Who We Are

Hubbard Church of the Nazarene is a local community of believers committed to God, each other, and our community. We are dedicated to edifying and encouraging the church as a body while making a positive impact on our community.
We are a Holiness church, preaching and teaching the Word of God without compromise, and promoting Biblical, Holiness living. We understand that grace and holiness go hand in hand. We believe that the only saving power for mankind is through the profound love and abounding grace of God. Therefore, we believe in showing that love and grace freely to all people. We know that God loves us all just as we are, but that He loves us too much to leave us that way! We are a diverse, but unified, group of believers-indiscriminately welcoming all people into loving fellowship.
Worship is important to us at Hubbard Church of the Nazarene. We believe in offering praise up to the Lord in a variety of musical formats, from hymns to contemporary melodies and choruses, solos and chorus arrangements, with a variety of instrumental accompaniment.
We are a church that believes in the power of prayer! We devote time to prayer in each service and meet regularly to pray for the church, the community, and the world.
We are an involved, serving church. We believe it is important to be actively involved in our local neighborhoods and communities. That's why we participate in a variety of community events, outreach projects, service projects, and both local and world missions. We organize projects and partner with other churches and community leaders, and we encourage our members to be active on an individual level, as well.
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