 16 Sep 1763, St Olave Hart St London


2 Bartholomew POMEROY


Born circa 1700, Whitechaple, London

1780, Linen Draper: Leaden Hall st, Whitechaple, London. Awarded the freedom of the City by Patrimony.

Father: William, (1674-1747)

Mother: Mary Soames. (d. 1756). Will on file

Register of Births and Baptisms at the Presbyterian Meeting House in the Old Jewry, London from 1716 to 1785

Married Oct 5, 1731: to Miss Elizabeth Morson, of the parish of St. Edmund the King in the City of London. He was of the Parish of St Andrew Undershaft, of London.

London 15 January 1780

His will states that his freehold estate is in Stoyerpaine, (Stourpaine) in Dorset.

Description Will of Bartholomew Pomeroy, Merchant, Taylor of London Date 15 January 1780 Catalogue reference PROB 11/1060 Dept Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury Series Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate Jurisdictions: Will Registers Piece Name of Register: Collins Quire Numbers: 1 - 48

1731: Bartholomew Pomeroy, (Kellock, London debt claimants of 1790 appendix, p. 141.) William and Henry Pomeroy in Leadenhall Street dealt in textiles in London by 1731. In October 1767, William Pomeroy linen-draper was a director of the EICo, later there were William and Henry Pomeroy and Thomas Streatfield. Next partner after Streatfield who went off alone was Samuel Hodgkin. Firm then became Bart. Pomeroy and Co. In 1790 the executors claimed £18,307 in Georgia, New York, South Carolina and Massachusetts. (Kellock's Lists). (Note: Samuel Hodgkin married Mary Pomeroy, daughter of Bart.)

Spouse: Elizabeth Morson, b. St Edmund the Kind, London. Died 1789, Leaden Hall St. Whitechaple.

Will of Elizabeth Pomeroy, Widow of Leadenhall Street , City of London Date 26 February 1789 Catalogue reference PROB 11/1176 Dept Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury Series Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate Jurisdictions: Will Registers Piece Name of Register: Macham Quire Numbers: 98 - 146

Marriage: 5 Oct 1731, St Martin Outwich, London


Mary: b 1737. (Married to Samuel Hodgkins. Widowed at the time of her father's death.) (. Miss Mary Hodgkins married Samuel Debaufre.)

Sarah (1738-)

Elisabeth Pomroy (1739-) (M. Benjamin Kidney)

Thomas (1750-1813)

William (c 1735-Before 1789): Freedom of City Admission Papers. 7 Jun 1749 Committed himself to apprentice to father.


1.2.1 Thomas POMEROY


Bap. 24 Aug 1750, Old Jewry Presbyterian, London

Death: 1813, Leaden Hall St Whitechapel, London

Linen Draper of 144 Leadenhall Street.

Thomas inherited the leashold property in Leadenhall St, London, from his father.

Bp at Presbyterian Meeting House. Samuel Chandler

M. Phillis Thompson 24 Jul 1790 at St Mary's Whitechapel, London.

Letters of Administration of the personal estate and effects of Thomas Pomeroy late of Epping Essex deceased who died 6 May 1813 at Esher Surrey, left unadministered by James Young, a creditor of the said deceased, were granted at the Principal Registry to Eliza Minithorpe (wife of Wm Minithorpe esq.) of Loxboro’ House Bledlow, Bucks, and Harriet Wakefield (wife of Henry Wakefield esq.) of 52 Russell Square, Middlesex, two of the children of the said deceased, they having been first sworn. Former grant Perogative Court of Canterbury Nov 1813.

Children: Thomas: (1791-1807)

Mary: 1798: Married Robert Wakefield of Epping. **

Elizabeth: (1794) Married William Minithorpe, esquire.

Harriet: 1796. M. Henry Wakefield. **

William: 1797, Hackney:

** Arms: Pomeroy, (granted 14 oct 1841 to James Pomeroy, and without the crest to Emily Pomeroy: Formerly WAKEFIELD, the children of Robert Wakefield, of Clapton, in the parish of Hackney, Middlesex, Gentleman, by Mary his wife, dau. And co heir of Thomas Pomeroy, Esquire., late of Epping. (James and Emily were children of Robert Wakefield, by Mary, dau. And co heir of Thomas Pomery, Esq. POMEROY Thomas Effects under £20 23 March.

The Gentleman's magazine, Volume 83, Part 1

May 6th 1813: Obit notice for Thomas Pomeroy, Esquire.