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Glimmer of HOPE RULE !!!

If a team is losing by 4 or more points after 6 ends, the team that is behind will automatically have the hammer and each rock they get in the house that would normally count 1 point will count 2 points. If after 7 ends they are still behind by 4 or more points the same rule applies. If after 7 ends they are behind less than 4 points then they lose the hammer and there is normal scoring ( 1 point per rock).

We are trying this to be able to show the interclub group our experience.

Every time this situation occurs, we need from the Skip or the Third to report back the new rule was used with the end results of the game in this format:

6th end points Team A: _____ Team B: _____

7th end points Team A: _____ Team B: _____

8th end points Team A: _____ Team B: _____

Every instance will be compiled and reviewed at the end of the draw by the committee

Every time

Latest news and info

Well the suspense is over. Teams Coutts and Hesketh finished 1st and 2nd on the red side. Teams Rowland and Langdon finished 1st and 2nd on the Blue side. Team Langdon squeaked in to the play-offs with a team draw to the button of 14 points vs. 8 points for team Hatrick. ( Janice Robinson got a perfect 8 points with a draw to the button for team Langdon). The skips have all agreed that we should start at 9:00 am instead of 9:30 to have a better ending at lunchtime. Hotdogs, chips, coleslaw and various libations will all be available(libations cost extra). Come on down and cheer on your favourites (or against those that beat you). There was never a bad shot made behind the glass.

The results are in and Team Coutts made it past Team Langdon with a masterful game while Team Rowland barely got by an injury weakened Team Hesketh. (Bill Louch hurt his hand requiring medical attention).

In the finals team Hesketh came through once again to take Third place over Team Langdon. Team Coutts and Rowland battled it out to the eighth end of a sea-saw match that saw Team Rowland prevail.

Behind the glass more than 30 spectators enjoyed the games and hotdogs etc. (leaving none of Fred Albert's world famous coleslaw for the teams coming off the ice).

Congratulations to Team Rowland.

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