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Hardeman county was one of the counties formed in 1823 from the Chickasaw Indian Territory purchased in 1818. The county was named after Thomas Jones Hardeman, early settler and the first county clerk. Hatchie Town was the original settlement on the Hatchie River but was later moved to higher ground in 1823 due to flooding. The town's name was changed to Bolivar to honor the South American liberator, General Simon Bolivar. Bolivar was officially incorporated on April 22, 1824.

The Bolivar historic district features many examples of early architecture. There are approximately 118 buildings on the historical register, including The Pillars, The Columns, McNeal Place, St. James Church, the Presbyterian Church, Magnolia Manor, Levi Joy House and the Little Courthouse Museum. We hope you truly enjoy your visit to Bolivar.

Note: Please respect these properties as many of them are private residences.

Map ID Site Name/Year Address Type

Point A Hardeman County Courthouse - 1868 100 North Main Street Public Building

Point B The Bank - 1910 100 East Market Street Commercial Building

Point C Presbyterian Church - 1858 203 East Market Street Church

Point D Little Courthouse Museum - 1824 215 East Market Street Museum

Point E Levi-Joy Baker House - 1838 216 East Market Street Private Residence

Point F The Hazelgrove House - 1823 326 South Water Street Private Residence

Point G United Sons & Daughters of Charity Lodge Hall - 1930 322 East McNeal Street Public Building

Point H Union Cemetery-1857 324 East McNeal Street Cemetery

Point I St. Paul Cemetery East McNeal Street Cemetery

Point J The Pillars - 1826 332 South Washington Street Museum

Point K McAnulty Woods Intersection of Washington & Bills Street Forest

Point L The Wrens Nest - 1870 308 Bills Street Private Residence

Point M McNeal Place - 1861 309 Bills Street Private Residence

Point N Polk Cemetery - 1845 Intersection of Matilda & South Union Cemetery

Point O The Columns - 1860 303 West McNeal Street Museum

Point P The Wright House - 1867 301 West McNeal Street Private Residence

Point Q Ingram Hall - 1875 South Washington Street Church

Point R St. James Episcopal Church - 1869 223 West Lafayette Street Church

Point S The Hudson House - 1832 319 West Lafayette Street Private Residence

Point T Multicultural History Museum - 1905 500 West Market Street Museum

Point U The Gardens - 1871 212 West Sycamore Street Private Residence

Point V The Luez Theater - 1948 219 North Main Street Theater

Point W The Pastorium - 1910 315 North Main Street Private Residence

Point X Magnolia Manor - 1849 418 North Main Street Private Residence

Point Y Presbyterian Manse - 1869 429 North Main Street Private Residence

Point Z Cox-Wiggens House - 1898 442 North Main Street Private Residence

Point a The Mathes House - 1898 502 North Main Street Private Residence

Point b Mallory Manor - 1867 505 North Main Street Private Residence

Point c Kahn-Swan House - 1877 515 North Main Street Private Residence

Point d The Fentress Black House - 1849 525 North Main Street Private Residence

Point e Western State Mental Institute - 1889 11100 Old Highway 64 State-Owned Building - closed to public