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Follow the markers for your driving tour.  Click on a particular marker to view a visual image of the selected site.

Map User Tips

   Click on + to zoom in (enlarge map view)

   Click on - to zoom out (shrink map view)

       Note:  Viewable area of map can be moved around
                 with mouse or touch screen


Click on this menu icon to see a listing of historical sites

From the drop down listing, simply

click on the desired site to view

thumbnail information/photo.

Use the Vertical Slider (denoted

by the green arrow) to view

the entire Historical Points of

Interest listing in numerical


Click on the triangle at bottom

of the listing (denoted by red

arrow) to close this listing box.


Toggle between the default map view and the

   satellite view.

Four icons on the right in the Map Title Header:

  1. Information about the map

  2. Share or print map    

  3. Go to Full Screen Map View

  4. Contact Map Author