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REMEMBER !!!! Any Team that has a chance of making the play-offs should make a team draw to the button to allow for any ties.

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The suspense is over and the final 4 Teams that will be in the Len Beliveau Play-offs have been determined. Team Hatrick and Team Rowland took first place in their respective divisions (Red & Blue) with 16 points each. Team Coutts made a remarkable recovery from 4 down in the 7th end to take 5 in the 8th and take 2nd place on the Blue side with 13 points. On the Red side 3 teams were tied for 2nd with 11 points over-all and it came down to a team draw to the button which Team Spriggs won with 16 points

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Beliveau Teams 20190301

Draw schedule and results (last update: 2018/03/13) (NOTE: to print the schedule go to the bottom of the page and select or download the file of the schedule with the arrow at the right hand side and then print

Beliveau Schedule 20190203