New York

New York

Inclusion on this list is not an endorsement or recommendation of any of the health care professionals. Please call the offices directly for up-to-date information on hours, prices, treatment protocols and insurance.

Deanna Berman (ND, CM, Adults & Children, PANS/PANDAS) Ithaca, NY  607-227-0833 (Offers Phone and Skype Consults)

Dr. Steven J. Bock (MD) Rhinebeck, NY  845-876-0300

Dr. Kari Bovenzi (Pediatrician, Children) Albany, NY  518-489-6822 

Dr. Daniel Cameron (Rheumatologist) Mt. Kisco, NY  914-666-4665

Dr. Elena Frid (MD, Board Certified Neurologist- Will See Children) New York, NY  212-288-8832

Dr. Michael Gurevich (MD) Glen Head, NY  516-674-9489

Dr. Richard Horowitz (Internist) Hyde Park, NY  845-229-8977

Judy Leventhal (Neuropsychologist) Manhattan, NY 212-583-9611

Dr. Kenneth Liegner (Internist) Pawling, NY  845-493-0274

Dr. Jane Marke (Tick Bite Treatment, Psychiatrist, Integrative & Holistic) New York, NY  212-228-2332

Dr. Alain Mass (MD) Monsey, NY  845-623-0047

Dr. Maureen McShane (Family Practice) Plattsburgh, NY  518-324-5548

Dr. Jeffrey Morrison (MD, Integrative Medicine, Family Practice) New York, NY  212-989-9828  

Dr. Kalpana Patel (MD, Pediatrician) Buffalo, NY  716-833-2213

Dr. Neil Paulvin (DO, Board Certified Family Medicine & Osteopathic Manipulation, Integrative Medicine & Acupuncture) New York, NY  646-828-7844 

Dr. Donna Pierre (MD, Family Medicine, Adults & Children) Ithaca, NY 917-770-4224 

Dr. Bernard Raxlen (MD, Family and Children- Psychiatry)  New York, NY  212-799-1121

Dr. George Ruggiero (DO) Wading River, NY  631-929-1256

Dr. Anna Satalino (Ph.D- Clinical Psychologist) Sayville, NY 631-905-2398

Dr. Gerald Simons (PA-C) New York, NY  212-989-9828 

Stram Center for Integrative Medicine (MD & Integrative Functional Medicine) Delmar, NY 518-689-2244

Dr. Lisa Valow-Picarello (MD) Pomona, NY 845-262-1230 or 845-659-0067 

Dr. Ernest Visconti (Infectious Diseases, Adults & Children) Staten Island, NY 718-668-3417

Dr. Dov Widenbaum (Chiropractor) Suffern, NY 845-425-7777  KA

Dr. David Yost (Anesthesiologist) Port Jefferson, NY  203-529-3535 

Dr. David Younger (Neurology- Will See Children) New York, NY  212-213-3778  


*** Due to the high number of complaints from 
Lyme patients and their families, we do not recommend 
New York Medical College doctors or their
In Valhalla, NY 
If you suspect you have Lyme disease or need treatment.*** 


Sunil Sood, MD. Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine, Hempstead, NY
Pediatric infectious diseases with Cohen Children’s Hospital
QUOTE-  "Some activists portray Lyme disease, a geographically limited tick-borne infection, as a disease that is insidious, ubiquitous, difficult to diagnose, and almost incurable; they also propose that the disease causes mainly non-specific symptoms that can be treated only with long-term antibiotics and other unorthodox and unvalidated treatments. Similar to other antiscience groups, these advocates have created a pseudoscientific and alternative selection of practitioners, research, and publications and have coordinated public protests, accused opponents of both corruption and conspiracy, and spurred legislative efforts to subvert evidence-based medicine and peer-reviewed science. The relations and actions of some activists, medical practitioners, and commercial bodies involved in Lyme disease advocacy pose a threat to public health." Source Here

Lyme Disease Diagnostic Center @ the New York Medical College in Valhalla, NY, including, but not limited to:  Gary Wormser, Robert Nadelman and John Nowokowski.  

The treatment guidelines the NY Medical College doctors follow (Infectious Disease Society of America- IDSA) were published in 2000, slightly updated in 2006 (minor changes), and are currently 11 years old. 

These old guidelines do not utilize any of the current science or studies generated over the past decade. They were removed from the National Guideline Clearinghouse, however, they continue to be strongly supported by NY Medical College doctors.  

An investigation by the CT Attorney General found some of the IDSA guideline authors were riddled with conflicts of interest.  (Gary Wormser, Raymond Dattwyler, Robert Nadelman, John Nowakowski were authors of the IDSA Guidelines- 2000 and/or 2006 version- and are, or were, at NY Medical College.)   

"The IDSA's 2006 Lyme disease guideline panel undercut its credibility by allowing individuals with financial interests -- in drug companies, Lyme disease diagnostic tests, patents and consulting arrangements with insurance companies -- to exclude divergent medical evidence and opinion."

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