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Table of Contents:


 I.        Rules and Expectations, Attendance and Eligibility

II.        Equipment

III.       Pin Pals

IV.       Captains

V.        Numeral, Letter, and Iron Man Requirements

VI.      Technique and Training

            A.  Natural Ability

            B.  Technique

                        1. Neutral Tie-ups, Set-ups, and Defenses

                        2. Takedowns and Finishes

                        3. Short Offense

                        4. Rides and Breakdowns

                        5. Pins

                        6. Escapes

            C. Speed            

            D.  Strength

            E.  Conditioning - Cardiovascular Development

            F.  Weight Control and Dieting

                        1. General Suggestions

                        2. Suggested Foods

                        3. Diet Don'ts

                        4. Diet practices for wrestlers (essay)

                        5. IHSA Weight Control Program


           G.  Mental Development

                        1. Coaching Philosophy

                        2. Mat Strategies

                        3. Creating a successful attitude

                        4. Goal Setting

                        5. Self Control Rating Scale

                        6. Motivation