Inclusion on this list is not an endorsement or recommendation of any of the health care professionals. Please call the offices directly for up-to-date information on hours, prices, treatment protocols and insurance.

Please see listings for bordering states and the additional information below.

NOT Recommended 

September 18, 2016- "Bowerman said when her kids returned home from their girl scout trip she pulled off more than 20 ticks between the three of them. ... "They had the classic symptoms they had the bulls eye rash, they had the joint pain, they had fevers  and had flu like symptoms, yet we were denied treatment for at least two of them...  Bowerman said two of her girls took a blood test at Northwest Arkansas Pediatric Clinic that confirmed they had Lyme Disease. But she says the clinic told her it was likely a false positive. She received a letter from the Northwest Arkansas Pediatric Clinic on August 30th. It says doctors could no longer treat her children because she consistently questioned their medical advice and recommendations."

For Accurate Information See Children With Lyme Disease- Click Here

NOT Recommended 
September 20, 2016-  "We don't have Lyme Disease in Arkansas we have the ticks that transmit Lyme Disease but we don't have any recorded cases of Lyme Disease." said Dr. Naveen Patil, Director of the Infectious Disease Program, ADH."  Full Article Here

Local Arkansas Alternative Professionals

Suggestions for States With Few Or No Listings

1.  Pick the state nearest you and check their listings.

2.  Go to a friend or relatives home (out-of-state) to visit and while you are there see a doctor practicing in that area.

3.  Contact alternative health care practitioners (links to help you above) and ask if they can treat patients with Lyme and tick borne diseases or at least address some of your symptoms until you can find a trained Lyme treating doctor.

4.  Contact chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors and others to ask if they can treat Lyme and tick borne disease patients or at least some of your symptoms until you can find a doctor trained in treating Lyme disease.

5.  Work with your local doctor and ask them to consult with a Lyme treating doctor.

6.  Find a Lyme treating doctor in another state who does phone and/or Skype consults.

7.  Check the home page and follow the suggestions there for more options.

8.  Contact a volunteer Lyme support group or patient advocate in or near your area for suggestions.

9.  Search online for alternative and Lyme treating medical doctors treatment protocols and consider treating based on those options (always treat with the assistance and guidance of a health care professional).

10.  Join an online support group and see if they have suggestions.     

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