If you would like to update, add or remove your information from this site please read the following information and email ... 

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Health Care Professionals-  For everyone’s protection, we only accept requests from actual health care professionals who wish to add or remove their name or make changes to their listing. 

Sorry we can not accept requests from patients, patient advocates, office staff or anyone who is unknown to us on behalf of any provider.   

We ask providers to send their full name and initials (MD, DO, DC, etc.) and/or speciality (as seen on the lists here). If you offer follow up appointments by Skype or phone please indicate so it can be added to your contact information.   

Also, please provide either a link to your website, Facebook page, scientific article, professional membership in a Lyme organization, or other link to information indicating you are an experienced Lyme and tick borne disease treating health care professional for verification purposes.  

We need one link to include in your profile, your choice of links.  

Please send your city and state's name- and country if outside the USA- and a current office phone number where patients can reach you. 

Once that information is ready to go please click here to send it to us. Thank you.

Support Groups and Volunteer Patient Advocates-  Please send a link to a website page listing ALL volunteer support groups and advocates in your State or Country, affiliated with you or not.  

More details here at the bottom of the page and examples of what is being requested. Thank you so much! 

Other Questions or Concerns- Please send me an email by clicking here.


So Sorry!

We do not provide medical advise or recommend providers.  

The lists of providers on this site is simply that, a list.  

Please research anyone you are considering going to see 

Before making an appointment.  

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DISCLAIMER: is providing lists with names and basic contact information for a variety of health care professionals who treat Lyme disease to help those seeking medical care and because of the growing need for access to this type of free service. 

We do not judge or evaluate the professional competence or qualifications of health care providers on the lists and we do not endorse any of the providers or quality of care you may or may not receive. We do not make any specific recommendations.  We simply provide a basic list in an effort to help you during your research.

Our list contains names of health care professionals who often follow more flexible diagnostic and treatment approaches and protocols than advocated by the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA).

As many know, there is more than one approach when it comes to diagnosing and treating Lyme and tick borne disease patients- the right way and the IDSA way. The final selection of any health care provider should be made by you and your family only after careful consideration and research. is not responsible for any incorrect information on this site. We can not reply to any requests for our opinions, share a provider's treatment methods, or comment on how professionals practice medicine. If you have questions concerning diagnosis, treatment, insurance, specific protocols, office locations, etc. please contact the providers directly. does not receive any monetary or other benefits from anyone to be included on this list.






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