August 2001 Papoose Article

Post date: Jul 31, 2008 12:35:58 AM

Racing on Lake Mohawk in late June and July has been great. July 24th marked the maiden voyage of Perry Anderson's new Lightning. Aptly dubbed "M" by her skipper, an avid Wolverine, it is blue with yellow trim. While yours truly and crew Jim Mc Mahon would have preferred St. John's red, we must confess that it is a stunning craft.

Notwithstanding the interest or our club members in rigging and launching Perry's new boat, other boats sailed on that day as well. Included was Mark Marussich who single handed it in his Lightning. Roving photographer Jim Okner and I were serving as race officials and kept a watchful eye on Mark but never had to spring into action as crash boat.

On July 1, our second handicapped race of the season, the Marine Base Regatta, was held with John Marx as race official. Due to thunder storms, the course was shortened and the race was abandoned after the leader Rich Miner, assisted by crew Gail Miner and Lincoln Rowley, took a first place. Other boats were scored as tied for second place.

Our Annual Family Picnic was scheduled for July 4th to coincide with the LMCC fireworks display. The fireworks, along with our picnic, were postponed due to the weather forecast. These events took place on Friday, July 6th and we all had a terrific time. Members of the Power Boat Club joined us for the picnic and those of us who did motor down to the display watched it from our docks.

Please remember that there will be one more open regatta, the Commodore's Cup, on Sept 2 followed by the Commodore's Party. Board meetings will be held at 7:00 PM on Aug. 19 and Sept. 16. The annual meeting will be held on October 14 in the Papoose Room of the LMCC and our awards brunch will be on Sunday, November 18, 2001.

Race Official Assignments are posted on the bulletin board outside of the buoy room. Please contact Don Okner, Race Committee at 729-5794 if you need to reschedule. The assignments for the month of August and for September 2nd are as follows:

August 05 Peter Hilgendorf

August 12 Bill Warren

August 19 Jeff Urbanski

August 26 Mark Marussich

September 2 Bob Graham

Finally, please remember to visit our web site at: You can Email us at:

Until next month, smooth sailing!

Don Okner

Annual LMYC July 4th Picnic