Eggs and Miscarriage

Eating eggs causes miscarriage risk to drop by 30%

The risk of miscarriage was inversely and significantly related to eggs consumption. The multivariate odds ratio was 0.7 for eggs, comparing self-reported regular use with never/occasional use.

Eating eggs 2+ times per week has no effect on miscarriage risk

Regularly eating foods like red meat or eggs (twice weekly or more) had no effect on the odds [of miscarriage].

High egg consumption reduces risk of small for gestational age delivery

This study aims to analyse the association between selected dietary indicators during pregnancy and the risk of small for gestational age births in a South European population. The multivariate odds ratio for high meat consumption was 1.4; for fish 0.8; and for egg 0.7.

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Alcohol, Chocolate, Dairy, Dietary Fat, Fiber, Fruit, L-Arginine, Meat, Methionine, Soy, Vegetables