Support Groups

Links below are to sites with contact information for multiple volunteer Lyme disease support groups and individual volunteer patient advocates. If your group, state, or country are not listed, please see information below.

United States of America

All States



Del-Mar-Va Peninsula



Kentucky & Indiana






Military Resources

Military- All States

New Hampshire

New Jersey

New York




USA- State Listings


Washington DC


International Listings


Canada- Lyme Disease in Canada- Support & Information

Canada- CanLyme

Canada- Ontario

Lyme Info- International List

United Kingdom

Vis-a-Vis Symposiums

To All Volunteers

If you or your support group are not listed on any of the links above it is not because you are being purposely excluded, it is simply that we didn't find every single list by doing a basic Google search.

If your group or list of groups isn't included above or updates are required, please contact one of the groups in your area and ask to be on their list, or provide me with your own link to a regional/state or country list.

Individual group's websites will not be posted, only lists containing multiple choices in a certain state or country. Click here to submit a link to your list. Thank you!

More Information

The list must include anyone affiliated with the group and those who aren’t- a general STATE wide listing, or as appropriate, by country.

If you’d like to make or update such a list and post it on a website of yours to be used here, please send me the direct link to that web page when it is done, along with reminding me what state it is and who is sending it.

You do not have to follow these State support group listing pages exactly, but this is something like I’d like to see as a final project. As with the rest of the site I’d like to keep it simple and clean looking and have it serve as an overview, giving patients choices and the ability to check out the groups without having to dig into various websites to try to find info that pertains specifically to them.

Examples to give you an idea.

Maryland Support Groups

Florida Support Groups

Del-Mar-Va (3 states) Support Groups

Thank you for helping us keep the Support Group listings updated and for all the other work you do to raise awareness.

Click here to submit a link to your list.

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