Opening Revised Oct 20 2020

Day Curling (Hardy Rocks) 2020

Hi everyone.

Because of the delay in all aspects of our curling club concerning Covid-19; the official registration date for day curling (Hardy Rocks) has been delayed once again.

The Legion Provincial Command and Quebec Government agree that curling can take place with the protocols that Canada curling has in place and we have added additional protocols for the Hudson Legion Curling Club. The ice is in place and we are ready to open up. As was sent to you earlier the day curlers will not have an opening event but instead have scheduled practice times from October 19 until Oct 30 which should be used at your discretion with regular curling starting the week of November 2nd . This starting date is to be more consistent with the government requests to reduce social contact until Nov 1st. However; there will be some training sessions the week of October 26 for all players to teach everyone about the new curling procedures (one sweeper, positions to stand in between throws, no sweeping in the house, and some of the changes to doubles).

The official registration NOW will take place on THE FIRST DAY OF REGULAR CURLING

As was originally requested please fill out the registration form and waiver form, sign them, and include them in an envelope with your cheque made out to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 115 or with your credit card receipt. I would ask you for one further little thing. Please write your name and the amount on the outside of the envelope.

I have once again included the registration form, the waiver, the instructions from Curling Canada concerning how to curl and the video showing the flow on-ice.

Good curling!!

page 1 2020-2021 registration Rev2.pdf
page 2 2020-2021 registration waiver R4.pdf