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The Lake Mohawk Yacht Club welcomes Lake Mohawk Country Club members interested in sailing and promotes good sailing, racing and camaraderie on the lake. Click here to find out more about our club!

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Some beautiful images of the lake taken by John Miller

Photos from Oktoberfest 2021

On Sept. 12th we had impromptu sunfish and laser races. Since, That was who showed up. We had Father and son Mackey and each sailing their own sunfish, and John Trela was in his laser. Winds were rather heavy. We placed a start near the club and a Windward mark in the cove North of the island. The first race was handily won by Mackey Jr. Mackey senior ran into some trouble and decided to stop and wait for the next race. John followed suit, though he was doing pretty well. The second race was also won by Mackey Jr. With his father behind him and John in third. A fun and sporting time was had.

And near the end, this beautiful other racing boat breezed through (Brown/White sails).

....Mark Marussich

Ladies Night Out - Glass Painting! Club Member Shirley Miller hosted another of her 'Wine Glass Painting' classes. Each 'Student' will surely treasure their creations. Thank you Shirley!

Check out Joe Fleming's pix from June 27th... Click image to see photo album.

2021 Gabor Cup Awards Ceremony - more Photos HERE

Skipper Rich Miner and Crew celebrating 5 First place Lightning Series and Regatta awards!

July 4th Party from the air!

Thanks to Commodore Joe Fleming for providing these wonderful pictures.

Click here for the 2019 July 4th Party Drone pictures

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2019 Gabor CUP Results

The weather cooperated and we had 4 Lightnings and 2 Snipes participate. Hank and Beth officiated and John Miller scored the race.

Rich Miner and Crew came in 1st, Perry Anderson and Crew 2nd, and Tim Mackey came 3rd. There was a tie for 3rd between Tim and Christopher Mackey but Tim won based on the accumulated time for the 2 races.

Rumor has it that Christopher threw out the anchor in order to let his dad win on Fathers Day!

After the race we had a fabulous party at the Mackeys house. Thanks to Susan and Karl for arranging everything, Mark for the music, and Mary Beth and Tim for hosting it.

Karl Hauck, Break Dancer! Who knew?

Surprise visitors to the club on Sunday August 5th were former LMYC members Dick Schoell (in red shirt) and his son Eric Schoell, both Snipe and Sunfish sailors back in the day. Dick now lives in Florida and Eric in Massachusetts. The Schoell family moved from Lake Mohawk in 1989. They are flanked by old friends Gail & Rich Miner.

2018 Commodore's Cup

Another close race! After 2 races only 2 seconds determined the winner! On the left of race official John Miller is Rich Miner & crew (1st Place). On the right is Perry Anderson & crew (2nd Place). Third place went to Tim Mackey in a Snipe.

Commodore Perry and Margaret Anderson hosted the wonderful party afterwards.

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2018 Junior Sailing Graduation Party

2018 Gabor Cup & Makani Party

A great time was had to by all! Thanks to Brent Cherry (Lightning Fleet Captain) for sponsoring the event and hosting the Makani Party.

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LMYC Members visit Sparta Historical Society

Several members of the club visited the Sparta Historical Society at the Van Kirk House on Main St.

Jack Clark, the Museum Director, gave us a wonderful tour of the entire museum that included the Princess White Deer exhibit.

Thanks to Gail for arranging the tour and thanks to Jack Clark and Renee Ferguson for making LMYC so welcome.

The Historical Society can be contacted at

Skipper Don Okner with Crew Sadie and Lukas

Our Fleets...

The LMYC hosts several racing fleets - Lightnings, Snipes, and Lasers


This 19' sloop-rigged sailboat is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its design. It has been sailed at the LMYC for all 70 years! With a crew of 3, this boat is the largest in our club fleets.


This light, fast, 2 person crewed sailboat is a popular boat in the club. The LMYC owns four club Snipes that are available to experienced sailors if they do not currently own a boat.

July 4th Party from the air!

Thanks to Commodore Joe Fleming for providing these wonderful pictures.

Click here for the 2019 July 4th Party Drone pictures

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Junior Sailors participating in their own Regattas 2019

John Miller presenting Don & Madeleine Okner with an award recognizing their service to the club. The photograph features the LMYC sign that was painted by Madeleine.

Chuck Chute proudly standing by his Lightning 'Tattoo', decked out in full pirate regalia. Another First Place trophy!!!

Mike Kelly enjoying the stiff breeze in his Zuma

Sundown on Lake Mohawk