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Sunday School

Sunday School is an important ministry for all ages! Sunday School provides for smaller groups and interactive study with discussions, and provides a great opportunity for growth and fellowship. Hubbard Church of the Nazarene has a variety of classes to fit your whole family.

Children's Classes

Downstairs in the toddler nursery, room 5, beside the office
Lots of hands-on playful learning, always with a purpose! Kids make simple crafts and learn basic Bible stories and truths. 
taught by Valerie Agler

[Sunday School-type lessons also taught for toddlers during Morning Worship, second service-taught by Kathleen Agler. See Nursery.]
Kindergarten-Second Grade
upstairs at the top of the steps, across from the kitchen
Using the early elementary Nazarene Quarterly literature.

taught by Rich Lilly  

[A Sunday School-style program (the Donut Club) is also provided during Morning Worship, second service, for K-1st grade. See The Donut Club]

3rd - 5th Grade
Downstairs in room 18
Studying wherever the Lord leads each week,  using coloring pages, word finds, puzzles, etc. 
taught by Ed Keipper

Craft Class
First Sunday of every month for grades K-5th
Downstairs in room 14
Crafty fun for the young gives variety to the children, and a chance for the teachers to be in Sunday School, too
taught by
Harold and Ethel Paul
Jr. High (6th-8th Grades)
Downstairs in room 17

taught by Skip Clark and Patty Pitoscia
Sr. High
Downstairs at the end of the hall, and all the way to the right
This class is for 9-12th graders

Various teachers filling in at this time.


Adult Classes

Young Adult Class
Class open to all young adults. Downstairs in the youth pastor's office. Recent studies: "Pressure Points," "10 Dumb Things Christians Believe"

taught by Bob Donato


The Good Seed Class
For men and women of all ages
Meets in the Fellowship Hall
Interactive Bible and text reading, discussion is encouraged
Recent studies: Fasting, Holy Spirit, Feasts of God 
Alt: "Yeshua: A Guide to the Real Jesus and the Original Church"
taught by Bill Izzo
Christianity 101/Life Application

For men and women of all ages
Downstairs in the Teen Quizzing Room
This class is for people who are new to the faith, new to the church, new to Sunday School, or just want to learn the foundational basics of Christianity, and learn the fundamentals of our church and denomination. 13 weeks, repeating. When no new students are present, Pastor teaches a more discussion-based lesson on whatever people in the class are currently facing or interested in.
taught by Pastor Byus
The Fellowship Class
For men and women of all ages in the Sanctuary
Large group, mostly lecture-style, comments and discussion at times Currently using the Nazarene Quarterly
taught by Tom Stiver

The Sons of Righteousness
For men of all ages
Upstairs, at the top of the steps, beside the kitchen
10-20 men, teacher-directed discussion-type class, interactive readings

Taught by Dave Peters
The Lydia Class
For Women of all ages
Downstairs in room 7-"The Lydia Room"
Very interactive, discussion oriented class, relaxed atmosphere, coffee and encouragement.

taught by Darlinda McDonald


Jars of Clay
For women of all ages
Downstairs in the old Sr.High room

taught by Kim Chaney