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Dr. Crystal Barnwell (Family Medicine) Atlanta, GA  678-439-6871

Dr. Rhett Bergerson (MD)  Roswell, GA  678-990-5401 

Dr. Karen Bullington  (MD) Marietta, GA  678-494-7800

Dr. Winston Cardwell (ND) Roswell, GA 770-594-1233

Family Medicine Specialists (Multiple Specialists) Fayetteville, GA  770-486-1818

Dr. Milton Freid (MD, ACPT, ABCMT) Atlanta, GA   Obituary

Dr. Dave Ou (MD- Internal Medicine & Holistic)  Atlanta, GA  404-418-6010  

Dr. Alane Palmer (ND, CNC) Roswell, GA  678-372-2913

Progressive Medical Centers (Multiple Specialties) Atlanta, Marietta, Peachtree City, GA 1-855-766-8228 

Dr. Madhavi Rayapudi (ID) Cumming, GA  678-845-7300   ILADS 

Dr. Forrest Smith  (MD)  Roswell, GA. 770-594-1233  

Dr. Susan Tanner  (MD, Autism/ADD) Atlanta, GA  404-845-7484


Dr. Donald Dennis (MD, Mold) Atlanta, GA.  404-355-1312

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Dr. Nicolas Chronos
1000 Cowles Clinic Way, O-200,
Greensboro, GA
12-3-11 added from lymelaw
well respected cardiologist is interested in starting a Lyme research project; possibly a Lyme & Tick Associated Disease Clinic.
Dr. became interested in Lyme after he had 4 different heart transplants, where the donor hearts were found to be riddled with Lyme disease; the donors were undiagnosed.
if he does, he will be starting from scratch with all of Dr. Brooks' patient files & past treatment materials to review; she’s moving this month to calif. to care for aging parent. END



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