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Dry Falls

Dry Falls

Tour #4  Dry Falls and the Channeled Scablands

For years geologists scoffed at the idea of a gigantic flood inundating a large part of eastern Washington and western Oregon because it sounded too much like the Biblical Flood.  They were convinced that all geologic processes took millions of years.  But after 50 years of research J. Harlan Bretz finally persuaded them that a massive flood carved out the coulees of Eastern Washington and formed Dry Falls in just 48 hours.  A visit to Dry Falls illustrates the power of the floodwaters, as it was several times the size of Niagara Falls during that time.  The tour includes other stops, such as a huge boulder in the middle of a field, as another illustration of the tremendous impact of the Lake Missoula flood. 

This is an all-day tour available by special arrangement only, from April through October. 

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