Inclusion on this list is not an endorsement or recommendation of any of the health care professionals. Please call the offices directly for up-to-date information on hours, prices, treatment protocols and insurance.


Sandy Berenbaum (LCSW, BCD- Children & Adult Counseling) Middletown, CT 203-240-7787

Dr. Deb Bossio (ND) Ridgefield, CT 203-431-4333

Dr. Denis Bouboulis (MD) Darien, CT 203-655-9904

Cynthia Chase (Psychotherapist, Adults & Children) Old Saybrook, CT 860-395-0284

Dr. Mark Glassman (Pediatrician- Gastroenterologist, Children) Norwalk, CT 203-853-7170

Dr. Jonne Groves (ND) Madison, CT 203-245-7800

Dr. Charles R. Jones (Pediatrician, Children) New Haven, CT 203-772-1123

Dr. Amiran Katz (Neurologist) Orange, CT 203-795-5425

Dr. Kornelia Keszler (Cardiologist) Madison, CT 203-245-4343

Dr. Awais Malik (MD) Bridgeport, CT 203-923-2204

Dr. Jill Moorcroft (DO- Also Treats Children) Berlin, CT 860-438-7096

Dr. Thomas Moorcroft (DO- Also Treats Children) Berlin, CT 860-438-7096

Dr. James Mullane (ND) Danbury, CT 203-403-2880

Dr. Nancy Ohara (MD-Pediatrician, Children) Wilton, CT 203-834-2813

Pari Patel (PA-C, Adults & Children) New Haven, CT 844-468-5963

Dr. Jaquel Patterson (ND, Medical Director, Children & Adults, PANS, PANDAS) Fairfield, CT 203-254-9957

Dr. Steven Phillips (MD-Internal Medicine) Wilton, CT 203-544-0005

Dr. Kathleen Riley (ND) Newington, CT 860-665-1254

Dr. Awais Malik (MD-Family Medicine) Westport, CT 203-291-3800

Dr. Zijad Sabovic (MD) Bridgeport, CT 203-331-8704

Dr. Zane Saul (MD) Stratford, CT 203-383-4466

Dr. Henry Sobo (MD) Stamford, CT 203-348-8805

Dr. Steven Streit (Internal Medicine, Acupuncture, Adults & Children) Howell, NJ 732-367-5330

Dr. Edward Yost (MD, Pain Management) Wilton, CT 203-529-3535

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*** Due to the high number of complaints from

Lyme patients and their families, we do not recommend

Yale's doctors when dealing with a

Lyme diagnosis or treatment.***


Eugene Shapiro

The treatment guidelines Yale's doctors follow (Infectious Disease Society of America- IDSA) were published in 2000, slightly updated in 2006 (minor changes), and are currently 11 years old.

These old guidelines do not utilize any of the current science or studies generated over the past decade. They were removed from the National Guideline Clearinghouse, however, they continue to be promoted by some Yale doctors and insurance companies.

An investigation by the CT Attorney General found the guideline authors (some from Yale) were riddled with conflicts of interest.

AG Blumenthal stated...

"The IDSA's 2006 Lyme disease guideline panel undercut its credibility by allowing individuals with financial interests -- in drug companies, Lyme disease diagnostic tests, patents and consulting arrangements with insurance companies -- to exclude divergent medical evidence and opinion."


Lawrence Zemel, MD.



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