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Due to the high number of patient complaints and the 
Number of chronically ill, disabled and those who have suffered and died 
After being misdiagnosed and/or improperly treated for tick borne diseases 
We do not recommend the following people and places...


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Infectious Diseases Society of America Members
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Boston Children's Hospital
(For Anything Lyme Or Concerning Your Children)

Anyone Listed on This IDSA Website
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CDC Website
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Dr. Eugene ShapiroPediatrician- Yale University

Debra Alder-Klein at Stamford Hospital

Robert T. Schoen at Yale-New Haven Hospital 

Debra Adler-Klein at Stamford Hospital 

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Paul Gisbert Auwaerter, M.B.A., M.D.
Johns Hopkins 
Clinical Director, Division of Infectious Diseases 
Professor of Medicine 
Expertise: more 
Johns Hopkins

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Syed S, HosainWestminster, MD

Co-Authored CDC Report To Convince Doctors Treating Chronic Lyme Disease Is Dangerous- June 2017
License and Education 
License No.:D39502 
Special License Category 
Accepts Medicaid:No 
License Status:Active 
Date License Issued:01/10/1990 
License Expiration:09/30/2018 
 Primary Practice Setting 
MD  21157
 Public Address 
MD  21157


Dr. Joseph Weidner
Dr. Joseph Weidner
101 Colonial Way, Suite A
Rising Sun, MD 21911-2272
QUOTE- "A civil jury awarded more than $1.7 million Monday to a Port Deposit teen who suffers long-term health problems because local physicians failed to diagnose his Lyme disease. This is believed to be the highest award of damages in Cecil County history, according to veteran lawyers and court officials."  Source 

**Dr. Robert Kalish- Lyme Disease Clinic Tufts Medical Center, Boston, MA**


See quotes directly from Boston Children's Hospital Here

QUOTE- July 2016- "A group of doctors from Boston Children's Hospital's Division of Infectious Diseases wrote to legislative leaders, "Well-designed studies have shown that administration of additional or prolonged courses of antibiotics confers no benefit to patients who have had a standard course of accepted treatment for Lyme disease."  Link Here**

**Christina Hermos
Quote- July 2016- Christina Hermos, a pediatric infectious disease doctor at UMass Memorial Children's Medical Center, wrote to lawmakers, "Not only is the use of long-term antibiotics contrary to the best evidence about Lyme, but it also puts our patients and community at risk for the very real risks of unnecessary antibiotic use." Hermos said only a small number of doctors prescribe long-term antibiotics to treat Lyme disease, and it can cause harmful complications, such as infections, allergic reactions or drug-resistance to other diseases. 
Link Here **

**Daniel McQuillen 
Quote- July 2016- "Far from improving the patient's quality of life, prolonged antibiotic therapy may actually increase the patient's suffering," society president Daniel McQuillen wrote to legislators. McQuillen called the treatment "unproven and potentially unsafe."  Link Here **

** H. Cody Meissner- Tufts Medical Center- Pediatric Infectious Disease

** QUOTE“The evidence is fairly clear at this stage that there are no benefits from a prolonged course of antibiotics beyond what is generally recommended by IDSA guidelines,” Meissner said in an interview. “Whatever the explanation, PTLDS is not responsive to additional antibiotics, which, unfortunately, has led to some very unorthodox therapies that physicians are trying to discourage.”

“The media coverage of chronic Lyme disease is almost sensationalism, and has resulted in many people expanding upon what we recognize as Lyme disease to include symptoms that are likely not a result of the disease or even the infectious process,” H. Cody Meissner, MD, chief of the division of pediatric infectious disease at Tufts Medical Center, said in an interview.

“In cases of PTLDS, oftentimes there is nothing abnormal on the physical exam nor laboratory values that can be used to guide us in the diagnosis; therefore, we don’t know if this subjective syndrome is any more common after Lyme disease than other infectious disease or if it occurs among people who don’t have Lyme disease,” Meissner noted. “While we recognize that these symptoms can be functionally disabling, how often do these symptoms occur in someone who does not have Lyme disease?” Source Here

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Dr. John L. Pfenninger
His office, Medical Procedures Center, is located in Midland, MI.  
This cutsie little article can do more damage than 50 uniformed doctors do in one day.  It appears to come straight from the CDC/IDSA manual and is a perfect example of how not to treat Lyme patients.  He is one reason true Lyme literate doctors are in so much demand.

New Jersey
Dr. Richard E. Krieger
Infectious Diseases- Chilton Medical Center- Pompton Plains, NJ
**Watch his 1-4 minute video clips for more discouraging information** 

New York
Gary Wormser, Robert Nadelman and John Nowokowski 
Lyme Disease Diagnostic Center, Valhalla, NY 

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Manhattan infectious-disease doctors- Laura FisherChristopher Busillo and Chester Lerner

Most infectious-disease specialists are concerned that extensive treatment is potentially dangerous, and claim they are awaiting the results of more studies before they offer antibiotic (or often any) treatment. 

Westchester County- Gary Wormser, Robert Nadelman  

Nassau County, NY- Eileen Hilton, Sunil Sood

Bruce Logan at Manhattan's New York University Downtown Hospital 

Raymond Dattwyler- NY Medical College

New Hampshire

Dr. JEFFERY PARSONNET- QUOTE:  "It can be an uphill battle getting politicians to side with science when sick patients testify that long-term antibiotic treatment helped them, said infectious disease physician Dr. Jeffrey Parsonnet, who testified against a New Hampshire doctor-protection bill.

"It is all focused on either siding with the big, rich doctors with their BMWs or this poor person who is suffering and misdiagnosed," said Parsonnet, a professor of medicine at Dartmouth Medical School."  Source

Parsonnet was also on the fake IDSA review committee that, after the Attorney General's investigation into the guideline process found multiple conflicts of interest, declared the IDSA Lyme guidelines had no problems.  He has recently been added to the new IDSA Lyme guideline panel.

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Thomas Argyros

Leonard Sigal at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School 

North Carolina

Paul Lantos Duke University
QUOTE- "Virtually no one has died from Lyme disease..."
QUOTE- "Thus, the term ‘chronic Lyme disease’ doesn’t really mean anything."
Lantos, Paul- Lyme disease poses risk for patients visiting or living in the Northeast-  June 27, 2011.  
Healio- Infectious Diseases in Children

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Internal Medicine
Newtown Square, PA
License Number- MT208012

Julie A. Caplow, MD
Internal Medicine
Philadelphia, PA
License Number- MT205736

The two so-called doctors listed above are in Pennsylvania, the State with the highest number of reported Lyme cases in the USA. Yet, both have decided to hang tight to the IDSA's failed protocols and unbelievably inaccurate chronic Lyme disease theories.
If they can't understand the most common tick borne disease in the world how will they do with the more difficult medical conditions?

In Their Own Words...

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