Inclusion on this list is not an endorsement or recommendation of any of the health care professionals. Please call the offices directly for up-to-date information on hours, prices, treatment protocols and insurance.

Dr. James Adams (DC, DACBN- Neurology) Sonoma, CA  707-996-4535

Dr. Wayne Anderson (MD) Santa Rosa, CA  707-575-5180 

Dr. Chitra Bhakta (MD) Newport Beach, CA  949-642-3333

David Blatt (L.Ac) San Francisco, CA  415-340-2939  

Dr. Carine Bonnist (ND) San Francisco, CA  415-345-0099

Dr. Andrew Brandeis (ND)  San Francisco, CA  415-864-4444

Dr. Lisa Brent (Women's Health, ND, L.Ac) Larkspur, CA  415-954-3213

Dr. Joan Campagna (MD)  San Rafael, CA  Obituary

Dr. Marah Cannon (DC-Chiropractor) Yorba Linda, CA  714-900-5400

Dr. Michael F. Cantwell (MD, MPH) San Francisco, CA  415-600-0758 

Dr. Jacqueline Chan (DO, Family Practice) Larkspur, CA  415-954-3213

Dr. Surchi Chandra  (MD, Holistic Psychiatrist)  Sana Rosa, CA  707-575-5180

Dr. Ilkcan Cokgor (MD- Neurology) San Anselmo, CA  415-456-8180

Dr. Pamela Colby  (ND) San Francisco, CA  415-345-0099 

Dr. Marcus Coplin (ND) San Francisco, CA  415-868-5507

Dr. Beverly Copeland (MD) McKinleyville, CA  707-840-0556

Dr. Andrew Cook (MD, Ob-Gyn) Los Gatos, CA  408-358-2511

Amanda Dahl (Reiki Practitioner, RP) San Diego, CA  Contact Form

Dr. Nicole McFadzene Ducharme (ND) San Diego, CA  619-546-4065 

Dr. Nancy Evans (ND) Foster City, CA  650-638-1141

Dr. Steven Forrest (MA, MH, DC)  Los Gatos, CA  408-354-4262

Scott Forsgren (Nutritional) Santa Clara, CA

Pamela Gilmore (Massage Therapist) San Francisco, CA  415-504-2656

Dr. Robert Gitlin (DO) Red Wood Valley, CA  707-485-6900

Michael Givens (L.Ac) San Francisco, CA  415-345-0099

Dr. Iris Gold (OMD, L.Ac) Larkspur, CA  415-954-3213

Lis Goldschmidt (L.Ac) San Francisco, CA  415-504-2656

Dr. Miguel Gonzalez (MD, FCAP, FCCP)  Thousand Oaks, CA  805-497-7508

Dr. Eric Gordon (MD) Santa Rosa, CA  707-575-5180

Dr. Christine Green (MD) San Francisco, CA  415-795-1202

Dr. Jeff Greenfield (DO) Santa Rosa, CA  707-575-5180

Dr. Mischa Grieder (ND)  San Francisco, CA  415-566-1000

Dr. Julia Griffith (MD/MS/CMT, Adult & Children- Neurology) San Rafael, CA  415-925-1616

Julie Kahn Harden (ND, L.Ac) Irvine, CA  949-600-5100 

Dr. Dan Harper (MD-Family Practice) Solana Beach, CA  858-755-1126  

Dr. Steve Harris (MD-Family Practice) Redwood City, CA  650-474-2130

Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz (MD)  San Francisco, CA  415-345-0099

Dr. Neil Hirschenbein (MD) San Diego, CA  800-775-4902  Ext. 327

Dr. Kent Holtorf (MD) Foster City, CA  650-638-1141

Dr. Ashyanna Keli (DC, Holistic) Oakland, CA  510-872-0200 

Dr. Christine Klein (L.Ac & DAOM) Kentfield, CA  831-462-6215

Dr. Joshua Kuluva (MD)  Berkeley, CA 510-204-8140

Dr. Elizabeth Large (ND) Santa Rosa, CA  707-575-5180

Dr. Erica Lehman (MD- Integrative Medicine) Los Angeles, CA  310-504-3700 (Offers Phone Consults Worldwide)  

Dr. Sally LaMont (ND, L.Ac) Larkspur, CA  415-954-3213

Dr. Moses Laufer (MD) Foster City, CA  650-638-1141

Dr. Gabrielle LeCompte (MD & IM) San Francisco, CA  415-690-8374

Dr. Susan Lee (TCM) Pacifica, CA  650-355-7364 

Dr. Joel Lopez (MD, CNS) San Francisco, CA  415-566-1290

Dr. Paul Lynn (MD) San Francisco, CA  415-566-1000

Melissa McElroy-Fesler (PA- TBD & Morgellons) San Francisco, CA  415-399-1035

Dr. Todd Maderis (ND, L.Ac) Larkspur, CA  415-954-3213  ILADS

Daniel Martin (L.Ac) San Francisco, CA  415-504-2656

Ora Mayana (Holistic) Pacifica, CA  650-355-7364 

Christina McGold (Nutrition/Massage) San Francisco, CA  415-345-0099 

Dr. Lynne Mielke (MD, Psychiatry, Neurology)  Pleasanton, CA  925-846-8000  

Dr. Kellyn Milani  (MD & ND) Auburn, CA  530-878-5388

Dr. Reuben Montemagni (DC)  San Francisco, CA  415-623-8032

Dr. Will Mora (MD) Sacramento, CA  916-489-4400

Dr. Jorge Moreno (DO) Montebello, CA  323-726-6289 

Dr. Neil Nathan (MD) Santa Rosa, CA  707-575-5180

Dr. Jenifer Nelson (DC) Nevada City, CA  530-478-9592

Dr. James A. Novak (MD) San Diego, CA  858-272-0022  

Dr. Alireza Panahpour  (DDS) Santa Monica, CA  888-338-6336 

Dr. Raj Patel (MD-Family Medicine & Holistic) Redwood City, CA  650-474-2130

Dr. Emily Poccia (ND) San Diego, CA  619-546-4065

Dr. Ralph T. Potkin (MD) Los Angelos, CA  310-551-1178 (RETIRED)

Dr. Elizabeth Prescott (DO) Santa Rosa, CA  707-575-5180

Dr. Sam Farshid Rahbar (MD, FACP, ABIHM)  Los Angeles, CA  (310) 289-8000

Dr. Sunny Raleigh (DO) Irvine, CA  949-535-2322

Dr. Tedde Rinker (MD) Los Altos, CA  650-964-3495

Dr. Katie Solkolski  (DO) Oakland, CA  510-356-7832 

Yvonne Sorenson (PA) Redwood City, CA   650-474-2130

Dr. Allan Sosin (MD- Internal Medicine, Nephrology) Irvine, CA  949-600-5100 

Dr. Raphael Stricker (MD-Internist) San Francisco, CA  415-399-1035

Dr. William Stuppy (MD, Gastroenterologist) Los Angeles, CA  323-464-4242

Jennifer Sugden (ND) Redwood City, CA  650-474-2130 

Dr. Tuyat Tran (MD) Foster City, CA  650-638-1141

Maria White (NP) Foster City, CA  650-638-1141

Dr. Wayne Wightman (MD) Foster City, CA  650-638-1141

Dr. Kurt Woeller (DO, Autism) Temecula, CA & Bend, OR  951-461-4800

Additional Resources

Dr. K. Paul Stoller (MD, Hyperbaric) San Francisco, CA  415-563-3800

San Fransisco Institute for Hyperbaric Medicine San Francisco, CA  415-513-5813

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