Lyme Misdiagnosed As

ALS - Lou Gehrig's Disease

Some Lyme literate neurologists have been able to assist people with ALS presentations that were actually caused by Lyme disease. Additionally, Lyme literate doctors in other fields may have experience treating ALS/Lyme patients.

Here are a few links you may want to review if you have been diagnosed with ALS and aren't sure if you have Lyme disease, or you are sure you do and need to be treated.

When you contact these offices or those listed in other places on this site, please ask if they can and will treat ALS/Lyme patients.

California Neurologist

Florida Neurologist

New York Neurologist

Massachusetts Neurologist

Connecticut Neurologist

Illinois Neurologist

Pennsylvania- Dr. Gregory Bach

Texas- Dr. Moayad


Father passed away, but son may still be practicing

Dr. Harvey & Dr. Martz Info/Clinic

Additional Information

Studies on ALS/Lyme- Credit to Dr. Bernt-Dieter Huismans ALS/Lyme

When ALS Is Lyme

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