New Hampshire

New Hampshire

Inclusion on this list is not an endorsement or recommendation of any of the health care professionals. Please call the offices directly for up-to-date information on hours, prices, treatment protocols and insurance.

Dr. Jacob Aguiar (ND) Portsmouth, NH  603-427-6800

Dr. Rex Carr (MD)  Hanover, NH 603-643-5254

Dr. Steve Clark (ND) Wolfeboro, NH  603-569-5545

Margaret A. DiTulio (APRN- Tick Diseases & Mold) Atkinson, NH  770-734-3649 Phone- Follow Up Appointments Accepted

Dr. Kristy Fassier  (ND)  Portsmouth, NH  603-427-6800

Dr. Julia Greenspan (ND) Amherst, NH  603-249-5771

Dr. Leon Hecht (ND)  Portsmouth, NH  603-427-6800

Dr. Amanda Hegnauer (ND)  Concord, NH 603-715-2816 and 
North Sutton, NH 603-927-4526 

Dr. Bert Mathieson (ND, RD, LD, CDE)  Bedford, NH  603-623-6800

Dr. Jenifer Quinn (ND- Womens Health & Pediatric Conditions)  Portsmouth, NH  603-427-6800

Dr. Kevin Young (MD)  Plymouth, NH  603-536-2502

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