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April 12

Team Rowland prevailed in the final Day Ladder match of the year for the Tom Sayer Trophy. It was a topsy turvy year with a late start and then the loss of the month of January all due to Covid. At least we played, unlike 2020-2021. Team Putnam was somewhat hampered due to Lynda Putnam having to unfortunately spend the Sunday prior to the finals at the 18th green of the Masters competition. (our sympathies !) Thank you to all the participants and see you all next year.

April 4

The 2-3 game between Team Putnam and Team Leblanc came down to the 8th end. Team Putnam was up one with hammer. Team Leblanc had two points sitting in the 4 foot with one rock left. The final draw for team Leblanc came about 2 feet too deep leaving three rocks in a row across the back of the 4 foot. Team Putnam made a light takeout to finish off the game and move on to the finals.

Mar 21

The regular season has ended and Team Burns went out on a high note with a win over Team Leblanc !

Team Leblanc finished in first place and will have the hammer in the One-Two game with Team Rowland on March 28

Team Putnam and Team St-Denis finished tied in points and defeated each other so they will flip for the hammer .

Team Langdon and Team Burns also tied and defeated each other so finish exactly tied!

Congratulations to everyone.


Unfortunately Team Poulter will not be competing in the second half of the season as many of the players are no longer available. Team Poulter finished the season with 12 points, the game on Monday is the last game of the first round and team Langdon will win by default. Please note that the schedule has changed once again. There are no BYES and we DO NOT play a game on Friday April 1st. Note also that Bill Sclater is listed as a spare and is available to join a team.

Feb 01

We have been given the green light to restart on Feb 14 . PLEASE look at the new schedule as it has completely changed. You will note two things. There are games being played on FRIDAY APRIL 1st. The playoffs have been changed to only the top four teams getting into the Page Playoff schedule. Teams #1 & #2 have a second chance if they lose their first playoff game. There are two consecutive games on April 4th. The loser of the 1 vs 2 game will play the winner of the 3 vs 4 game. The finals will be on Apr 11.

Dec 23

The schedule has been updated to show the Dec 20 game rescheduled to Feb 28. The playoff schedule is based on us being able to play after the Christmas holidays. Because of the timing the playoffs are a Double elimination (you have to lose twice to be eliminated) seeded schedule. This could all change depending on the latest Covid protocols.

With the H&T and Normandeau finals moved to Sunday and with the latest Government Covid regulations to be in force starting on Monday it has been decided that it would be appropriate to reschedule the Monday ladder game after the Christmas holidays. We will all come back after the holidays, fresh and ready for a new season, with all the regulations clear as to how we proceed. Therefore there will be NO day ladder game on Monday Dec 20.

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and wish us all a much better New Year.

General Information

The Day Ladder is the most competitive level of day curling.

The teams are self determined and submitted to the Day Ladder coordinator to be placed in the year-long schedule.

The Day Ladder teams compete for the Tom Sayer Trophy.

Day Ladder Teams

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B 2021 Feb 14 Ladder No Poulter

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