Inclusion on this list is not an endorsement or recommendation of any of the health care professionals. Please call the offices directly for up-to-date information on hours, prices, treatment protocols and insurance.

Dr. Sultana Afrooz (MD, Alternative- Adults & Children) Columbia, MD 410-730-1074

Dr. Paul Beals  (Family Medicine)  Stevensville, MD 410-604-6344  

Dr. Richard Berg (MD) Baltimore, MD  410-585-2860

Grace Choe (L. Ac) Highland, MD  301-854-9095

Kayleen W. Clute  (Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Children) Severna Park, MD 410-315-8380

Dr. Samuel Charles  (Chiropractic Neurologist, Adults & Children) Elkton, MD  410-398-2108

Dr. Norton Fishman (Internal Medicine)  Rockville, MD  301-330-9430

Dr. Autumn Frandsen (ND) Frederick, MD. & DC  202-237-7000 

Dr. Charles Haile (Infectious Diseases) Towson, MD  410-337-7097

Jamiel Hafiz (PA-C, L.Ac)  Columbia, MD  410-730-1074 

Dr. Robert Hedaya (MD, DLFAPA) Chevy Chase, MD 301-657-4749

Dr. Daniel Jaller (Primary Care) Rockville, MD  301-528-7111

Katherine Lambert (Integrative, Yoga, Reikki) North Bethesda, MD  240-221-0000

Tammy Jett-Parmer (PA-C) Columbia, MD  410-730-1074

Greg Lee (L.Ac) Frederick, MD  301-228-3764

Dr. Janelle Love (MD & Autism)  Arnold, MD  410-544-8141 

Dr. Elizabeth Lucas  (Internist) Timonium, MD  410-823-3101

Cheryl McKee (CBNS- Nutrition, Integrative) North Bethesda, MD  240-221-0000

Dr. Hope McIntyre (Board Certified Family Practice- Adults & Children) Mt. Airy, MD  301-703-8872  

Tracey Middleton (LCSW-C) Pasadena, MD 443-486-0443 (Offers Phone & Skype Services- Nationally and Internationally)

Dr. Robert Mozayani  (Internal, Rheumatology) North Bethesda, MD 240-221-0441

Charlene Marie Muhammed (M.S., Clinical Herbalist) Highland, MD  301-854-9095

Dr. Rafik Aboul-Nasr  (Primary Care) Calvert County, MD Deceased Article Here 

Smita Patel (R. Ph. & Ayurvedic) Highland, MD  301-854-9095

Tammy Jett-Parmer (PA-C) Columbia, MD  410-730-1074

Dr. Jennifer Rabenhorst (Family, Adults & Children L.Ac) Columbia, MD  410-730-1074

Beth Renne (Integrative NP)  North Bethesda, MD  240-221-0000 

Dr. Lauren Richter (DO, M.Ac Adults & Children) Columbia, MD  410-730-1074

Pamela Sabatiuk (Massage Therapist) Highland, MD  301-854-9095

Dr. Letitia W. Short  (Integrated Medicine, Adults & Children) Towson, MD 410-337-2707 

Dr. Eric Singman  (Neuro-opthalmologist) Baltimore, MD  410-923-9200

Dr. Mark Sivieri (MD) Bethesda, Denton, Annapolis & Columbia MD 410-312-5280 

Hunter Thompson (L.Ac) Columbia, MD  410-730-1074

Debbie Ulrich (CEnKP1, C.N.H.P, C.S.N. Adults, Children- TBD, Morgellons, Mold) Severna Park, MD  410-868-7407

Dr. Alan Vinitsky  (Internal Medicine, Pediatrics) Gaithersburg, MD  301-840-0002 

Karen Walters (Family NP) North Bethesda, MD  240-221-0000 

Dr. Julia Wen (Cardiology) Baltimore, MD  410-585-2830  

Dr. Kalvin Wiley  (Internal Medicine)  Towson, MD  410-296-3737

*** Due to the high number of complaints from 
Lyme patients and their families, we do not recommend 
Johns Hopkins doctors when dealing with a 
Lyme diagnosis or treatment.*** 

NOTE- The treatment guidelines Johns Hopkins' doctors follow (Infectious Disease Society of America- IDSA) were published in 2000, slightly updated in 2006 (minor changes), and are currently 11 years old. 

These old guidelines do not utilize any of the current science or studies generated over the past decade. They were removed from the National Guideline Clearinghouse, however, they continue to be promoted at Johns Hopkins.  An investigation by the CT Attorney General found the guideline authors (some from Johns Hopkins) to be riddled with conflicts of interest.  

"The IDSA's 2006 Lyme disease guideline panel undercut its credibility by allowing individuals with financial interests -- in drug companies, Lyme disease diagnostic tests, patents and consulting arrangements with insurance companies -- to exclude divergent medical evidence and opinion."


Dr. Jeffery Gaber- Pikesville, MD

Quote-  "Specializing in medical evaluations and treatment for automobile accidents and worker’s compensation injuries."  Offers free parking, but only for "Medical Legal Patients".  (?)

Performs IME appointments for insurers (Independent Medical Exams) for conditions that are not within his speciality and he doesn't treat (chronic Lyme disease) with the expected poor outcome for patients.


John Meyerhoff- Maryland Rheumatologist- Sinai Hospital of Baltimore

Quote-  “We often have patients sent to us because their doctors are concerned they may have serious diseases, which I get to tell them they don’t have.”

Quote- "Response to treatment is usually slow and may be incomplete. Retreatment is not recommended..."  Link Here

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