Dr. Cobb - First Health Officer 1930-1960

Dr. R. L. Cobb will always be remembered as one of Hardeman County's most prominent figures in the field of
public health.  Dr. Cobb became the county's first public health officer on January 1, 1930.  He served in that capacity until his death in 1960. 
Along with his staff, Dr. Cobb began a program of health and sanitation work which practically rid the county of malaria, typhoid, tuberculosis, diphtheria, venereal disease, polio and other communicable diseases.  

It's Blue Ribbon Day

Kids Loved the Annual
 Blue Ribbon Day!  
Everyone who had a successful annual checkup got a Blue Ribbon and were rewarded with a FREE movie at Luez Theater DURING SCHOOL HOURS!  Kids who failed to get checkups got study hall instead!  Bolivar businesses even pitched in to help those kids whose families did not have sufficient funds to pay for the checkups.  

Blue Ribbon Day was truly a total community effort
 to promote good health!