Hardeman County Family Biographies

          Take a stroll through this listing of prominent men and women who helped pioneer Hardeman County Tennessee and the surrounding area.  Many of them served in the Civil War.  These biographical sketches will provide you with an insight about life 150 
years ago that you are not likely to find in a regular history book.  Most led a rather harsh life style...no cell phones or flat screen TV's here!

       Most of the biographies included here come directly  from the most authoritative source on the early History of Tennessee --1887 volume for Fayette and Hardeman Counties by the Goodspeed Publishing Company.

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The volume that I own was first acquired by my ancestor Jefferson Casey Savage in 1887; then it passed on to J.H. Doyle in 1939 and was then in the possession of Roy Black who passed it on to W. J. Savage Jr. in 1960.  Now I, W.J. Savage III hold it for the next generation, Woodson J. Savage, IV.  
Here are their stories...
Albright G. N. Albright Cedar Chapel Merchant and Miller 
Anderson Hon. Chamberlain H. Anderson Chairman Hardeman County Court 
Baird Washington L. Baird, M. D Prominent Hickory Valley Physician 
Barrett J. A. Barrett and A. J. Barrett Prominent Bolivar Dry Goods Merchants 
Biggs Dr. Henry Biggs Grand Junction Physician 
Billington John Billington John Billington - Mayflower Passenger 
Black Robert R. Black Farmer, Grist-Mill & Cotton-Gin Owner 
Blair William J. Blair Court Magistrate and Farmer 
Blalock Jesse Blalock Farmer 
Bryant Rev N. A. D. Bryant Noted Minister 
Burnett Peter Hardeman Burnett From Bolivar Hotel Clerk to California Governor 
Cargile F.M. Cargile Leading Saulsbury Merchant 
Chisum John Simpson Chisum A Story for the Movies 
Clark Roger S. Clark Prominent Saulsbury Merchant/Postmaster 
Cross Napoleon B. Cross Farmer 
Day H. P. Day Hardeman County Registrar 
Dickinson Susannah Wilkerson Dickinson She survived the Alamo!!! 
Dowdy G. W. Dowdy Leading Saulsbury Merchant 
Drake Edwin R. Drake Farmer 
Duncan Stephen N. Duncan Whiteville Farmer and Mechanic 
Duncan C. A. Duncan Prominent Merchant 
Durden Wiley Durden Leading Saulsbury Merchant 
Durrett David E. Durrett Prominent Bolivar Merchant 
Elliott W. W. R. Elliott, Jr. Leading Saulsbury Merchant 
Farley William W. Farley Hardeman County Court Clerk 
Fentress Judge James Fentress General Solicitor of Several Railroads 
Fentress Francis Fentress Prominent Bolivar Attorney 
Ferguson Squire Daniel A. Ferguson First Mayor and Merchant of Saulsbury 
Ferguson James P. Ferguson Hickory Valley Merchant 
Galloway William D. Galloway Farmer and Court Magistrate 
Garrett Col. G. W. Garrett Prosperous Pocahontas Merchant 
Gibson George S. Gibson Hardeman County Farmer 
Hannah Robert Hannah Farmer 
Harris Orris Harris Court Magistrate and Farmer 
Harriss R. R. Harriss Prominent Farmer / Official 
Higgs Theophilus Higgs Prominent Hardeman County Farmer 
Hudson Benjamin V. Hudson Prominent Bolivar Druggist 
Ingram George T. Ingram Leading Bolivar Grocery Merchant 
Jernigan M. H. Jernigan Court Magistrate and Farmer 
Johnson William M. Johnson Farmer, County Court, State Legislature 
Jones J.H. & E.M. Jones Hardeman Woolen Mills Proprietors 
Kahn Isaac and Samuel Kahn Prominent Bolivar Dry Goods Merchants 
Kearney William R. Kearney Well-known Miller/Farmer 
