Leadership and Staff

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Worship Leader

Christylee Roose

Doris Smith 

Other Musicians

Pastor Mike-Bass Guitar; Piano (early service and Wednesday nights)
Jordan McGee-Guitar/Drums
Bill Izzo-Guitar 
Brian McGee-Guitar

Worship Team Singers Include
Amanda Hugli
Kathy McGee
Tina Stiver
Jay Jackson

On Sound
Skip Clark
Jeff Burns
Tyler Tringhese

Church Secretary

 Darlinda McDonald


Patty Dean

Website Administrator
Martha Thompson

Children's Ministry Director

Cathy McCloskey

Nursery Director

Kathleen Agler

Children's Bible Quizzing Coach 

Sam Beil 


Gina Beil
Kathleen Agler

Teen Bible Quizzing Coaches

Anthony Agler 
Valerie Agler



Sunday School Superintendent

Glenn (Skip) Clark

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NYI President/Vice President
Nazarene Youth International


Sam Beil

 Missionary President


Nancy Schotten


Head Usher

Paul Vallas
Board Members for the 2016-2017 Church Year (beginning in May):


Karl Addis
Bob DeWeese
John McPheron
Dave Roose
Tom Stiver


Kim Chaney
Cindy Keipper
Karen Lilly
Cathy McCloskey
Joy Vass

Department Heads

Nancy Schotten-Missionary President

Sam Beil-NYI (Nazarene Youth International) President

Glenn (Skip) Clark-Sunday School Superintendent 

Mike Byus-Sr. Pastor

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