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Players in this tournament play for a Ham or Turkey but the winners will also be presented with the Bill Driver trophy named after an outstanding curler who made a huge contribution in the refurbishment of our club when we recovered all the materials from the Ste Anne curling club when it closed.

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The Bill Driver Trophy was presented to the winners of the Ham & Turkey Draw by Audrey Driver and Moe Lafoley. The winners are Bob Burns, Sylvie Barriault, Skip Barb Mason and Bill Atkins. On top of their choice of a ham or turkey Audrey presented each team member with a very well appreciated box of chocolates. Team Mason surged from 4th place to take the championship on the last day of the play-offs in front of an audience of some 88 people. Congratulations Team Mason.

Team Marquis Finished in first place followed by Team Hesketh, Team Dalgarno and Team Mason respectively. Congratulations!

Just a reminder that there is no Glimmer of Hope in this draw.

Our Christmas Dinner takes place on Thursday December 19 following the Ham & Turkey Play-Offs. ~12:30 Save the Date !!!

There were some great candid pictures taken by Bryan Fritz during the last session. Thanks Bryan!!!

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