Kent Mrs. Sallie R. Kent Esteemed Hardeman County Resident 
Kinney John W. Kinney Prominent Hardeman County Farmer 
Lax Joseph L. Lax Farmer 
Low John T. Low Farmer and Cattle Dealer 
Manson Hon. J. A. Manson Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives 
Mathews Joseph A. Mathews Hardeman County Planter 
May William A. May Hardeman County Merchant and Planter 
McAnulty David W. McAnulty Prominent Hickory Valley Merchant 
McCaskill John E. McCaskill Farmer 
McGlathery Frank M. McGlathery Prominent Toone Merchant 
McKinnie P. H. McKinnie M.D. Prominent Hickory Valley Physician 
Mercer Thomas E. Mercer Enterprising Toone Merchant 
Miller J.R. Miller Prosperous Farmer 
Moore Martin Moore Prominent Farmer 
Moore James A. Moore Leading Hardeman County Farmer 
Moorman Rev R. A. Moorman, M.D. Bolivar Physician and Minister 
Morrow John T. Morrow Successful Hardeman County Farmer 
Moss Bartley H. Moss Prominent Hardeman County Farmer 
Mullen Edward A. Mullen Farmer 
Neely Dr. James J. Neely Prominent Bolivar Physician 
Neely General Rufus P. Neely Railroad Entepreneuer 
Newsom Thomas M. Newsom Hardeman County Circuit Court Clerk 
Norment Hon. Jesse Norment Attorney, Public Servant, Owner of Bolivar Bulletin 
Norment Rev. William M. Norment Prominent Cumberland Presbyterian Minister 
Norment John S. Norment Prominent Farmer 
Nuckolls John W. Nuckolls, M.D. Toone Physician and Planter 
Nuckolls William Nuckolls Sawmill Owner/Farmer 
Nuckolls Noah C. Nuckolls Livery Business Owner 
Parran T. A. Parran Hardeman County Farmer 
Pettigrew James M. Pettigrew Prominent Hardeman County Farmer 
Polk Colonel Ezekiel Polk Grandfather of President James K. Polk 
Polk Thomas Polk Prominent New Castle Merchant 
Polk Oscar B. Polk Prominent Hardeman County Planter 
Prewitt Dr. Thomas E. Prewitt Noted Grand Junction Physician & Surgeon 
Pulliam T. P. Pulliam Prominent Farmer 
Reynolds William and Tabitha Reynolds Cabinetmaker and Business Man 
Rhea Dr. Abraham Rhea Prominent Whiteville Physician 
Robertson Julius Caesar Nichols (JCN) Robertson First Sheriff of Hardeman County 
Robertson John S. Robertson Noted Whiteville Physician and Farmer 
Sammons Elder Wiley W. Sammons Prominent Hardeman County Farmer 
Sasser Dr. J. D. Sasser Prominent Middleton Physician 
Sauls Dr. J. D. Sauls Saulsbury Named for this Prominent Physician 
Savage Jefferson C. Savage Hardeman County Trustee 
Scott Reuben S. Scott Hickory Valley Farmer 
Shea Squire Thomas Shea Court Magistrate, Pocahontas Resident 
Simmons Benjamin A. Simmons Prominent Farmer 
Smith Robert W. Smith Hardeman County Farmer 
Stewart Elias B. Stewart Bolivar Farmer; cotton-gin and grist-mill 
Stuart Thomas C. Stuart Whiteville Merchant 
Tate Dr. H. W. Tate Bolivar Physician 
Walton Andrew J. Walton Farmer 
Walton Robert H. Walton Successful Agriculturalist 
White Alexander White Farmer 
Whitley Rufus D. Whitley Prominent Hardeman County Farmer 
Wilkes Squire J. W. Wilkes Successful Farmer 
Wilson John A. Wilson Bolivar Merchant 
Wilson Squire J. W. Wilson Farmer, Teacher, Magistrate 
Wood Charles Wood Farmer 
Woods John D. Woods Free School System Advocate 
Wright R. M. Wright Leading Saulsbury Merchant 
Wynne Hiram B. Wynne Prominent Whiteville Merchant 
Yopp Alex. F. Yopp Hardeman County Sheriff 
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