Causes and Prevention of Miscarriage

This website organizes and condenses the findings of scientific studies regarding the causes and prevention of miscarriage.

Nearly all of the research on this site was found on PubMed, a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Whenever possible, the content has not been modified from its original state, although it may have been reduced it to only the vital material. Also, abbreviated terms and acronyms have been expanded.

For a concise list of qualities found to affect one's risk of miscarriage, see: 

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What Causes MiscarriageHormones and Miscarriage, Diet and Miscarriage, Supplements and Miscarriage, Vitamins and Miscarriage, Birth Defects, Exercise and Miscarriage, Thrombophilia and Miscarriage, Homocysteine and Miscarriage, Immune System and Miscarriage, Insulin Resistance and Miscarriage, Menstrual Cycle and Miscarriage, Miscarriage Statistics, Stress and Miscarriage, Thyroid and Miscarriage, Weight and Miscarriage

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