Family Biographies
The authoritative source on the early History of Tennessee can be found in the 1887 volume for Fayette and Hardeman Counties by the Goodspeed Publishing Company.

Take a stroll through this listing of prominent men and women who helped pioneer Hardeman County Tennessee and the surrounding area.  Many of them served in the Civil War.  These biographical sketches will provide you with an insight about life 150 years ago that you are not likely to find in a regular history book.  Most led a rather harsh life cell phones or flat screen TV's here!

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The volume that I own was first acquired by my ancestor Jefferson Casey Savage in 1887; then it passed on to J.H. Doyle in 1939 and was then in the possession of Roy Black who passed it on to W. J. Savage Jr. in 1960.  Now I, W.J. Savage III hold it for the next generation.