In the Church of the Nazarene, all foreign missionaries are collectively supported by all the churches through the World Missions fund. Individual missionaries are typically given additional one-time support through love-offerings by specific congregations when they visit and speak at a church. Some missionaries whom we've recently had as guests at our Hubbard church are:

Lydia and Everaldo Nascimento, missionaries to Senegal, Africa. Lydia and Everaldo use soccer as a catalyst to ministry with children and adults.Lydia and Everaldo operate out of the Church of God World Missions in Cleveland Tennessee. 

[Last Visited 6/11/17]

Rev. Monte Cry Monte Cyr serves with his wife Bethany as Global Missionaries for the Church of the Nazarene on the Caribbean Region, specifically in the area of youth [visited 7/17/2011]

John and Laurie Wattons-Serving in West Africa
Click here to visit the Africa West Field Church of the Nazarene website. [visited 2/27/2011]

The Scott Family-Missionaries to Croatia


Becky Morsch-Missionary to Pupua New Guinae 


The Myers Family-Missionaries in the Asia Pacific
Jessica Morris-serving in Italy and Europe
Bill and Marsha McCoy-Misionaries to Pupua New Guinae
Max and Debbie Thompson

Max and Debbie Thompson- Missionaries to Liberia, Africa (formerly missionaries to Brazil), through the Church of God, Cleveland Tennessee

Kathy Matson, Serving in Mexico
The Zanes-Serving in the Philipines
For more information about Nazarene World Missions, visit the Nazarene Global Missions page, where you can browse Nazarene projects by world region.


Nazarene Compassionate Ministries

NCM is an outreach of the Church of the Nazarene designed to work closely with local congregations, in a flexible way that enables it to fit individual community needs. Compassionate Ministries does work in areas of health, education, child development, and disaster relief. Visit our page on Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, or visit the NCM website at http://www.ncm.org/ 

Click here to read about local outreach ministries

Nazarene Work and Witness

The Work and Witness outreach of the Church of the Nazarene is a program for short-term missionary trips made by teams with a specific goal, generally labor oriented. Such projects may include building a church or doing disaster relief. The benefit to individuals who obtain this type of experience cannot be overstated! The first-hand interaction with a differing culture, and the hands-on investment brings even more into the lives of those who go than it takes to those who are ministered to, although that is a great deal! This type of trip does amazing things in bonding and unifying the church-both as an international entity and an individual congregation-as well as providing unbelievable encouragement and edification to all involved. 
Some recent Work and Witness trips of Hubbard Church of the Nazarene: 

Katrina Relief 2006

In 2006 a team drove to the Gulf Coast and participated in clean-up and renovations to many devastated areas.


WV 2007

In 2007 our youth went to West Virginia for 8 days and participated in outreach activities and renovations on church buildings there. This entailed cleaning, painting, sorting and distribution of clothing and food-and a lot of fun!


Jamaica 2008

In 2008 a group flew to Jamaica to construct a worship facility there. Much work was done in cement pouring and block-laying, completing the foundation of the building. Other teams from other churches were scheduled to come and help with the ongoing work.

 the 2008 Jamaica team

Jamaica 2011

A return trip to Jamaica was made in early 2011 to continue the work. The roof was completed, except for one section, which needed to be finished after the others cured. Since then, that section has been completed as well!
Click here to see the trip in updates as it went.
Click here to read about the poverty and
needs of Jamaicans.

Jamaica 2013

A third trip to the church in Jamaica was made in early June, 2013. A team of 18 people, including a number of teens, made this trip, which was the longest and hottest to date. A second story was put on he existing building, a VBS and many other ministry outreaches were done, and quite a few had the opportunity to preach or speak.

Click here to view a photo slideshow of the trip.

Southern Ohio/West Virginia

In the summer of 2011, the youth made a trip to southern Ohio, and helped establish a community center in Martin's Ferry, Ohio. This center will provide much needed assistance to people in the area. The trip also provided the opportunity for the teens to work with the local Red Cross in providing clean-up for flooding victims along the river. Trips like these always broaden our horizons and help us to see things from a different perspective. The kids universally came away with a sense of bewilderment that more help was not given locally from neighboring communities, and a resolution that they would be more aware of the needs of their own neighbors! 

To see a slideshow from the 
Teen Summer Missions Trip, 
click HERE. 

For general information about Nazarene Work and witness, see Nazarene Work and Witness

30-Hour Famine

Each year we participate locally in the World Vision fight against hunger by raising money for starving children. Participants pledge to go 30 hours without food and take monetary contributions toward the World Vision fund. While on their fast, participants also engage in a variety of local charity events, such as clean-up and maintenance projects, soup kitchens and packaging and delivering food baskets to underprivileged families.
For more information on World Vision's 30-Hour Famine, see  30-Hour Famine.
Alabaster Offerings
The concept of the Alabaster offering comes from the story
in Matthew chapter 26, where
a woman brought an alabaster box of costly oil as an offering
to Jesus, and poured it out on His feet while he sat at the table. These special offerings are used for missionary work around the world, mainly having to do with building funds and transportation needs for missionary projects. Children collect change in cardboard collection boxes, their "alabaster boxes",
and bring them on designated days for the special collection. The congregation often contributes at
this time, as well. You can read more about


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