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 The rules for Hudson Legion Doubles Curling are slightly different than the rules for Olympic mixed doubles. Two main differences the players must change position (when they throw) after each end. There is no sweeping between the hog lines. The rules can be seen in the attached file at the bottom of this page.

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The 2018 Doubles championship came down to the last day, when team Langdon played against Team Spriggs. Team Spriggs prevailed and with that win they prevailed over Team Atkins whom they defeated back on Feb 7. Congratulations to the winners John Spriggs and Gilles Leblanc, second place Bill Atkins and Ian Peck and third place Bill Langdon and Neil Tomiuk. Everyone seemed to enjoy the competition very much. It is definitely something we will continue next year.

Once again the two wining-est players in Hardy Rocks this year have come through to win the 2017 Doubles tournament. In the semi-finals Team Hesketh squeaked by Team Langdon who were two up coming home without the hammer. Team Coutts had one of their hot games to defeat Team Jeanette. In the finals both games were tied after 6 ends. The Championship game sea-sawed back and forth with 4 and 5 point ends. the third place game was much tighter and controlled. At the end of it all Team Coutts prevailed to take first place (mainly due to the excellent curling of Cam Jobin) over Bill Hesketh and Bill Atkins. Team Langdon (made up for the play-offs) of Barry Rowland and George Young squeaked by Jeanette Albert and Gilbert Berthoud to take third place. Fred Albert set up a hot-dog lunch for everyone present to round out a very enjoyable day of curling.

 Current standings (last update: 2017/12/13)


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