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Possible Treatment for Tick Bites (Ask First)
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Possible Treatment for Tick Bites (Ask First)
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Please Note

*** Due to the extremely high number of complaints from Lyme patients we do not recommend Johns Hopkins doctors when you, and especially your children, are dealing with a Lyme diagnosis and treatment.***

*** Due to the extremely high number of complaints from Lyme patients across the country we do not recommend the HOLD THE Mayo Clinic or its labs when dealing with a Lyme diagnosis or treatment.***

Suggestions for States With Few Or No Listings

1.  Pick the state nearest you and check their listings.

2.  Go to a friend or relatives home (out-of-state) to visit.  While there see a doctor practicing in that area.

3.  Contact alternative health care practitioners (links to help you are provided above) and ask if they can treat patients with Lyme and tick borne diseases or at least address some of your symptoms.  Often the MD and alternative doctors work well together and are both necessary to improve your health.

4.  Contact chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors and others to ask if they can treat Lyme and tick borne disease patients or at least some of your symptoms until you can find a medical doctor or nurse practitioner treating Lyme disease.

5.  Work with your local doctor and ask them to consult with a Lyme treating doctor.

6.  Find a Lyme treating doctor in another state who will do phone and/or Skype consults after being seen for the first time.

7.  Check the alternative page and follow the suggestions there for more options.

8.  Contact a volunteer Lyme support group or patient advocate in or near your area for suggestions.

9.  Search online for alternative and Lyme treating medical doctors treatment protocols and consider treating based on those options (always treat with the assistance and guidance of a health care professional).

10.  Join an online support group in or around your location to see if they have suggestions.     

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Contact Your State's Online Support Group

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