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Level : 3
Where: Nathan the Fisherman @ Ridge of Kayar
            Vylis the Fisherman @ Mentaliya Foothills
Quest: Find the fisherman bait Weetsa the Woodlouse 10 pcs. (tip:  Visit the Water Well and Wooden Crate found in Dead Cove,    Visit the Cart in Village of Angrukhon or Village of Zviglod)
Secondary Profession Pairing (works well with):

Fisherman – The profession of Fisherman provides the skills needed to catch fish, which is useful not only for food, but also for the preparation of various magic ingredients

Level 0
Moon Carp

Felinoy Roach

Cave Fish

Stone Carp


Level 30
Twilight Amur

Silver Tench

Black Tilapia
Fire Beam

Level 60
Diamond Salmon
Carbon Pike
Silver Crab

Level 90

Crimson Sterlet

King Crab

Level 120
Azure Salmon

Striped Salmon
Golden Habus
Twilight Needle

Level 150

Crystal Sturgeon


Level 180

Armor-plated Dinichthys


Spawning Habus

Level 210

 Speckled Silvergut

Angler Fish

Level 240

Striped Gildfish

Striped Angelfish

Blue-Gilled Habus

Level 270


Carnivorous Schoo

Level 300

Warm-water Narlin

Chiappa Gastopod

There are ressources found in the Instance Enchanted Forest and you require Fargs (obtained through a quest from Brugilda in Village of Maettro or Gredeya in Wild Forest for players of Level 12 or higher with a Juggernauts Reputation of at least 2000)

Level 240

Upon extraction of a fish, you will have a rare chance to obtain an Edible Crayfish.
22:27 Having caught a fish, you were pleasantly surprised to see that a crab has attached itself to it, becoming part of your catch too. Received: Edible Crayfish 1 pcs.

But you also have a chance of receiving a splinter. Splinters can be removed either by drinking a Healing Liqueur or by other people using a First Aid Kit to remove it for you. 11:16 Your splinter has been removed.

When fishing you have a small chance of finding a Tarariquon Spider.
21:31 Finishing your labours, you have a look round and immediately spot a spider wandering about. Recognising it as a Tarariquon, you drop everything and throw yourself at it before it runs away. Received: Tarariquon 1 pcs. Now you can test your abilities in battle with other spiders. Spider battles take place in the tavern.

While obtaining resources you may get extra resources when picking as well:
15:43 You have received a Black Tilapia
15:43 After listing out your glistening catch, you discover that in addition to your fish, you have caught two more inhabitants of the waters. Received: Black Tilapia 2 pcs.

Fishing Rod

To catch each fish you will need a fishing Rod.
 Fishing Rod
Fisherman Nathan's Fishing Rod
Fishing Rod of Vylis the Fisherman
Durable fishing rod
Balluar Baiting Fishing Rod Fishing Rod 'Krogan's Mother-in-Law'
Legendary Fishing Rod
Your first Fishing Rod will be available from the person you get the profession from through the quest "First Tool". This quest can only be completed once, so if you decide to change your primary profession you will not be able to get a first tool for the new profession. To buy more Fishing Rods go to the Seers Shop in Village of Maettro or Wizards Shop in Ridge of Kayar.