Maryland Board of Physicians

Actions Taken Against Lyme-Treating Doctors

Investigations, charges and sanctions by the Maryland Board of Physicians, once a problem that did not affect Maryland Lyme treating physicians, have been on the increase since the fall of 2009 when the National Capital Lyme Support Group in Washington, DC and the ILADS secretary attempted to push legislative bills through the Maryland General Assembly.

This attempt failed due to the overwhelming response from doctors and patients in and outside the Lyme Community who realized the poorly worded bills would cause major problems if passed. Rather than graciously accepting defeat and honoring the wishes of the majority, this small group continued to push legislators into forcing the Board of Physicians to "do something" when absolutely NOTHING needed to be done in Maryland.


Maryland was once the safest place for Lyme treating doctors to practice medicine and for Lyme patients to receive quality care. However, once the boat was rocked, as expected, the fox gladly scurried into the hen house and reeked havoc on the once protective Lyme treating policy that had been in place protecting doctors for years. The Board, prompted by misinformed legislators and the DC group, proceeded to take it upon themselves to design an especially restrictive set of guidelines exposing anyone treating Lyme disease past the IDSA's minimal standard of care to investigations, charges and sanctions.

The most recent charges, levied upon Daniel Jaller, MD in 2015, are specifically based on his diagnosis and treatment of six patients with Lyme and tick borne diseases. He was warned multiple times by our group leaders and some patients to not post his patient`s medical history, and his diagnostic and treatment protocols online, and not to stir up the Board of Physicians and legislators. He failed to heed the warning.

The list below contains the most recent public charges and sanctions. The Lyme Disease Education and Support Groups of Maryland ( apologizes to Lyme treating doctors for this horrendous situation and especially their patients who are left stranded without adequate medical care.

We would like everyone to know we had nothing to do with the misguided, dangerous legislative bills or the changes in policy. We did all that was humanly possible to stop this train wreck from occurring in spite of the DC groups attempt to hide these bills, their support of them and their actions from most Maryland doctors, the public and all of our volunteer patient advocates and groups. For more information on this situation, please click here.

Charges Made Public By the Maryland Board of Physicians

Since the interference by certain legislators, the ILADS secretary and the DC group in the 2009/10 legislative session, a total of 8 doctors, 3 physical therapists and 1 hyperbaric chamber owner have been charged regarding their diagnosis and/or treatment of Lyme disease patients. Prior to the interference no charges had been brought by the Board of Physicians against Maryland Lyme treating doctors.

James P. Matthews, M.D. Area of Practice: Family Practice (Gaithersburg, MD)


UPDATE- James P. Matthews, M.D., License #: D59665 Area of Practice: Family Practice (Crofton, MD) The physician has complied with the terms and conditions precedent.

May 3, 2013

Paul Victor Beals, M.D.


UPDATE- Paul V. Beals, M.D., License #: D25922 Area of Practice: Family Medicine (Stevensonville, MD)

May 22, 2013

January 4, 2016

Brent R. Fox, M.D.

2011 Charges


Stephen P. Cafferty, D.O.

3/30/12 Charges

Tanya Hege-Masiel, P.T.

3/14/13 Charges

JoAnne B. Morgan- Advanced Hyperbaric Oxygen Center

July 31, 2012 Charges

Joyce Bechold, P.T.A.

5/21/13 Charges

Thomas L. Fieldson, M.D.

June 2010 Charges

Patrick Speer, P.T.

2013 Charges

Ritchie C. Shoemaker, M.D. Area of Practice: Family Medicine (Pocomoke City, MD)

March 21, 2013

Consent Order

Charges Dated 11/26/12

Daniel Jaller, M.D.

April 22, 2015

Allan Vinitsky, M.D.

Re: Student Employees

4/30/18- Treating chronic Lyme patients

Hope A. McIntyre, M.D.

January 7, 2016

McIntyre- 2017

McIntyre (pg 15)

Gary Nyman

Joanne Barefoot Morgan


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