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From Normandy to Devon; to Dorset, Cornwall, Ireland and Beyond:

Although the documents that record the heads of various Pomeroy family clusters go back to the mid 1500's at best, we find, as we explore, older records that mention the name, of various spellings, going back many more hundreds of years.

While most of our earliest known forbearers cannot be connected to those historical figures, items that relate to the Pomeroy's of an earlier time are most interesting.

‘We find but few historians, of all ages, who have been diligent enough in their

search for truth; and it is their common method to take on trust what they deliver to

the public, by which means a falsehood once received from a famed writer becomes

traditional to posterity.’

1 John Dryden, quoted in J. Potter, Good King Richard ? (London: Constable, 1983), pp. 166-7.

This site serves as a depository for my internet explorations, conversations, and little discoveries.

It is my desire not to contribute to further falsehoods, but rather to locate the simple truths based upon those records available online. PLEASE do not treat the information on this web site as authoritative.