Bruce's Musings

"A Clash of Worldviews"

The world seems to be becoming more polarized, more sharply divided in their thinking.  At one time virtually everyone shared more or less the same general values, the same ideas, for instance, as to how kids should be raised.  But that seems to be a thing of the past.  Why is this?  This article provides some insight into this question.

"Dinosaurs: Monsters of the Ancient World"

Fossil remains of over 1000 different types of dinosaurs have been discovered.  Each new discovery heightens the interest in these incredible creatures, and seems to raise more questions than are answered.  What were dinosaurs like?  How do they fit in with the Bible?

Evolution Fact Sheet

Fourteen scientific reasons that speak against the possibility of evolution ever happening.

Life in a Test Tube? A Fairy Tale for Adults

How did non-life become life?  Evolutionists have been trying to come up with a plausible scenario for many years, but are no closer today than when experiments that were heralded as creating life in a test tube were first performed.

"Myth of the Flat Earth"

Although there may be a very few on the fringe who believe in a flat earth, virtually all creationists know the earth is spherical.  Yet those who disagree with the dogma of Darwinism are often called “ignorant flat-earthers” whenever the creation-evolution controversy comes up.  Where did the story of people believing that the earth is flat originate?

"The Life of Darwin"

Darwin popularized the idea of evolution to a world that had been primed to accept his ideas. He supplied the means for a new religion of evolutionary humanism based upon science.

"The Relevance of Creation"

What difference does it make what we believe?  After all, we're here by whatever means, and we just need to learn to get along, right?  Actually, what we believe about creation or evolution affects our whole outlook on Christianity, and life.

"There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch"

Can life become more complex through random processes?  The Second Law of Thermodynamics says no!

Why Pain & Suffering?

Throughout the ages philosophers have tackled the question of why there's so much pain and suffering the world, if there's a good God.  This short anecdote sheds light on the question.

Spaceship Earth: A Rare Jewel

“Are we alone in the universe?”  The idea of discovering alien civilizations "out there" somewhere has fascinated people for a long time.  But it turns out that the odds of finding another Earth-like planet are very small.